Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sorry I have been MIA lately..but I have a good reason! We just moved into our dream office located in downtown Fullerton, CA. This building was built around 1894 and is one of the oldest buildings on the block. Brick walls, high rafter ceilings, old vintage windows...oh my! The tall windows face a major street so we can hear the hustle bustle of the city. Finding a place like this in Orange County isn't've all seen the OC right?

The next part is furnishing and favorite part! Looks like I'll be hitting every antique fair in town. My first find was this gorgeous table made from an old door. You like? =D (How about that lovely purse sitting on it? hehe )

The view from up yonder.

If you happen to live in Southern California, feel free to contact us and you can drop by to try on all the new goodies! It isn't actually a retail store since we are still only based online, but you're welcome to come by and shop at the warehouse. Now that we're done moving, hopefully we will get a chance to post up some new arrivals this week!

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  • Congrats on the new office, it looks beautiful! Please post pics once its all decorated :)

    Posted on October 28, 2009

  • Hooray for getting a new, wonderful office. This looks amazing!

    Posted on October 28, 2009

  • Love the space!!! Girl I just got so excited- you know how much I LOVE your stuff!! I'm in the I.E. and I've got family in Orange Co- I'm afraid I'll be a regular!! ;)

    Posted on October 28, 2009

  • Congrats on your new office! It's a great space, very charming and with lots of character. I might have to visit SoCal just so I can stop by!

    Posted on October 28, 2009

  • Love the new office, Mai! Congrats! I'll be in Oceanside in March. Road trip??? :-)

    Posted on October 28, 2009

  • How fun! I can't wait until I see it in person one day after I move to socal... you've given me another thing to look forward to this summer!! I'm sure you'll decorate it beautifully!

    ps. I just got my first order from you guys in the mail and I could not be happier with it!! totally made my day :)

    Posted on October 28, 2009

  • Oh awesome! I'd love to stop by and look at all your wares in person! I come out to Irvine on a regular basis with my husband on business trips! What a perfect excuse to get out of the hotel room! I'll be sure and contact you next time I'm headed out there!

    Posted on October 28, 2009

  • My hubby and I are coming to CA in a few weeks - where is the warehouse located? We'd love to stop by and do some shopping!

    Posted on October 28, 2009

  • Congrats on the new amazing space. It is incredible to watch your business grow. Can't wait to see how you decorate the office!!! Fun!

    Posted on October 28, 2009

  • I'm in that area every sunday!! Love downtown Fullerton! Please let me know when I can stop by to try on the new goodies!!!

    Posted on October 28, 2009

  • Congrats on your new office!! It's so lovely!! I LOVE your table and the purse on it, of cause. Hope you will have fun with the decoration. Waiting for new stuffs coming :D

    Posted on October 28, 2009

  • Allie, Nicole, Tanya, Jeanneoli, Pin - Thanks a bunch!!

    Angie, Jennifer, Jess, Miss B, Holly - Yes, I'd love for you to drop by when you're in town! Email me first though to make sure I'll be here! =)

    Cheendy - We're right above the Brick Basement on Harbor. It isn't a retail store..more of a showroom/warehouse but you're welcome to come see new stuff and try everything! Just email me when you want to come by. I'll give you my cell. =) Hope to meet you one day!

    Posted on October 29, 2009

  • I also want to go!!!! And I'll blog about it!!! YAYYY. So excited right now =D

    Let me find your e-mail ASAP!!!

    Posted on October 29, 2009

  • Hi Ambar! My email address is info@shopruche.

    I think I need to throw a warehouse sale soon!

    Posted on October 29, 2009

  • Yay!! Fullerton is super close to me (I'm in South Orange County). I will definitely need to stop by! Also, if you need any help decorating your store, please feel free to contact me (I'm an interior decorator). I've never done a retail space before and would gladly help you for free for my portfolio! check out my blog: Email: brynalexandra at gmail

    Posted on October 30, 2009

  • amazingly quaint office! can't wait to see it decorated :-)

    Posted on October 31, 2009

  • oh goodness how beautiful!! SO inspiring :)

    Posted on November 2, 2009

  • oh my gosh, mai!

    i am so excited for you guys!
    congratulations on the new office! it looks lovely!

    Posted on November 3, 2009

  • oh how i wish i lived close!!! i LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE this space!!! and i just in love with your new it seems everyone is since they all sold out before i could get my hot little hands on them!!!

    Posted on November 6, 2009

  • Oh my goodness I live right down the street from where you guys are at!!!! I'm so excited!!! Are you really serious about me stopping by cuz I totally will!!!!!!!!

    Posted on November 7, 2009

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    Posted on November 11, 2009