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  • Thursday, August 1, 2013

    We can all relate when it comes to finding old brooches, pins and jewelry that we just can't seem to find a use for after all these years. If you've found yourself in that sticky situation recently, don't throw yesterdays' goods out the window just yet! Rebekah from A Bit of Sunshine has a great DIY tip in store and all it takes are your favorite colors and a little bit of time. Bring your old pieces back to life!

    All you need is a rhinestone button or brooch, luckily I had this one in my craft stash. Some nail polish and a steady hand. I had to go for a little neon orange I am still in love with the neon trend!

    Paint the desired jewels with the nail polish (hint: it helps to use a tiny brush) I did a few coats and then let it sit overnight. Then I added a simple chain with some jump rings and that's it. I thought about making it a hair clip but didn't have one on hand. I think that would be a really fun and wearable way to do the pop on neon too!

    --Rebekah, A Bit of Sunshine

    We love it, thanks for sharing Rebekah!


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