Monday, March 9, 2015

When you first start browsing our 2015 spring lookbook, Capture the Moment, you'll find an introduction that reads as follows:

"It can be found in a fleeting moment. A brief instant where the heart flutters and you know you've found it: inspiration, or perhaps it has found you. Chase these moments, whether across the globe or in your own backyard, and never stop exploring. Remember, inspiration is everywhere." 

Not only is Capture the Moment filled with darling spring outfits featuring maxi and midi silhouettes, soft, yet vibrant hues, and perfect global prints and flourishing florals, but each detail that went into the spring lookbook is meant to inspire the viewer to wander, wonder, and live beautifully. spring-outfit (2) spring-outfit (3)spring-outfit (8)spring-outfit (6)The title of the lookbook, "Capture the Moment" is not only a reference to the camera that is seen throughout the lookbook, but a reminder to not only live in each moment, but to seize it and make the most of each and every day, one moment at a time. For some, this means traveling to a far-off destination they have always dreamed of. For others, this means exploring their hometown, or doing things they love, like capturing a moment behind a camera lens or discovering new favorite works of art in a museum.  spring-outfit (4)spring-outfit (9)spring-outfit (10)spring-outfit (7)spring-outfit (11)See the lookbook come to life by pressing "play" on the video below!

Dare to explore the path less traveled, and brighten up your spring style with the prettiest floral prints, lace tops, romantic dresses, and 31 Bits jewelry and begin your stylish adventure. The possibilities are endless - make the most of the season! Explore Capture the Moment now. 


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