Friday, November 1, 2013

We see our fair share of personal fashion blogs, but Jessica of The Steele Maiden has, hands down, one of the cutest blogs around (thanks in part to her amazing eye for design). We love the playful and feminine outfits that she submits for our Style File posts, and her spot on fashion sense has placed her on our weekly blog reads because we don’t want to miss a single ensemble. The more we got to know this blogger gal, the more it became clear that with her feminine but modern style, fun spirit, beautiful aesthetic, and thoughtfully written blog posts, we had found a true Ruchette! Jessica draws inspiration from the best list of style icons we’ve seen in recent memory, and we are particular fans of her approach to the weekend, so read on for our interview with our November Ruchette of the Month.

In one word, how would you best describe your personal style?
One word only?!  How about 'Playful'.  I like to have a bit of fun with my personal style, not take things too seriously, add splashes of pattern & color, and usually always throw on one statement piece so I think 'Playful' best describes that.  If I had 2 more words I'd add feminine and modern :)

What inspired you to start fashion blogging?
If I really had to trace it - the spark began in my first Photoshop class nearly 10 years ago.  We were assigned a free project and I chose to design the cover of a Fashion Magazine.  I think I've wanted to be an Editor in Chief ever since that moment.  Flash forward to a year and a half ago and I was getting ready to move from New York (where I worked as a Jewelry Designer) to Los Angeles (where I now work as a Graphic Designer) and I wanted a space to share my love of fashion, travel and design.  My blog has become my own personal magazine where I get to take my readers along with me on this fashionable journey.

What is your favorite ‘go-to’ outfit this season?
Los Angeles has yet to give me the real Fall weather that I'm used to as an East Coast girl - but once it does I'm all about the layers!  I'd start with a printed dress, preferably in pretty Autumn colors, add my trusty denim jacket or a cozy cardigan, and finish the look with ankle boots and maybe a wool panama hat or a fun vintage clutch (like I said, I love a good statement piece!). 

Saturday night drinks or Sunday morning brunch?
Do I have to choose?  These two were made for one another!  A perfect weekend would involve heading out on a Saturday night for drinks with friends, sleeping in a bit on Sunday and then meeting up for brunch to cap off the weekend.  Also - when I asked my boyfriend this question he immediately responded, both!  Another good match if you ask me. :)

Dresses or trousers?
Anyone who knows me or reads my blog can probably answer this one. Dresses!  I'm always envious of the girls who pull off that laidback cool look in a great pair of trousers, but in the end that's just not me.  Nine times out of ten you can find me in a dress. 

Savory or sweet?
Probably savory.  I've gotten more and more into cooking over the past couple of years and on weekends like trying out new flavors (homemade pizzas, chili and curries are my recent favorites).  That being said, I've also been known to carry candy in my purse in case I suddenly want a little sweet.

Who’s your style icon?
I've got a long list of style icons and it often depends on my mood or where I'm headed.  One day I'll channel Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years with her 1960's schoolgirl charm and the next I'll want to emulate the Southern sass of Geena Davis in Thelma & Louise.  I love the confidence of Diane Von Furstenberg, Iris Apfel (even at 92!), and Joan Holloway on Mad Men (even if their style differs from my own) and appreciate the minimal aesthetic of my Dad (who always reminds me less is more).  As far as modern day muses go - mine would include Dree Hemingway, Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo.  And finally classic Yves Saint Laurent - whose designs are my gold standard of playful, feminine and modern.  

And last, but never least, what is your favorite thing about being a Ruchette?
Every time I check the Ruche website or blog (which is admittedly, nearly every day), I come away feeling inspired.  Whether it's a new feature sharing creative ways to layer, a beautifully photographed lookbook, or simply a batch of covetable new arrivals, there's always something that strikes a chord with me and inspires me.  Recently you've given me the push to finally try out monochromatic looks, test the waters of the Midi Skirt trend, and shoot a few new angles in my outfit posts.  I love being a part of a community that I opens me up to new ideas!

--Jessica of The Steele Maiden

This isn’t Jessica’s first time gracing the Ruche blog with her enviable fashion sense, so be sure to check out some of her previous outfits in our Style File posts!


Send your outfit photos to for a chance to be featured in our Style Files and for the chance to become our next Ruchette of the Month! *Please note that all outfits must include at least one Ruche item. In addition, be sure to mention why you love being a Ruchette, and let us know if you have a personal blog too!

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