Saturday, June 21, 2014

We love spending time getting in touch with our creativity, so we've crafted some fun writing prompts to spark your imagination while writing in your journal. These travel-themed prompts are a perfect way to spend a couple hours getting in touch with your inner storyteller! 

1. You’re riding your red moped down the colorful streets of Spain when all of a sudden you’re stopped by a woman in a large yellow sun hat. She gives you a large package with an address stamped on it and asks you to deliver it, what happens as you embark on this random mission when you’re supposed to be on vacation?

2. This last week you bought a new pair of wonderful mint shoes and you recently discovered that if you take five steps forward while thinking of a particular destination you and whatever you’re holding is transported to that particular region. Write about the various places you visit and perhaps about a moment of panic when you misplace the shoes or if possibly someone discovered the secret of your treasured mint shoes.

3. If you could eat your way across one country, which country would you choose? Write about the different chefs you meet as you go from restaurant to restaurant. Do you have to scavenge far and wide for a particular dish or do you go wherever your stomach leads you?

4. Freewrite in the voice of an adrenaline seeker - everything you do you do seeking the rush and excitement of it all. Make sure you focus on keeping this tone throughout your entire writing!

5. Imagine you and your best friend decide to go on a road trip across America, what crazy situations do you two find yourself in? Try to focus on surprising your audience with each new situation--make them all as different as possible.

Photography from Brandon Kidd

We can't wait to grab a pen and get lost while writing about travel and adventure. Which writing prompt did you choose? We would love to hear what you decide to write about; and don't forget to check out our past writing prompts for even more inspiration! 


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  • It's so funny. I was just thinking the other day that I hope Ruche blog comes up with more writing prompts. I choose prompts 1 and 2 this time around.

    Posted on June 22, 2014