Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Seychelles originated in the sunny city of Los Angeles in 1984, originally selling jeweled sandals and western-style boots. As the years passed along, the Seychelles company recognized that girls were looking to vintage stores to find one of a kind, affordable items and Seychelles wanted to give them just that! The company set out to deliver shoes with the perfect blend of cutting edge looks and vintage details, and we must say, we're obsessed! Continue reading to learn more about Miranda, the Seychelles shoe designer. ♥

What’s the best part about being a shoe designer and being a part of the Seychelles team?
Being a shoe designer has been my wings to travel, seek inspiration, and share my creativity. It’s a labor of love, and sometimes I can’t believe I get paid for this! The fact that no day is ever the same as the last keeps things fresh and exciting. In January it will be my 10th year working for Seychelles, which I think says a lot about the type of company we are. We are a small, tight-knit team and many people have been there for years and years, which creates a family atmosphere that is really special to be a part of. That in itself is unheard of in our industry, so I feel lucky to be part of this family.

Have you always wanted to be a shoe designer?
Actually, I started out wanting to make handbags. I was pretty crafty at that time, but I didn’t even consider shoes an option because they aren’t something you can make yourself in your living room. But life has a way of taking you toward your destiny if you’re open for it. Looking back a lot of things just fell into place to get me where I am today. I love how life works out that way.

Where do you draw inspiration for Seychelles shoes?
Everywhere! I sketched some of our most popular shoes on cocktail napkins and scraps of paper that I found in my purse. Inspiration can strike at any time, so it’s always good to have a pen with you.

Where do you like to design shoes? In a notepad on-the-go? At a desk in the office?
Sometimes the shoes are designed in our office in Los Angeles, and other times I’m pulling an all nighter in a hotel room in China or Paris. Since each day is rarely the same as the last, it’s important to stay present and open for the ideas as they come to you.

What is the most important quality in a shoe for you?
Of course I always want to be stylish, but comfort is paramount. No one can be powerful or present if their feet hurt. I refuse to wear uncomfortable shoes and I wish the same for our girls. Luckily, we offer an affordable yet stylish product that empowers our girls to tackle every challenge head on. We never want her shoes to slow her down!

What is your current favorite Seychelles shoe at Ruche? Where would you wear them?
That’s like picking one of your favorite children! But if I had to pick one it would be Music to My Ears. I’d wear them with a floaty pale dress and a leather jacket to rough things up a bit OR with tailored ankle pants and a clean top. I love finding the balance between vintage femininity and modern unfussy design. Why choose one look when you can mix it up?!

How many pairs of shoes are in your closet? How many of those are Seychelles?
Oh my goodness, I probably have about 200 pairs, and even more in my garage. About 75% Seychelles. Only wearing shoes I designed is like a band only listening to their own music. I’m inspired and delighted by shoes, many of them ours, but also by those that are handmade, from some brand you’ve never heard of, that no one else will ever have, but are still wearable, comfortable and beautiful.

Quick fire questions:
plaid or polka dots?
Polka dots all the way! I’m so excited by all of the fun polka dots and stripes on everything right now. They just make me happy and bring a sense of light and humor to basic everyday pieces.

chocolate chip cookies or strawberry cupcakes? Chocolate chip cookies! Or even better, caramel!

coffee or tea? Tea parties for everyday, but frothy cappuccinos in French cafes and Italian piazzas are a must.

beach house or mountain cabin? Beach house! I’ll know I’ve made it when I have an ocean view from every room in my house. That’s always been a dream of mine.

heel or flats? I’m a total heels girl!


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