Saturday, October 26, 2013

When you truly love something, you write a poem about it, right? Just as Keats wrote an ode to autumn, as Shakespeare wrote beautiful sonnets about romantic love, and Robert Frost wrote about New England, we felt the proper way to declare our undying love for sweater weather would be in verse! So we wrote this little sonnet, dedicated to the crisp fall air and the drawers full of cardigans, pullovers, and chunky knits that make this the coziest of seasons. Enjoy!

Summer ends as summer must, skies once blue
Turn foggy gray. But joy to crisp fall air,
Joy to changing leaves in every rich hue -
Joy, especially, to the sweaters we can now wear!

Sweater weather, you arrive in the cool fall mist
And Pumpkin Spice Lattes couldn’t come too soon
Bring on the hot cocoa, bring on every autumn wish,
Let’s cuddle up in cashmere on a rainy afternoon.

As fallen leaves crunch beneath our feet,
Cardis and knits and capes keep us toasty warm,
We’re prepared for any cold front we might meet,
With cute sweaters in top cozy form.

Every season has a place in our heart
But, Sweater Weather, with you we’ll never, ever part.


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