Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Welcome to our third installment of Sam & Sarah's Wedding Series! In the past two entries, we had the chance to meet these lovely ladies and learn how they're organizing their wedding planning pursuits. This week, we're focusing on engagement party plans! Read on to learn what the gals have in mind for their engagement celebrations.

1. Will you have an engagement party?

Sam: Having an engagement party is actually not at the top of my list right now! Since we decided to go for a 9 month engagement, planning the wedding party has taken priority. If we do one, it will be small and with close friends when I have the time to arrange it.

Sarah: We are planning a small engagement party for next month, when my sister is in town. She hasn’t been back to California since I got engaged, and I couldn’t imagine not having her there!

2. If so, when and where? What do you envision for it?

Sam: In my front yard this summer because I have a huge grass lawn. I’d want to keep it small and simple - a BBQ with good beer and time spent around our fire pit.

Sarah: We don’t have any concrete plans yet, but we are thinking something small at a restaurant. Italian food is at the top of my list!

3. Which Ruche dress will you wear?

Sam: Something casual and flattering, like the Vista Trails Embroidered Dress and a cute panama hat (why not? It's warm out!). Shift dresses are my go-to look right now and a hat is a necessity when I'm out in the sun.

Sarah: I'd definitely go with something chic, like the Waiting For You Crochet Dress.

For more engagement styling ideas, take a look at our helpful guide. We'll see you in two weeks will the next part of the series, so check out our past installments if you need to catch up!