Friday, July 5, 2013

Meet Ashley! There's no doubt in our mind that Ashley is our July Ruchette of the Month. She's a true mastermind for taking the dressiest of dresses and turning them into an everyday look. Hence, turning her wedding dress into a darling daytime dress and pairing it with nautical inspired flats. For those of you who aren't as familiar with this Southern (California) Belle, we'd like to introduce this incredibly sweet and wonderfully trendy Ruchette.

Describe your personal style in 3 words.
Colorful, feminine, and practical.

Would you say you’re a flats-kind-of-gal or a heels-kind-of-gal?
I think it depends on the situation. I almost always go for a heel or a wedge, but I also love oxfords and ballerina flats. If it's a night out on the town I'll always pick an interesting and colorful heel.

Would you rather wear a nautical navy or a tangy tangerine?
I love navy and anything nautical really. I think navy is a great color to play with, especially when trying to incorporate other bright colors. I'm having a hard time thinking of a color that doesn't work well with it!

Just curious, apple pie or chocolate cake (if you haaad to choose)?
Chocolate cake all the way! I'm not a huge dessert person (weird, right?) but I get a little weak in the knees when it comes to chocolate.

What’s your favorite item in your closet?
This is a hard one! If I had to choose right now it would probably be my fit and flare pineapple printed sundress. My favorite piece always rotates but this particular dress personifies my summer style.

You have amazing hair! Which color has been your favorite?
Thank you!  I tend to be a little impulsive and change my hair on a whim. When the color is just sitting in your bathroom cabinet it's hard to resist. I think my favorite so far has been a purple/pink ombre. It took a really long time but it was completely worth the hard work.

As a new mommy-to-be (congratulations!), have you thought about your maternity wardrobe?
I'm not going to lie, I think about it a lot! Most people think that when you're pregnant it's automatically time to break out the moo moos. I want to be able to make most of my wardrobe work while adding pieces I can get some mileage out of. I loved seeing Mai's journey through her pregnancy and it's such an inspiration!

Where can we find you on a Friday night?
Friday nights are my favorite! My husband and I usually save Fridays for dinner out (it's my break from cooking all week) and usually a movie. But since we've moved to our new home the movie has now been replaced with DIY projects and decorating.

How did you come up with your blog name, Southern (California) Belle?
I actually had a really hard time thinking of a name initially. I knew I wanted to incorporate my location but I didn't have a solid name until I was listening to a song by the Faint. It's called Southern Belles in London Sing. It just all came together after that!

We saved the best for last! What do you love the most about being a Ruchette?
I love that Ruche understands my (and many other women's) idea of style. I think Ruche represents a beautiful, confident, and stylish woman and I'm honored to be a Ruchette!

--Ashley, Southern (California) Belle

This California belle isn't a newbie to the Ruche family, check out some of her previous style file posts and her wedding!


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  • I think Ashley is a WONDERFUL choice for July Ruchette! She always look wonderfully colorful, cute and put together and is super sweet on top of all that! Extra excited to see her maternity wardrobe too! :)
    xo Hannah

    Posted on July 6, 2013