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  • Friday, September 11, 2015



    Watercolor tassels are the perfect addition to your next party or get-together! We used these for our birthday celebration. If you want to make your own, just follow the steps below!



    -Acrylic Paint


    -Spray Bottle

    -Twine or Rope


    1. Cut 18x18inch squares. Make sure to save scraps to make ties.


    2. Squeeze a little bit of paint into a spray bottle half full of water. Put enough color to contrast against the white fabric. Shake well.


    3. Spray the mixture on the fabric making sure to leave some white spaces. Let it dry. If desired spray with another color using the steps above.




    4. After the fabric is dry, cut 1.5 inch strips leaving a 3 2 inch space in the center. Repeat this step on the other side.


    5. Fold the fabric in half then cut the piece into thirds.


    6. Take a 0.5 inch strip of dyed fabric and tie the top edge of the tassel. Trim the edges if desired.



    7. String tassels through twine or rope. 


    See these beauties in action at our #RucheTurns7 Birthday Party.


    View more DIYs here.



  • Wednesday, March 25, 2015

    Florist and fashion blogger Jordyn of Pretty Lovely Studios is a constant source of inspiration. From her darling outfits to her easy floral DIYs, we're smitten with this creative gal! Luckily, Jordyn was kind enough to share this easy DIY floral arrangement with us! We love all things floral, from cute dresses to blossom-adorned flats, and now that spring is officially here, we're looking forward to sprucing up our spaces with easy floral arrangements complete with our favorite spring blossoms. Read on for her guide to the perfect DIY floral arrangement. Spring Arrangement DIY 2

    From Jordyn:

    When I am choosing ingredients for my arrangements, I like to choose a focal flower, foliage and textural elements. How many you have of each is up to you, but those are the 3 things I look for. For this arrangement i just stuck with one each. It makes for a simple and fresh design, perfect for Spring. I chose Ranunculus as my focal flower, viburnum as my foliage and a gorgeous buttery-yellow stock (pretty much obsessed with it now) as my texture. Choose a container you like, grab yourself some clippers and you are all set. 

    Always prep your flowers before arranging. That means remove any leaves and cut the bottoms so that they have a clean, fresh opening to drink up some water. Let them sit for an hour or two, even a day if you have time, before you start arranging. Spring Arrangement DIY

    Here are the steps to create an easy spring floral arrangement!

    1. Wash the container and fill with water. 

    2. Start with your foliage and create a nice, lush base around the edges of the container. Build up one side more than the other to create a more natural feel. 

    3. Layer in your focal flowers. I like to place multiples together to create more of an impact, instead of separating them with the foliage. Doing that can sometimes create a polka dot effect that isn't always desirable when creating natural arrangements. Spring arrangement diy 4

    4. Take a couple of your textural elements and place wherever you see a hole or think that it needs a little something extra. Since my textural element is tall and fluffy, I didn't want to place to many in there, because I wanted the Ranunculus to really pop. But if you were using a berry of some sort, something that is small and compact, you could pop in a lot more of those. spring arrangement diy 3Spring Arrangement DIY 5

    We can't wait to try to easy floral arrangement! To see more from Jordyn, be sure to check out her blog, Pretty Lovely Studios, and see past features on our blog here!


  • Tuesday, December 23, 2014

    Even the coziest of homes look even more comforting when decorated with holiday adornments! Trimming the tree wrapped in a favorite sweater or scarf is something we look forward to all year long. When it comes to the holidays, we adore the sentimentality that comes with receiving a homemade gift or the satisfaction of creating your own holiday decor, so we just had to create our own mason jar DIY that is both easy to make and looks charming on any stocking-covered mantle or decorated side table. Photo 11_title


    Mason Jar
    A sheet of black paper
    Santa Snow Spray
    Tea Light Candle
    Double tape or regular tape
    Stationary supplies: pencil, ruler, and scissors or craft knife


    Step 1: Sketch an outline of a town. We drew outlines of houses, complete with windows and chimneys, and trees of varying sizes. We left the windows larger so we could cut them out later to add more depth to our town when placed against candlelight. holida-mason-jar

    Step 2: Using a black sheet of construction paper, measure the circumference of your jar and determine how high you want your town to extend. Your township should cover at least half of the height of the jar.mason-jar

    Step 3: Using a pencil, trace your town onto the black construction paper. The trees and houses do not have to be the same height. It is visually compelling if some buildings are higher than others. Cut out your sketch with scissors. diy-mason-jar

    Step 4: Spray 1 inch to 1 ½ inch of the jar with Santa Snow Spray. To create a light misty appearance of snow, spray the jar from a distance.  Put your jar aside to dry for 1 hour.holiday-crafts

    Step 6: Apply tape on your township and on the small trees and buildings before wrapping your jar with it to ensure that it properly stays put. Then tape the end of your town. cute-mason-jar

    Step 7: Place a candle inside your mason jar and light it up for the holidays!  winter-wedding-ideasThere's always room for error - your town country does not have to be perfectly cut out! Once you are finished, place your candle jar around the house and light it up to show the silhouette of a Christmas town country! For more decor inspiration click here, and see more DIY projects here


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  • Sunday, December 7, 2014

    'Tis the season for gift-giving! We all know that it's what's inside that counts, but who can resist making their package sit even prettier under the tree this holiday? We've come up with three simple and stunning ways to add a heartwarming touch to all your gifts this season. From hostess gifts to rounds of White Elephant and treats for treasured friends and family, we hope you love our creative gift wrap ideas - just press play to get started! 

    Now that you're a professional at wrapping presents, stop by our Ruchette Gift Guide for gifts for everyone on your list! We're filled with stocking stuffers and presents that are certain to delight, but if you're looking for more DIY inspiration, click here. Happy holidays, Ruchettes! 


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  • Sunday, August 10, 2014

    Katy of Wit and Bloom is not only one darling redhead, but she spends her days teaching special needs children, adoring all things vintage, and tending to her adorable pets. We have been fans of this Florida blogger for quite awhile, so needless to say we were excited when she shared her DIY flower crown tutorial with us (complete with beautiful calligraphy text for each step)! The perfect afternoon project for any time of the year, we love everything from the rich jewel tones of autumnal blossoms to the pastel hues of spring flowers. We can't wait to see what you craft using Katy's tutorial! 

    Hi! I'm Katy, I am a flower crown designer, and blogger at witandbloom.com. I am a huge fan of the Ruche blog, and have been loving all the floral inspiration they have been sharing lately. I am a total flower child, and I believe in the power of a sparkly dress and some flowers in your hair. I am so thrilled to be sharing a DIY fresh flower crown with you today. 

    You can get fresh flowers from a local florist, the supermarket, or even your own backyard. I generally choose one or two larger blooms, some greenery, and then some smaller flowers to fill in the blank spots with. You will also need some floral wire, floral tape, a pair of scissors. All of which are available at any craft store. Let's begin!

    Step 1: Using your floral wire, create a crown base that is large enough to go around your head comfortably. It should be a little on the looser side to allow for stems and tape. Begin placing the stems of your flowers on the crown and wrapping them with floral tape to keep them securely in place. I will sometimes makes a little bundle of a larger bloom and some smaller flowers, and tape them all down at once.

    Step 2: Continue wrapping in the same direction. I use a really long piece of tape and just continually wrap it, instead of getting an individual piece of tape for each stem. I find that it holds up a lot better this way. Remember to place the larger blooms, or your bundle first, then fill in with greenery and smaller flowers as you go.

    Step 3: When you are nearing the end, make a plan of what bloom is going to go where. I usually lay it out so there isn't a gap between the start and finish. You want it to look like a continual circle.

    Step 4: Fill it all in and be sure to wrap the tape very tightly at the end. Floral tape is a lot stronger than it seems! Here is a close up of what the wrapping should look like to keep everything in place.

    Step 5: Go over your crown very thoroughly checking for any loose tape or blank spots. If you see any loose spots, you can use a little more tape to secure them down.

    You're all done!  Go out and have some fun in your new crown!

    For more of Katy's gorgeous flower crowns, you can visit her Etsy shop where she sells her creations. We can't wait to craft our own flower crowns using Katy's simple tutorial.


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  • Tuesday, June 24, 2014

    A cute and fun way to personalize any get together, from bridal showers and weddings to a laid back backyard summer soiree, is with a custom place card holder. This little craft is an easy way to integrate the decor of your party into your table settings and is a thoughtful detail your guest will love. We simplified crafting these little paper beauties, so go ahead and get crafting! 

    1. Clothespin
    2. Construction paper
    3. Vellum paper (optional)
    4. Scissors
    5. Glue

    1. Draw and cut out two halves of a flower shape. You can also cut out and glue a few extra petals on top of the flower shape to add a layering effect.

    2. Glue one of the flower halves onto the top portion of your clothespin. Take the second flower piece and glue it to the bottom portion. Make sure that the two halves line up together when the clothespin is closed.

    3. Cut out a couple of leaves and glue them to the back side of the flower. We made our leaves out of green vellum paper, but you can easily use construction paper for this step as well!

    4. Insert your placeholder into the clothespin and then you’re done!

    We love how a table looks with an array of pretty plates, a bouquet of flowers, and place card holder at each seat. Not a fan of seating arrangements? You can arrange the place cards on a separate table and allow your guests to claim their seats right before hors d'oeuvres and drinks are served!  We love adding gracious details to our party spread to make guests feel right at home. 


    Have a DIY project that you are interested in sharing? We'd love to see it! Send your instructions and unedited photos to blog@shopruche.com for a chance to join our Ruche Blogger Family and become published.

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  • Tuesday, June 17, 2014

    There is something calming and peaceful about sitting seaside. The sound of crashing waves, the salty air, and the sunshine is always uplifting! We wanted to bring the serenity that comes with spending a day at the beach into our home. This seashell mobile is the perfect decor for evoking all your favorite aspects of beach days. A simple and easy DIY, this is a perfect housewarming gift or easy way to spruce up your space! 

    1. Seashells
    2. Acrylic paint
    3. Paint brush
    4. Twine or string
    5. Glue gun
    6. Wood dowel
    7. Ribbon (optional)

    1. Paint a few of the seashells with acrylic paint to add a pop of color. Allow time to dry.

    2. Once the first coat of paint has dried, feel free to add fun designs such as chevron, polka dots, or stripes!

    3. Use a glue gun to attach the seashells onto a strand of twine. You can decide the length and number of strands that you'd like to make.

    4. Tie the top of each strand onto the wooden dowel. If you’d like to add more fullness to the mobile you can also glue pieces of ribbon in between each seashell strand.

    5. To hang up the mobile, tie a piece of twine from one end of the dowel to the other. Use the glue gun to secure the knots into place so that they don’t slide off.

    There you have it! We love this seashell mobile as a way to add some color and beachy atmosphere to your living room, workspace, or bedroom. Visit our other DIYs for some crafty inspiration! 


    Have a DIY project that you are interested in sharing? We'd love to see it! Send your instructions and unedited photos to blog@shopruche.com for a chance to join our Ruche Blogger Family and become published.

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  • Friday, May 30, 2014

    One of the things we love most about spring and summer is the abundance of foliage. Decorating our homes with fresh blossoms from a farmers market or our favorite local flower shop brightens up our space, and is also a fun way to add color and discover what type of bloom you like best! Not only are your bouquets fun to display, but we've crafted a simple and fun DIY for transforming a plain terracotta pot into a colorful way to show off your flowers and enhance your indoor space or patio! 

    Acrylic paint
    Gold spray paint
    Blue painter's tape

    1. Paint the entire surface of the pot in the color of your choosing. Allow time to dry.

    2. Once the paint has dried, use painter's tape to cover up the areas that you do not wish to paint with gold spray paint.

    3. Spray paint the exposed areas and allow time to dry.

    4. Carefully peel off all of the painter's tape and then you're all done!

    We love this DIY for a collection of outdoor blossoms, or even an indoor plant that resides by a windowsill. This colorful project is certainly one of our favorites! 


    Have a DIY project that you are interested in sharing? We'd love to see it! Send your instructions and unedited photos to blog@shopruche.com for a chance to join our Ruche Blogger Family and become published.

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  • Tuesday, May 20, 2014

    Although our smart phones have graced us with the ability to open an app and let a tiny blue dot let us know our (almost) exact location, maps are a travel essential. Waning battery power and lack of reception can render phones, and in turn, our GPS functions, useless. We enjoy being absorbed into a new place filled with new possibilities, but we aren't always interested in getting completely lost! Picking up a map in a foreign city is an adventure in itself- tracing new streets and intersections in effort to find your destination can be frustrating, but incredibly satisfying. Maps can function as a souvenir of our travels by memorializing the incongruities of our travels, but also as a work of art. The swirling colors and overlapping lines of streets dotted with the tiny names of boulevards and avenues create a unique pattern that is perfect for memorializing a favorite place. Here are some of our favorite projects that allow the maps we relied on in our travels be a part of our everyday. Each DIY is linked at the bottom of the page, so click through and start crafting! 

    1. Magnetic Board: We love the idea of unfolding a trusty map and transforming it into a magnetic board. Not only is this perfect for organization, especially when hung above a desk or workspace, but it provides a pretty backdrop for all your essentials or other souvenirs like magnets and photos that you've gathered on your travels. 

    2. Shelving: This DIY for adding a map behind a set of shelves is not only adorable, but provides the perfect space for showing off the treasures of your travels! We love the idea of placing our collection of foreign trinkets against a map displaying city names associated with beautiful memories. This piece would make a wonderful addition to any room and is easily coordinated with an array of existing color palettes and styles. 

    3. Coasters: Transforming maps into coasters is not only a DIY we would love to have in our home, but would also make an amazing present for a friend or loved one who has just been or is planning on traveling! With a variety of styles of maps to choose from ranging from intricate subway maps to a lush map of the countryside, these map coasters would be perfect for an afternoon project.

    Image Source: 1, 2 ,3

    Maps provide an endless source of inspiration by whisking us away to the fond memories of the places we have visited. If a vacation isn't in your immediate past or future, flea markets and vintage shops are always brimming with vintage brochures and maps that you can frame, use in a craft, or create a map-covered accent wall! Do you have a favorite way of upcycling maps? Let us know! 


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  • Tuesday, April 22, 2014

    Happy Earth Day, Ruchettes! In the spirit of the holiday, we thought we’d share a few eco-friendly DIYs with you. We know there are plenty of wine bottle repurposing DIYs out there, but we love the following ideas as they don’t involve cutting glass or any other advanced techniques. The hardest part may just be removing the label -- soak the bottle in hot water and use the rough side of a sponge to scrub it away if the sticker is stubborn. If you’ve been looking for new ways to give your empty wine bottles or other glass bottles a quick and useful makeover, try one of these simple DIY ideas.

    1. Candle Holder: Wine bottle candle holders lend a romantic, vintage-inspired effect to any room or table display. To make your own, purchase taper candles, break them off at the desired height, and glue them securely to the opening of the bottle. Once you light the candles, the wax will melt down the sides of bottle, creating an antique feel that will stay with the candle even once you blow out the flame. They can get a bit messy though, so be careful about leaving them lit for too long or on a surface that can't be easily cleaned!

    2. Water Carafe: We've noticed that many restaurants will leave a carafe of water on the table once the initial round of water has been served, making refilling your glass extremely convenient. Mimicking this concept is great for home entertaining, as it adds a cute touch to the table while simplifying life in the process. And the best part is, once you've removed the label and washed out the bottle, your new carafe is ready to go!

    3. Flower Vase: A gal can always use extra vases in the springtime! Create a chic and simple look by filling your wine bottle with water and sliding a single blossom or sprig of tiny buds into the opening. This pretty vase makes an effortless centerpiece and adds minimalistic accent to any room in the house.

    4. Infused Olive Oil Holder: Use your old wine bottle to store infused oil or homemade salad dressing -- it's always nice to keep extra balsamic on hand! After whipping up your dressing of choice, use a funnel to transfer it to the wine bottle. Then seal it with the original cork or purchase a new stopper to keep it air tight. Why not begin your homemade oil and dressing collection with this yummy recipe for roasted garlic oil?

    Image sources: 1, 2, 3

    We hope these DIY options will help you make the most of those empty wine bottles! What's your favorite way to repurpose glass bottles? We'd love to hear your ideas!


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