Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Meet Suzanne and Dexter! Customer service representative Suzanne and her bouncing ball of fluff Dexter are always happy to assist our local customers swinging by for one hour pickup, or resolving inquiries via email and telephone. While Suzanne is hard at work helping Ruchettes, Dexter keeps himself entertained with one of his many toys, or by basking in the attention he gets from any employees or customers that pass him by. Trust us when we say that his energetic and friendly disposition (plus incredibly cute puppy dog eyes) make walking by without doting on him simply impossible! Learn more about this too-cute twosome by reading on below, and be sure to read past Puppy Love Stories heresuz-dexter

How did you and your fluffy friend meet? 
My boyfriend and I have been looking for a puppy for a couple of years. When we would meet one that we loved, the timing would just not be right. One day, we stopped by a puppy place for the nth time and we saw Dexter with his big round eyes. He was very calm and sweet and there was just an instant connection and we just knew that we had to take him home with us!

What made you fall in love with them?  
He always prefers to cuddle and he is just the sweetest. He also has such a calm and loving energy. When we met him, he instantly became attached to me. Instead of running around and playing. he preferred to sit beside me.

How did you decide on the name for your dog?
I wanted a name that started with the letter "D". I remembered the name "Dexter" from the show and it was just perfect. He needed a name that sounds vicious to make him seem tough because in reality, he's such a sweet and friendly dog!suz-dexter-2

How would you describe your dog in three words?
Charming, loving and funny.

What are some things you and your dog enjoy doing together?   
Dexter loves to cuddle. He likes to be held. No matter if Im just sitting, he would sleep on my lap or I would hold him like a baby. He can stay in that position for a long time.

Do you have any other pets? If not, do you see yourself adopting again?Someday when I get a bigger place that has a yard, I would get another dog. We want Dexter to have a puppy brother or sister that he can play with!suz-dexter-3

What are some of the benefits of having your dog by your side at work?
Dexter loves being around people. I like bringing him to work because he gets lots of attention and love from the people I work with. I also feel more at ease when I'm with him. He's like a comforting stuffed toy, only fluffier.

Can you share a cute story involving your dog?  
Dexter loves attention from people. For the first time during the holiday, we took him with us to an outdoor mall. Since it was the holidays, there were a lot of people around. Literally every two minutes, people would come up to him and play with him. He was very excited and loved all the attention he was getting. Although, about half way into walking, he got too tired and decided to just flop his body on the ground!suz-dexter-4
Aw, aren't these two simply adorable? We love having #RuchePuppies to play with and remind us to get a little sunshine once in awhile in the office. Discover even more puppy love here!


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