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  • Thursday, February 16, 2012
    Business Card Holder DIY
    Guest Post by Julie
    I was struggling to think of an idea for displaying my business cards at the show this weekend. I didn't want to get one of the standard holders you can find at the store. I wanted something a little more creative, with a handmade touch. With a little embellishment, I was able to turn an old Altoids tin into a cute business card holder!
    --Julie, from Julie Ann Art
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  • Thursday, February 9, 2012
    Project DIY: Lace Mason Jars
    --Stacey, from Stonewash and Bloom
    Materials needed:
    thick and thin lace trim (optional)
    mason jar
    mod podge
    brush for mod podge
    heat gun or hair dryer
    1. Start by measuring out a piece of lace that will wrap around the entire base of the jar.
    2. Brush mod podge all over the jar and begin wrapping the lace all around the jar.
    3. As you wrap, brush mod podge on top of the lace so the lace is sandwiched between a lot of mod podge.
    4. Continue to wrap around the jar until both ends of the lace meet each other. Secure with a bit more mod podge at the seam, and then apply heat to help it dry faster and in place.
    5. Once the seam is secure, flip the jar upside down, and fold the edges over the botton and secure with mod podge. Apply heat to the bottom and push the lace down as tightly as possible to the bottom of the jar.
    6. Flip the jar back right side up and begin applying mod podge to the lace at the lip of the jar. Apply. Smush. Heat. Apply. Smush. Heat. Repeat. (Real professional word choice, eh?)


    7. Trim the excess and begin applying the thick lace trim on top, securing with both mod podge and heat.

    8. Then apply the thin lace trim to the very top rim of the jar and you're done!
    Surround with beautiful flowers and light a candle inside or use as vases and centerpieces. You can always add some twine for detailing, or a tag for a gift container. And of course, color is always welcome!
    --Stacey, from Stonewash and Bloom

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  • Thursday, February 2, 2012
    Perfect for Valentine's Day, take a look at this adorable dress tutorial! ♥

    Guest post by Stacie


    What You'll Need:

    - Pins
    - Tape
    - Marker
    - Dress (preferably not jersey knit, stiffer fabrics work best)
    - Some sort of ribbon, lace, something to pin around the edges of the cutout heart
    - Sewing machine and iron


    Total Cost: Dress + Ribbon/lace
    Total Time: Approx. 2 hours, shorter if you're a good seamstress.

    1: Lay your dress out flat and tape over the chest area where you will be cutting your heart shape.
    2. Draw the heart shape on the tape and then cut it out. Do not take off the tape because it helps keep everything in place so the fabric does not shift. 
    3. Take your pins and pin the ribbon around the edges of the heart cutout so that the fabric is finished and won't fray.
    4. After you have pinned the ribbon or lace all around the heart, stitch carefully to hold the ribbon in place.
    5. After you have stitched everything, you can pick off the tape and then iron down the ribbon/lace so that your seams are crisp and flat!
    That's it!
    --Stacie Grissom, Stars for Streetlights

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  • Friday, January 27, 2012
    We stumbled across this charming handmade dollhouse and we simply adore the vintage-inspired aesthetic. Visit Hart & Sew for more photos and detail! ♥



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  • Thursday, January 26, 2012

    Guest post by Shannon

    Perfect for wedding decor, this DIY pomander is a must-do project. Simply recycle an old book and follow these simple steps for a gorgeous masterpiece.

    --Shannon, from Our Footprints


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  • Thursday, January 19, 2012
    Complete your party decor with these darling DIY garland projects. ♥
    Dixie Cup Garland
    Perfect for Valentine's Day decor, this simple garland DIY project is created from dixie cups and a string of lights. Take a peek at Hey Gorgeous for step-by-step instructions.
    Fabric Bow Garland
    We stumbled across this fabric garland DIY project on Smile and Wave. It makes the perfect decor for birthday parties, baby showers, and brunch gatherings!
    Fabric and Doily Garland
    Even though this lovely lady's Etsy shop is now closed, be sure to stop by Ravenhill to see her beautiful completed projects. Made from fabric and doilies, this garland is one of our favorites for home decor.



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  • Thursday, January 19, 2012

    Guest post by Jessica

    Glitter Shoes

    What You'll Need:
    - Pair of shoes
    - Mod Podge Glue with a Gloss Finish
    - A bowl
    - Sponge brush
    - GLITTER (any kind you'd like! I suggest buying the biggest jar you can find)
    - Painters tape (tape the bottom and insides unless you want glitter all over your shoe)
    - Water proof shoe protection
    - Newspaper (or a bag) to put the shoes on


    Total Cost: $11


    Total Time: Approximately 2 hours. (It depends on how many coats you apply and how long you wait in between coats.)



    1. Tape off the inside and bottom of the shoe. Otherwise your feet will be covered in glitter.


    2. Mix the glitter and glue together in the bowl. You will most definitely need more glitter than you imagine. Go glitter crazy. Warning: this DIY is quite messy! Be prepared for glitter to be EVERYWHERE.


    3. Mix and start applying to the shoe. This is the messy part. Let sit for twenty minutes and go back for round two and three. (The first layer should be rather thin otherwise the glitter will become really thick, chunky and uneven by round three.)


    4. Once the shoes are completely dry go back over them with just glue to make sure the glitter stays in place.


    5. Let shoes dry. Take outside and spray with the waterproofing.

    VOILA! A new life for your old shoes!


    --Jessica, The Midwest Muse


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  • Thursday, January 12, 2012

    Guest Post by Sarah


    STEP 1: Use your seam ripper to detach the lining from the inside of the skirt. It’ll be much easier to work with if the lining isn’t fully attached to the skirt.

    STEP 2: Try on the skirt and determine how much you’ll need to take in the skirt from both sides. For me, this was about 1.5” on each side. I used a safety pin to temporarily measure each side, and to keep both sides even. Then, turn your skirt inside out, and pin along both sides. Sew along both sides using a basic stitch. This will depend on the type of fabric you’re working with, but I used the basic settings for a straight stitch.

    STEP 3: After you’ve sewn your sides, be sure to try on your skirt. Don’t feel bad if it’s too loose or too tight. Simply rip out the stitches and try again. (That's what the seam ripper is for after all!) Once you’re happy with how it fits on your waist, turn your skirt right side out and cut off the excess fabric. Repeat this same step for your lining also.

    Note: The elastic on my waistband was quite thick, so I sewed two seams just for added measure.

    STEP 4: Determine how much you want to take off the bottom of the skirt. This skirt was pretty long, so I ended up taking off about 8”! With your skirt inside out, fold up the hem so your skirt is the desired length. Pin your hemline, and use the free arm on your sewing machine to sew all the way around the bottom of the skirt. Be careful not to sew the opening closed!  Then, repeat for the lining.

    STEP 5: This part is optional, so feel free to jump ahead! As you can see, the inner lining of my skirt started fraying quickly after I cut it. So, I simply folded the the hem in so the frayed part wouldn’t be exposed. Pressed the fold to get it to hold it’s shape better, then sewed along the edge. I may consider doing this with the skirt hem also, but that can wait for a later time!
    STEP 6: Try on your skirt to make sure it fits how you want. And you’re done! Easy right?!

    Simply Dove


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  • Thursday, January 5, 2012

    Elsie, the lovely lady behind A Beautiful Mess, is a craft-genius. One of her favorite projects is this method of hand printing: photo transfer without iron-on sheets! With a couple supplies and simple steps, you can create your own masterpiece.

    To see step-by-step instructions and tips, stop by A Beautiful Mess. As Elsie says, "This method is so easy! I can't wait to use it to make pillows, bows and canvas prints of our wedding photos! Oh, and you can use this exact same method to transfer photos onto wood and many other surfaces. The possibilities are endless!" We can't wait to try it ourselves! Happy crafting, everyone!



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  • Thursday, January 5, 2012

    Hi Guys!

    My name is Sorren Isler and I write a personal style blog (classic noise) that also touches on food, my upcoming wedding, design and the occasional DIY.  Below is my home beauty post: DIY Coffee Exfoliant. I hope you enjoy the post! :)

    With winter and cold air knocking at the front door, it's time to start thinking about a new skin regime to beat the season! This coffee exfoliant not only scrubs the winter-skin-blues away, but also keeps a gal's skin in tip-top shape for the return of the warmth and sunshine.


    I first stumbled upon the idea of a DIY coffee exfoliant back in the winter of 2008 with a professional aesthetician. Since then, I have experimented with a few different recipes and measurements, finally discovering a balance that I love. All ingredients are items that you likely already have stocked in your kitchen, however I would caution that premium coffee is not meant for this - it is meant for drinking, enjoying and then remembering how much you love a good cup of coffee.


    What you'll need:

    1 cup coffee grounds
    The coarser, the better. This is somewhat subjective. Coarser grounds will offer a more intense exfoliation, where asfiner ones will be softer. I enjoy medium. Also, the cheaper, the better. I lucked out because my finace is a coffee snob and turned his nose up at a full can of coffee, leaving it for me- naturally I choose to rub all over my skin ...like you do.


    3 Tablespoons Oil
    The oils job is to act as a moisturizer. It will be added to thecoffee to create movement and soften your grains. I'm not a big fan of a slushy exfoliant so I stick to a modest amount of oil (also more cost-effective). If you do like a looser scrub, you can add up to 2/3 cup, but do so incrementally to play it safe.


    Massage Oil
    The first time I made this exfoliant I used a no-scent massage oil. It was alright. I lost it in the move and then discovered that oils found in your kitchen are better! Not only are they more natural, they can offer more benefits to your skin than a massage oil can.


    Coconut Oil
    I now use coconut oil. Iwas drawn to it because I thought coffee and coconut would complement eachother, but it's health benefits are pretty impressive too!


    Grapeseed Oil
    I may try this oil next time. The health benefits are also incredibly impressive.


    Olive Oil
    This is a heavier oil, so it is best saved for the winter and other times your skin is prone to dryness. It's health benefits are also worth noting.


    1 Tablespoon Sugar
    The sugar helps to create movement between the coffee grounds,as well as acts as an exfoliant in itself and increases circulation. You can choose between brown, cane or white sugar. I chose white, however brown sugar offers a sweeter fragrance.


    Honestly, this is really unnecessary. I had some Vanilla Body Shop perfume oil leftover from back in the day so I added a few drops to sweeten the coffee scent. It added a soft vanilla scent but was not overly obvious.


    Vanilla Extract
    It will do the samething, and may also thin the scrub a bit. I would keep it to half a teaspoon.


    Will enhance the coffee scent and add a little kick.


    A Jar



    Mix all the ingredients together in a small bowl. At first you wont notice the the oil moving through the coffee grounds, but keep mixing and it will coat evenly. And that's it!


    How to Use Exfoliant:

    Use scrub only once a week. Use a body wash prior to the scrub for ease of application and better movement. Rinse after exfoliation, but do not re-wash with soap or body wash. The scrub is messy, so make sure to rinse the tub out when you're done! 

    --Sorren Isler

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