Thursday, May 16, 2013

One of our favorite Ruchettes, Caitlin of Voguish At Best, was kind enough to share a sweet little DIY project with us that we absolutely adore! We love her fashion sense so much that we named her our Ruchette of the Month last November, so we weren't at all surprised that she was crafty, too! Find out how to make a quick and easy storybook garland below for your next little get-together with friends.

I stumbled across this wonderful idea for a baby shower I was co-hosting for one of my best friends this past weekend. We wanted to keep it bubbly, light, cheerful and girly! So in true fairytale fashion, I created a little storybook garland. 

Cute scrapbook paper
Book pages (I printed out mini excerpts from Peter Pan)
Mini clothespins (can be found at Michael's!)

1. I found a page excerpt from Peter Pan from Google Images, and simply printed that 16 per page, so they were already the perfect size and ready to cut!  You could also use any old children's book (perhaps thrifted) or book pages and cut them to the desired size. 

2. Cut a rectangle from your text, and fold it in half, to make two book pages. Repeat this step so you'll have a total of four pages, then place them one on top of the other, text-side up! 

3. Cut out a rectangle from your scrapbook paper, just a tad bigger than your text. Fold it in half, then place your two folded pages of text inside.

4. Close the book, staple the back twice (making sure the paper is all the way in there) and voila!

5. Do as many mini storybooks as you desire, and hang them on a bright colored string or yarn with mini clothespins for the finished product. (I pinned them in the middle so they'd be open, and bent the pages back a bit so you could see the pages.)

It turned out so cute, I absolutely love it! Easy peasy, inexpensive, and oh so darling.

--Caitlin, from Voguish At Best


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  • So cute!!!

    Posted on May 16, 2013

  • I love these- can't wait to try them out! xo

    Posted on May 16, 2013

  • These are so cute! Such a fun idea.

    Posted on May 17, 2013