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As a successful blogger with a style all her own, we admire Rebecca not only for her unique voice, but her true sense of self. It’s safe to say that when it comes to The Clothes Horse, she’s a one woman powerhouse who writes much more than the typical outfit post. She’s at the top of our blogroll for visual inspiration and compelling writing, so we suggest you brew a cup of coffee and prepare to get lost in her blog all morning long! 

How do you think you have grown or changed as a blogger since starting your blog?
I started blogging when I was a college student, so there's been a lot of growth and changes since then. In the first few months of my blog I didn't even know it was going to be a "personal style blog" or that I would post outfit pictures, but now that's what my blog is mainly known for. I've also gone from living with my parents, or a dorm room, to living out on my own and figuring out things like how to file your taxes and cook reasonably sized dinner portions for one person! In a lot of ways I appreciate the fact that I have this nearly everyday documentation of what I was feeling and being inspired by to look back on now.

Since your blog is your full-time job, what does a typical “work day” look like for you?
It partly depends on the season, but right now I wake up around 9 or 10 and answer e-mails and write posts for a couple of hours, then it's out to take pictures, and editing when I get back and more e-mails and posts. Basically I'm glued to my computer most of the day, but thankfully I've been branching out on other projects lately. I made a zine recently so I also have to wrap those up and mail them off, as well as work on the artwork for the next zine and I'm working on some jewelry right now which I'll hopefully be offering in an Etsy shop soon.

What are you most looking forward to in 2014? Are there any changes afoot or any resolutions you’re trying to keep?
I'm trying to apply a "more is more" attitude for 2014--so I definitely want to try more things, be more outgoing, even work harder and to be less afraid of failing. I want to produce more zines with creative friends and make more things by hand. I'm also looking forward to traveling; I'll be visiting Northern Ireland again and I've got my fingers crossed for a brief visit to Canada with my mother and sister this summer.

What should we expect from your blog this year?
Does it sound bad to say more of the same? I mean, I want to improve my photography (always) and focus more on making things myself, but I really like the style of blogging I have right now: regular outfit posts, remixes, and inspiration posts. I would like to bring back my "picture an hour series" and shift some of my photography away from pictures of my outfits to pictures of nature and stylish people I meet.

As winter transitions to spring, what are some pieces that you’re looking forward to wearing?
Oh my, I'm so excited to wear a varsity jacket or simple denim jacket instead of my thick coats and trading several layers of tights for lightweight opaque ones. There's also this sweet pair of nude shoes with a low jeweled heel I can't wait to wear when the snow has melted!

We are flattered to be featured in numerous blog posts on The Clothes Horse! Are there any Ruche items that you’ve been eyeing lately?
Ruche fits my style perfectly, so there's always items I've got my eye on. Right now I'm coveting the edgeworth avenue satchel, daylight impression blouse, and port lisbon dress.

What do you think is the key to finding your own personal style?
Experimentation; personal style is really this mix of styles that inspire you and clothes you feel comfortable in, you have to try on a lot of different styles to get that perfect blend. I know certain styles or eras in fashion I really admire, but can never comfortably wear on a day-to-day basis, but there are also styles I never thought I'd be able to pull-off that I realized really suited me once I gave them a try.

We love your enviable and bold hair choices! What made you decide to first mix things up with your hair?
When I was planning to cut my hair from really long to a bobbed hair cut I started to get really worried about it and the worrying actually made me pause and think "wow I'm way too attached to my hair." So I decided I need to become unattached to something as silly as hair and once I chopped a whole braid off dyeing it blue no longer seemed like a big deal.

Living in Pennsylvania puts you smack in the middle of seasonal extremes. How do you stay sartorially prepared for the weather changes?
It actually is quite difficult to have a wardrobe that can keep you comfortable in 100 degree and -10 degree days without having too many clothes. When I first moved from Hawaii to PA for college I bought myself one coat and one pair of boots, which got the job done but was rather boring. One thing to realize is that a lot of summer pieces can work in winter if you layer, layer layer--a pair of shorts looks cute on top of tights (and knee socks and ankle socks hidden in your boots!) and a summer dress can work with a blouse underneath and a cardigan on top with a coat on the outside.

Rapid fire questions!
-- Favorite season? Summer
-- Period films or romantic comedies? Period films
-- Red or blue? (We’re dye-ing to know!) Blue!
-- Already made or DIY? Usually already made (sometimes it's nice to be lazy)

What is the best part about being a Ruchette?
Cute clothes! :)

-- Rebecca, The Clothes Horse

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  • The Clothes Horse is one of my favorite personal style blogs. Rebecca seems so relatable to me. :)

    Posted on February 1, 2014