Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Welcome to another installment of Puppy Love Stories! In honor of Valentine's Day, we are featuring one of our employees and the precious pup that accompanies them to work each day. You can click here to see all the Puppy Love stories so far! 

Meet Maya and Balou! Maya is our Advertising Coordinator, and at her feet you can find Balou, the charming French bulldog that love naps, his alligator toy, and endless amounts of affection. Balou happily greets anyone that passes by, but he rarely leaves Maya's side; it is instantly apparent that these two have quite a bond! Read on to learn more about Maya and Balou now! maya-b-2

How did you and your fluffy friend meet? What made you fall in love with them?
Balou belonged to my oldest sister before I adopted him, but I met him when my sister went to visit him at his breeder's house. He was only a few weeks old and the runt of his litter-- still too young to be away from his mama. We fell in love with his pretty fawn coloring and curly, off-center tail.

How did you decide on the name for your dog?
My sister wanted him to have a French name because he's a French bulldog. He has a cousin named Blueberry and his dad is named Elijah Blue. Somehow we came up with Balou! (pronounced like Baloo from the Jungle Book).

How would you describe Balou in three words?
Stubborn. Lazy. Lover.

What are some things you and your dog enjoy doing together?
We enjoy short walks around our block (any more than that and he can't catch his breath!), being couch potatoes and taking naps.maya-b-3

Do you have any other pets? If not, do you see yourself adopting again?
I don't have any other pets right now, but I want to get a big dog when we have the space and maybe a cat if I can convince my boyfriend.

What are some of the benefits of having your dog by your side at work?
Stretch breaks! It's easy to forget to take a break and stretch my legs when I'm focused on a project, so his potty breaks are the perfect reminders to walk around a bit and get some fresh air. Also, snuggles any time I want.

Can you share a cute story involving Balou?
Back when I first started working at Ruche and he was still living with my sister, I made Balou a cake for his first birthday using a variation of this recipe. I also made party hats for him and his little brother with this tutorial. He was obsessed with the cake, but the hat he was not so fond of. Even though Balou hasn't been mine for very long, he has always been a #ruchepuppy!maya-b-1

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