Monday, February 10, 2014

Our Get Rustic feature has inspired us to broaden our horizons and dabble in new activities fit for a rustic lifestyle. And with spring on its way, it’s time to gear up for music festival season! Whether your music preferences steer toward the country twang of Stagecoach or the indie vibes of South by Southwest, there’s certainly a music festival out there to suit your tastes. So grab your best gals, pick your destination, and pack that music festival clothing!

General music festival clothing tips:
1. Keep your feet happy! When selecting your music festival clothing, keep in mind that comfort should be one of your top priorities. You’ll be walking and standing all day long, so opting for a pair of rustic ankle boots or cute flats will help ensure that the state of your feet won’t distract you from your favorite songs. If you’ll be doing a lot of dancing or standing in packed crowds, make sure your shoes and close-toed -- it’s easy to get stepped on!

2. Be ready to beat the heat! Make sure to pack music festival clothing that will be comfortable in high temperatures. Bring along whatever warm-weathing clothing suits your style; we think cotton dresses, airy tops, cute shorts, and high-waisted skirts are always perfect picks!

3. Prepare for rain! If it starts to drizzle, you’ll want to protect your music festival clothing with a hooded anorak or light raincoat. If it’s still warm outside, you can preserve the aesthetics of your outfit by having a printed umbrella at the ready!

4. If you’re not sure where to begin when packing, select one of these perfect music festival clothing combinations from our handy list:
-- Maxi skirt + ankle boots + tank top
-- Fit-and-flare dress + flats + floppy hat
-- Breezy shorts + chiffon top + statement bracelet
-- Printed pants + basic tee + statement necklace
-- Tank dress + kimono + headband

Other quick tips:
1. Book a hotel in advance. Rooms fill-up quickly and owners can charge more for a room when there’s high demand for a place to stay. If you’re going with a group, look into renting a house or apartment in the area! Not only is it private, but it might save you a fair amount of money. Many locals use a nearby festival as an excuse to rent out a room, their under-used vacation condo, or even their own home so that they can take a little holiday for themselves.

2. Research parking before you arrive. It’s nice to know how far away you’ll have to park and if the cost is cash-only.

3. Browse the Internet for detailed experiences others have had at the festival you’ll be attending. Firsthand recollections can reveal a lot about what to expect!

4. Invest in a cute backpack. Shows are so much more enjoyable when you can have your hands free to dance and clap along!

5. Bring a refillable water bottle and non-perishable snacks. Many festivals provide water stations and you don’t want to pay for any overpriced water bottles. And if the food is overpriced, you can turn to your stash of granola bars, dried fruit, and nuts to tide you over between meals.

6. Don’t forget that sunscreen! You’ll be spending a lot of time in the sun, even if you’re just walking from tent to tent, so keep covered.

Good luck planning your festival experience! If Ruche is a part of your music festival clothing selection this year, make sure to hashtag us on instagram (#shopruche) so we can see your ensemble in action!


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