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  • Friday, August 3, 2012

    Mint is one of the trendiest colors right now and our customers can't seem to get enough of it.  We are absolutely smitten with this gorgeous pastel color!

    Cassidy, from Things Like Skeleton Keys, dressed almost head to toe in Ruche for a nice relaxing Sunday.  From her dress to her necklace and shoes, her outfit is a delightful combination of sophistication and fun!

    Cassidy said, "Sunday's are my favorite days because mine are spent with relaxing, spending time with family, and enjoying the simple pleasures of life, like sipping chocolate milk in the morning, swooning over style blogs, and plenty of laughter and playing with my husband and our son.  My Sunday's begin with my little family getting dressed in our Sunday best and that sets the tone for the rest of the day.  If it's a really special Sunday, I will get the chance to go on a afternoon stroll with my little boy.  I love the ritual of strolling him around our historical town so he can "ohhh and ahhh" over the birds, clouds, and wave at the cars that drive by.  It makes me reminiscent of a time gone by, where mothers would push their babies in their chic vintage strollers on a walk through town, always dressed in their Sunday's best!"

    Jamie, from Forever81, paired our Pleated Maxi Skirt with pops of bright pink, a lace top and a denim jacket.  This combination of mint and pink makes her summer outfit bright and cheerful!

    Jamie said, "all summer I had been on a quest for the perfect maxi skirt, the qualifications for which were: 1. pleated; 2. pastel; 3. affordable. And well, I think I finally found it.  You'd think because pleated pastel-colored maxi skirts were in style this summer that it wouldn't have been hard to find one, but it was that third qualification that I was hung up on!  That's why I was so happy to find this little number from Ruche.  And not only is it pastel, it's my favorite of all the pastels, mint."

    What Ruche pieces have you been styling lately?  We'd love to see your outfits!  


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