Thursday, May 1, 2014

We're thrilled to announce that our May Ruchette of the Month is Elizabeth Kartchner, the talented blogger behind Dear Lizzy! Those of you who follow us on social media may already know that we've admired Lizzy and her blog for quite some time. A mother of four, this crafty gal balances motherhood with maintaining her blog and craft line, and has already launched her own scrapbooking book! And despite her hectic schedule, Lizzy somehow manages to curate a gorgeous wardrobe and greet the world in polished, preppy style (as is evidenced in our 7 Pieces 10 Outfits feature!). Read on to learn more about this amazing Ruchette.

Describe your style in art and fashion.
Simple and colorful.

When and where did you learn to be so creative?
Recently we watched some family home videos my mom brought over and I died laughing when I saw that even when at eight-years-old I was behind the camera. I had to explain to my husband since he gives me a hard time taking so many pictures of our life, "See! I was annoying about getting the right photos and video before Instagram." I also have scrapbooks from when I was in grade school just in time to document braces, soccer games, and boys. So I can't say exactly when or where, but just that I have loved creating with photos and paper for a long time.

What was the process of creating your own craft line and website like?
It's one of those things that you take one step at a time, and when it's over you don't know how in the world you finally made it to the end. Everything starts with scribbling ideas on paper, sketching & planning. Then finding a great team to work well with & that shares a similar vision. Oh, and late nights and Diet Coke.

How do your darling children play a role in your DIYs?
They love to get in on the action. Especially if it's a kids' craft or DIY for them, I don't have to ask them twice to make something with me. When I think about the Dear Lizzy line of products, my kids bring so much inspiration to that process from the phrases I choose, playful patterns, or the direction the style board goes.

How do you find the right balance between your work and personal life?
This is something I am constantly trying to balance. There are days I fail miserably. And others are effortless and I feel like I deserve some award at the end of the day (ie: Mint Oreos). Putting my family first is important to me. Yes, I have missed out on projects and travels, but being a mother is my favorite role in my life right now.

Just for fun, it's time for a round of quick fire questions!
Flats or heels? Heels always. Even when grocery shopping, chasing kids around or going to Disneyland.
Your go-to outfit is… Jeans, comfy tee, colorful heels and a statement necklace.
Spring, summer, fall, or winter? Summer. Even though I live somewhere that snowed yesterday. In April.
Home cooked meal or a dinner out? Dinner out!
Keys, phone, wallet, and… snacks.

Last but not least, what's your favorite thing about being a Ruchette?
Besides working with the darling girls at Ruche, it's taking the time from busy life to play dress up!

A big thank-you to Lizzy for sharing with us! Be sure to check out her blog for endless amounts of inspiration!