Friday, November 30, 2012

After a vote around the office, it is safe to say that we are completely in love with Maggie of Lifesize Paperdoll. She's a fashion guru, budding photographer, college student and the epitome of a perfect Ruchette. A Guest Editor of a few Blogger Family posts, Maggie seems to always be wearing the trends that we are loving, while putting her unique and spunky twist on polka dots, colored denim and prints. With her classy style and personable writing, Maggie continues to inspire us with her sense of fashion that is true to herself.

She was kind enough to answer a few of our question, so continue reading to learn more about our latest Ruchette of the Month!

What inspired you to start off on your blogging adventure?
When I was 17, I had the unique thought that I was a teenager who didn't fit in with anyone I went to school with *shudder* so I started a fashion blog to basically make friends with other people who spent all their minimum wage high school job paychecks at Forever21. It's changed over the years (I'm 21 now!) but I love how it has changed with me as I've morphed into a 21 year old creative writing cat loving college student.

We love the name of your blog, how did you come up with it?
Back when I was, 17, and wildly unique, I liked this guy with a girlfriend already. He listened to Andrew Bird so I swore I loved Andrew Bird, too, and listened to him non stop. When I made my blog, it was during this Andrew Bird/get the guy phase and I heard the lyric "I thought you were a lifesize paperdoll" and voila! Blog name! (I did get the guy, but after I confessed I listened to pop 63% of the time. He still liked me.)

How would you describe your style?
I'm a MAJOR bargain hunter and gravitate towards things that are feminine. I've strayed away from wild prints like I used to wear but polka dots are a constant in my closet. I'd say my favorite outfits have some sort of polish to them but still with quirky details- peter pan collars, studs, and bows.

What is your favorite go-to outfit for a day on campus?
Striped tee, below knee flowy skirt, belt, ballet flats, belt, and scarf! In Montana, it's important to layer! 

What has been your favorite spot to take photos at?
I'm from a small town in the middle of the Palouse in Northern Idaho and it is just my favorite place to go back to for pictures. I didn't appreciate how good I had it in high school! There were endless fields, barns, bodies of water, dirt roads- the stuff of good personal style blogging, right? In Missoula, I opt for the brick walls of old classic buildings and train stations!

Favorite TV show? Any shows you've been dying to start watching?
My favorite TV show is definitely a tie between Gossip Girl and Gilmore Girls. Rory was my role model growing up and Jess is definitely my dream boat. Also, Downton Abbey. I've been dying to watch Game of Thrones!

What are your comfort foods?
Grilled cheese and redvines. Every single time.

Pick one item in your closet you could not live without.
My pink lace mid length dress from Ruche- it's been my go to for first dates, weddings, casual days in the city, work parties, work events, and more! Easily the most worn item in my closet.

If you were a season of the year, which season would you be?
Ugh this is hard because if I were a season, I'd be winter, but if I were a month, I'd be May! 

--Maggie, of Lifesize Paperdoll

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Do you have winter Ruche outfits you'd like to share? Send your photos to for a chance to be featured (and a chance to win the Ruchette of the Month title)!  *All outfits must have at least one Ruche item in it. Be sure to mention why you love being a Ruchette and let us know if you have a personal blog too!

  • I love Maggie! She is such an awesome gal and more people should know about her!

    Posted on December 1, 2012