Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Meet Cassidy, our October Ruchette of the Month! Her unique style and sweet demeanor have us loving every one of her blog posts and adorable outfits! She took the time to answer a few of our questions, so read on to learn more about this darling Ruchette!

When did you start blogging? What made you want to start a blog? 
I began blogging in the Fall of 2011, after my son was born.  With a new baby and a new old house, I felt as if I was going through a personal renaissance of motherhood, homemaking, and adapting to my new life in a new town.  I wanted to share those experiences with my loved ones in a blog in hopes they would read to still feel close and up to date with our family when we live far away.  It began with small DIY's and photo-journaling, and then I began exploring fashion blogging and even sharing my work as a photographer.

We love the way you decorated your niece's nursery. Do you have a background in interior design?
Thank you!  I wanted to be just that when I was growing up, and have always taken design of my personal space very seriously since I could arrange my toys "just so" on my bed. While pregnant with my son I emerged myself in home magazines and HGTV, it was my pregnancy obsession.  I learned so much from watching my favorite designers, like Genevieve Gorder, and I used their teachings along with my own imagination to make a vision come to life! 

What are some important tips for thrift store shopping?
1. Have something specific in mind you are hunting. For example, remember that lovely peter pan collar dress you saw online?  Try to find its closest replica at a thrift store! 

2.  Look for textures that stand out.  Textured items were probably quite pricey when they first were bought and well made, so they would be good investment pieces to add to your wardrobe for cheap

3. Don't pass something up that is wrinkled or stained or the wrong color.   You can iron it, ritt dye it, send it to the cleaners, or cover up that little stain with a flower clip. 

4.  Check our the baby and kids section.  Babies grow so fast that their nice clothes are hardly ever worn and most of the time appear to be brand new!  

5. Look for vintage styles that are making a comeback and for classic closet staples.  Example: silky blouses, pencil skirts, slips, cap toe heels, and rompers! 

Has becoming a mom changed you at all? What have you learned from motherood?
Motherhood changed my life forever.  Pregnancy was difficult, I don't think I glowed once. After he was born the glow came, and will forever be! He brings us so much happiness through his sweet spirit.  He comes first, and it has taught me patience and to be stronger than I ever thought I could be.  I want to be good example to my son, and to our baby on the way, so I'm always striving to be a better person and to learn something new everyday so I can teach them as they grow.  It was motherhood that brought me this level of joy I never knew could exist!  

Describe your favorite outfit.
A fit and flair dress, t strap wedges, a vintage inspired sun hat, and an antique locket.  

Would you rather wear a dress or an outfits with pants?

A dress!  It is easy to style, more comfy than pants (to me) and I am a girly girl.  I'm envious of the beautiful day dresses and hats the women wore everyday in the past.  

Who is your style inspiration?
As a child, every Disney princess.  When I was in the 5th grade it was Cher from Clueless.  In 8th it was Alanis Moorisette.  In high school it was the dark ages.  And in college it was Rachel McAdams in the Notebook.  Now, I think my style is somehow a combination what I loved about each of  those ladies style.  

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Any hobbies? 
In my spare time I love going to antique stores.  It's like treasure hunting.  I slowly walk through every isle, I have to see everything on every shelf! 

Name three things you never leave the house without.
Blush, a sun hat, and a pendant necklace.

Why do you love being a Ruchette?
I love being a Ruchette because I feel that it's Ruche's pieces that make my outfits feel extra special. When you go to the Ruche site, it welcomes you in with warmth and charm, and as you scroll through the pages of lovely items, update your wishlist, or excitingly await for the next batch of new arrivals or the next swoon worthy lookbook, you are so happy you have this delightful shop at your fingertips.  I love being a Ruchette because it's always there for me, with style advice, blog posts that are always inspiring, and such attention to detail.  Also, the compliments I get on my Ruche purchases will never get old!

-- Cassidy of Things Like Skeleton Keys

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