Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Flowers are one of the most personal aspects of a wedding. The blossoms you choose are the common thread for the day of your wedding. From the moment the bride walks down the aisle, bouquet in hand during the ceremony to grand floral centerpieces or hints of blossoming decor at the reception. Whether your day takes place in a formal dining hall or a rustic outdoor garden, choosing the right flowers help set the tone and theme of your nuptials. Our Marketing Coordinator Sam and Stylist Sarah are here with some helpful advice when it comes to wedding flowers!    

1. Will you have flowers for decoration?

Sam: Yes, I most definitely will! My location is outdoors and up against the LA mountains, which means lots of green and neutral tones. I want lots of flowers to complement the venue and to add pops of color to the scenery. Since my wedding is in the fall, the florals will have lots of berries, burgundy, reds and lots of lush green.

Sarah: Yes, we will have flowers as decoration throughout the venue. I am still figuring out whether I want to do flowers on all of the tables, or mix it up with half of the tables with candles possibly in vintage vases.

2. Describe your bridesmaids bouquets.

Sam: My bridesmaids bouquets will be a similar version to mine, but smaller and they will also have a bit more color added to them.

Sarah:  My bridesmaid bouquets will have a mix of peach, white, and burgundy flowers. I am still deciding on exactly what flowers will be used, but I love the idea of burgundy dahlias, white roses, and peach peonies.

3. Describe your bouquet.

Sam: This is how I described my bouquet vision to my florist. "Loose, lush, organic, messy – the farm to table look. I hate when there is glitter, diamonds, rhinestones …. I like natural! Maybe a pomegranate thrown around here or there!" Here's what she has dreamt up for me: "Bouquet to be lush, loose, organic.... Full of both florals and greenery with some texture. Colors: softer palette of creams, ivories, whites, with accents of gold and burgundy along with greenery and vines. Flowers to include Garden Roses, Roses, Dahlias, Lisianthus, Spray Roses, Ranunculus (white should be available) with soft green colored foliage and vines. Wrap: TBD Romantic Velvet and Silks."

Sarah: My bouquet will be similar to my bridesmaids bouquets, most likely with the dahlias and peonies, but I envision mine to have less color and more white flowers.

4. Do you have a florist picked out? If so, who and how did you decide?

Sam: Yes, I found my florist, Kim of Art With Nature Floral Design, very early on because she was highly recommended to me. I fell in love with her work because her specialty is the loose and lush look -- as opposed to the tight and perfect glitzy florals that I am not quite a fan of.

Sarah: I do not have a florist yet, but it is one of the next things on my list. I have several appointments set up over the next month with various florists.

Images via Snippet and Ink & Style Me Pretty

5. How far in advance should someone choose their flowers/book a florist?

Sam: I booked my florist about 2 months after we were engaged (so about 7 months before the date) but I think you should have that vendor nailed down around the 6 month mark. I think it also depends on how important a vendor/aspect is to you. If the florals are very important to you or if you have a particular florist in mind, I'd say that should be your first call before he or she books up!

Sarah: According to my timeline a florist should be chosen within 6-9 months of your wedding. I was told that once I have finalized my color scheme, it is advised that you meet with florists to get an idea of how what you envision will fit within your budget

We love how Sam and Sarah's choice of flowers reflect their personal style and overall aesthetic of their wedding. For more helpful advice, follow Sam and Sarah on their journey to wedded bliss!