Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our December Ruchette of the Month is more than just a stylish blogger, she’s an inspiration for how to live beautifully, with wit, humor, and candor! Megan's blog, Greetings from Texas, is on our daily reads list as much for the fashion posts as the fantastic writing. We are constantly checking back for cute outfit ideas, unbelievably adorable photos and stories about her little girl, and the funny musings in every post. So we were elated when Megan recently published her first book, a memoir titled “99 Problems but a Baby Ain’t One”, which takes on difficult subjects like cancer and adoption with irreverent hilarity, reflective thoughtfulness, and grace. We couldn’t wait to learn more about Meghan, so read on for our interview with this inspiring writer/blogger/mother/designer! 

Blogger, published author, founder of The Houston Blogger Symposium – you’re an inspiration! How did this journey begin for you? Have you always had a passion for writing?
That’s so nice – thanks. No – I didn’t always have a passion for writing. It started when I was diagnosed with cancer and started a Caringbridge blog to update all my friends and family on my prognosis/diagnosis. I had way too much fun with it considering the context of the blog. I wrote things, just to crack myself up really, but I think everyone else was laughing with me. That’s when I realized how fun it was to have a captive audience read what I write.

As you know, we are HUGE fans of your blog and your book. Could you tell us a little bit about the process of creating it?
I enjoy writing my blog way more than I did writing my book. With my blog, I can press “publish” immediately upon completing what I write. It’s instant gratification. With the book, it was at least a year, maybe two, before people were reading what I wrote. It took a lot more discipline and work and therefore was considerably less fun. Now that it’s over, I’m so glad I did it – but I didn’t necessarily enjoy the process. I’d guess it’s comparable to running a marathon. I say “guess” – because I will NEVER run a marathon. I have absolutely no desire!

When it comes to your career and lifestyle, how does fashion play a role?
They’re intertwined. I manage the social media for two, quite different, fashion retailers – so I’m staring at clothes every day. If not the lines I manage, at other brands to see how their marketing their collections.  Outside of my jobs, fashion is my biggest hobby as well. Fashion magazines, thrifting, fashion blogs, E!’s fashion police – I love it all. Can’t get enough.

How do you describe your style? Is there anything on Ruche that belongs in your wardrobe?
I’d describe my style as vintage-clad. The majority of my dresses are vintage and have been hemmed by a tailor. I like to mix vintage with current classics. My style would be a lot better, however, if this Stockholm Fair Isle Dress was part of my wardrobe! So cute!

Speaking of style, you have an adorable little girl who is quite the fashionista. We’d love to know a little more about her personality! Can you describe her in 3 words?
Cute, walking, Elmo.

And now to get to know you a little more… Would you rather…
- Be friends with Mindy Kaling or Lena Dunham? OMG, so hard. Mindy Kaling.
- Be gifted with the wardrobe of Rachel Bilson or Rachel Zoe?  Rachel Bilson.
- Use Facebook or Instagram?  Instagram.

You’re truly an inspiration, Megan! Your story is incredible and you’ve accomplished so much. Do you have any advice you can share with us?
I don’t know if I am qualified to give “advice” but I always am trying to think ahead in my writing career and how I’m going to stay relevant and sustain myself financially. I try to think beyond what blog posts I’m going to write this week but how I’m going to sustain “Greetings From Texas” a year from now. Two years from now. Five years from now.  And how, in addition to my blog, can I generate income. For example, I’ve started to do blog design work. The hope is I can keep creating, collaborating, evolving, and elevating my game as a writer as time goes on.

-- Megan Silianoff, Author and Blogger of Greetings From Texas

You can read more about Megan in our previous interview with her that tells the sweet story of adopting her little girl. We're so glad we have had the chance to get to know this lovely writer and mother!