Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Today's installment of Sam & Sarah's Wedding Series focuses on one of our favorite aspects of engagement -- planning the engagement photo shoot! If you've been following along with the series so far, you'll know that Sam is getting married in October and planning a rustic, autumnal wedding, while Sarah's wedding is planned for March of next year and will have a romantic, vintage ambiance. Read on to learn about the gals' engagement photo plans!

Photos via Robby Cavanaugh Photography

1. Will you take them? If so, how long after the proposal, will you take them?

Sam: Yes, engagement photos are very important to the both of us - we took them last month! It’s your test run with your photographer, a chance to see how they work, and an opportunity to adjust to having a camera in our faces. Plus, it’s nice to have professional photos of us in normal clothes to decorate the venue and our future home with.

Sarah: Yes, we took our engagement photos the beginning of this month, which is approximately 6 months after we got engaged. Time has flown by!

Photos via Eyelet Images

2. What was your vision for the photos?

Sam: Simplicty. I know it is very trendy to go all out on the engagement session right now, but that is not our style. We didn’t have a storyline or props. We both wanted to be outdoors and somewhere with gorgeous trees!

Sarah: I envisioned them to be outdoors in a romantic setting. I pictured us in a field, surrounded by nature - which is exactly what we got. Since our wedding is indoors, we both wanted to do our engagement photos in a different setting, but still have them evoke that romantic, vintage feel.

Are you keeping your engagement photos simple, or will you have a them? Let us know in the comments below!

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*Sarah's engagement photos were courtesy of Robby Cavanaugh Photography.
*Sam's engagement photos courtesy of Eyelet Images.