Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Every time Kelly of Wears Kelly submits an outfit for our Style File posts we are reminded why we just adore her fashion sense! She is the definition of classic, yet she still manages to infuse her outfits with personality and spunky sophistication. As a former New Hampshire girl who has made Los Angeles her home, her style has an artful mix of East Coast refinement and sunny Southern California charm. Kelly took the time to thoughtfully answer all our questions and share her style philosophy, so read on to get to know our October Ruchette of the Month!

How would you best describe your personal style?
I’ve cultivated my signature style through a combination of the places I’ve lived, and the things that I love most. I’ve split my time for nearly the past decade between the east and west coast…so while you may find hints of the Ivy league preppy east coast look from time to time, I also pepper in undertones of beachy carefree, casual, California inspired looks. I live for movies- especially classic musicals like Singin’ in the Rain, and old-fashioned movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I’m moved to tears no matter how many times I’ve seen them.

Thus, although my style is unique, made whole with tiny little elements of all the things personal to me, ultimately, I’d say my style is girly and feminine. I’m most inspired by classic looks and if I had it my way, I’d spend 7 days a week in either a dress or a skirt.

Besides having an impeccable eye for style what inspired you to become a fashion blogger?
After becoming inspired by some of the many beautiful, funny, creative and inventive blogs available out there today, I decided to put myself out there and create one of my own.  I was craving an additional creative outlet in my life, and one that I could have control over. This seemed like a perfect fit. Having always enjoyed writing, I find that when I am not enrolled in a class, or working on a specific project, I fall off the grid completely. The blog, however, holds me accountable and forces me to write on a consistent basis…and I love that!

In terms of the content,  I wanted it to focus on fashion for girls like me: girls who are perhaps still in their twenties, still trying to settle upon a dream career or lifestyle, and still unable to afford designer brands, yet would still like to look and feel their very best!

In addition, in each of my posts, I often try to incorporate the outfit with the place and the name of the site; (wearskelly) plays on the fact that I will be traveling around a bit. So another big goal of mine is to use the blog not only to share some of my favorite spots, but as a way to propel myself to get out there and explore new places.  My boyfriend is finishing up his last year of his MBA in Boston, so we travel back and forth quite a bit. I thought this might be one way of making things more exciting and fun- a way to incentivize us to try out new restaurants and spots. So far it’s been fantastic!

Where can we find you on a beautiful Sunday morning?
On a beautiful Sunday morning you can almost always find me enjoying a quaint little brunch. Whether it’s at friend’s house, or at one of my favorite organic spots on the beach, just go ahead and call me a bruncher because I love brunch and I am a not ashamed to admit it! I have a couple of favorite spots but I usually try to find hidden gems whenever I can. Every once and a while when the marine layer is too thick or the air is too chilly, I stick around and go for a hike or swing by the local flea market with some pals to see if I can find any new treasures for my apartment. Decorating is a never-ending process!

Why did you decide to move from New Hampshire to California?
It always feels like such a blur of a decision when I think back on it… but when I was 18 years old, I moved from my small hometown in New Hampshire to pursue the Hollywood dream.  I attended UCLA and also began a career in acting.  Although that all sounds wonderfully exciting, I have to admit that because I have always been so close to my family, moving so far away seemed a bit terrifying (and it was), but Los Angeles has proven to provide me with a world of knowledge, culture, experience and artistic beauty that I am forever grateful for.

Simple solid colors or eclectic prints?
While I absolutely LOVE polka-dots, if we’re grouping all prints together, it’s likely I’d go with a classic solid color. There are some prints that I adore like nautical stripes and girly polka dots, but I usually always weigh more on the side of less is more with my outfits and this is true with prints as well. Nothing is scarier to me than leopard print!

How would you describe your favorite ‘go to’ outfit this season?
My favorite go to outfit this season is my beautiful mustard yellow Southern Blossom midi skirt from Ruche paired with my booties, lightweight navy blouse, orange/multicolor scarf, and gray cardigan. Long flowy skirts are perfect for cooler weather and I imagine that I’ll just live in this adorable layered look for the fall. I love ‘go to’ looks that are easy, comfy and still really flattering. Miraculously, this little number is able to do just that and so look for it and look for it often this season!

Who’s your style icon?
Like so many girls who grew up addicted to Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker quickly became one of my favorite, spunky, and classic style icons. Her girly ensembles are effortlessly beautiful- yet she’s bold with taking risks from time to time and always manages to pull them off fabulously.

Boots or sandals?
Though this may come as a bit of a surprise, since I lived in sandals on the blog this summer, I’d have to probably pick boots. Boots are just so incredibly versatile. I wear them all year long, there are oodles of different types, and I can pair them with just about anything and everything.

Spring wardrobe or fall wardrobe?
Spring! Fall is actually my least favorite season. Growing up in New England, the turning of the leaves signified the end of the sun and the fun and the beginning of all the cold that was to come. Bahumbug right? Well, now that I’m older, wiser, (and I live in California where it’s warm) I’ve come to appreciate and enjoy fall and of course, the excitement that it means for the fashion world. That being said, I still prefer replacing long sleeves and sweaters with tank tops and skirts. When I was little, after a long cold winter, the very first day that it was 60 degrees outside, we’d all wear shorts to school in excitement of what was to come. I still have that same sentiment about spring fashion. It’s exciting, it’s refreshing, it’s bright and I already can’t wait for it!

And last but never least, what is your favorite thing about being a Ruchette?
Every season I am blown away by how classic, feminine, yet truly flattering Ruche is able to make their outfits. I adore these clothes, their affordability, and their timeless quality.  I also love how Ruche celebrates newcomers and all types of girls in the blogging community.  Being on the newer side- it’s been so wonderful to have their support.  It’s truly such a thrill to be a Ruchette!

-- Kelly of Wears Kelly

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  • Oh my goodness, Kelly is just stunning, and her style, as you say, is fantastic, colourful yet classic! Thanks so much for printing this fascinating interview!

    Posted on October 2, 2013

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    Posted on October 3, 2013