Saturday, January 18, 2014

Game day entertaining starts with the menu. Nothing works up an appetite like watching football players running up and down a pass the chips and dip! Building the perfect menu for the big game is all about ease of snacking. While it’s great to have one or two main dishes like chili or pizza, the classics are finger foods that bring the tailgate to your living room. Must-have game day fare typically includes hot wings, nachos, veggies and dips, and other small bites. But this year we turned to our blogger friends A Beautiful Mess for some game day recipe inspiration.

These quesadillas, with their unique flavors, score high on the ease of eating scale!

Instead of ordering pizzas, make this delicious deep dish version, you won’t be disappointed!:

Since chips and salsa need to be on hand, whip up this delicious mango salsa:

Instead of the typical creamy and fattening dips that make their appearance while cheering on your team, opt for this healthier hummus that will still satisfy your savory tooth!:

Be sure to check out our other game day entertaining tips and have a blast rooting for your favorite team!