Friday, February 28, 2014

As a designer, creative consultant, and stylist, Justina Blakeney's eye for style and design is not only impeccable, but also provides her fans with a distinguishable, unique perspective. Always wearing a beautiful smile, Justina effortlessly integrates her roles as creative genius, mom, and wife into her lifestyle blog. Her Pinterest page is a source of endless inspiration and a reflection of Justina's love for creativity. Justina is an incredible act that is nothing short of inspiring! Read on for more information about her.

Describe your sense of style in 3 words.
Intercontinental, colorful, patternful.

Would you say that your personal style is reflected in your design style?
Yes! Very much so. I use textiles so much in my designs--it's almost as though I'm dressing a room in an amazing outfit. I think when someone has a strong sense of style it translates into all media.

Has your style (fashion and/or design) been influenced by any artists, designers, or fashion icons?
I'm inspired by Peggy Moffit, Frida Kahlo, Billy Holiday, and Alexander Girard.

Quick Fire:
Sangria or old fashioned? Sangria
Twitter or Instagram? Twitter
Keys, phone, wallet, and... Schiap lipstick by Nars

Isn't the flower image from Justina's Ruche Instagram takeover awe-inspiring? Justina's passion and infectious smile make her easy to fall in blogger love with! See her previous interview with us here and be sure to stop by her blog for endless inspiration!