Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Warm weather always inspires us to start travel planning! We love fun and rejuvenating getaways, whether we are going to a city across the country or staying at a bed and breakfast in a rustic wine region. Although not long after deciding on a trip, we instantly start thinking, “what am I going to pack?!” We’re guessing you’ve thought that before too! With that in mind, we created a getaway guide to help.

Our Getaway Guide is focused on packing for four different regions that we are drawn to year-round: mountains, beaches, wine regions and cities. Our packing lists are designed to help you pack less but dress stylishly for every itinerary! Once you’ve looked through the feature, the only thing left to do is grab your bag, toss in your Ruchette packing essentials, and set off!

If you have packing suggestions or tips too, we would love it if you left them as a comment below!


  • I'm off to Munich soon and absolutely love the city outfit! Can't wait to put my own spin on it!

    Posted on July 18, 2013