Friday, January 31, 2014

The new year is a blank canvas, ready to be filled with your creativity! With the craft room calling to us, we have been itching to try out some new DIY projects and add a few more unique ideas to our crafting to-do list! With its popularity growing, we were curious to see what embroidery was all about (especially since we think it's one of the prettiest details for spring!) We were swiftly swept away by these sweet, delicate stitches and wanted to find DIY projects that would let us incorporate embroidery into some of our favorite, everyday objects.

Adding a little flair to a blank journal is a cinch with this DIY project for embroidering a fun title onto the cover! All you need is a plain notebook, thread, an embroidery needle, and a dash of creativity. Oh, and this step-by-step DIY project guide by Mollie Makes of course!

Transform you favorite photograph into an embroidered work of art thanks to these simple steps. (The girls of A Beautiful Mess never fail to amaze us with their DIY projects that elevate even the simplest things in our home to something inspiring and lovely!)

We can't wait to liven up an ordinary cork board with this Pinterest-worthy DIY project inspired by Fabric Paper Glue! This easy embroidery DIY will help keep all your cards organized in the cutest of ways. 
Have you been daydreaming about an adventure-filled road trip lately? Document your wanderlust by embroidering a route across maps of your favorite destinations with this cartographic Free People DIY project.

We hope this DIY project roundup inspires you to create beautifully embroidered projects! If you have some favorite embroidery tips, tricks or DIY ideas, please let us know in the comments below!


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