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  • Wednesday, September 16, 2015

    yellow heart art custom portraits for wedding day and anniversary 2

    We teamed up with Leonora of Yellow Heart Art for our 7th Birthday Party, and we've completely fallen in love with this talented lady. Not only do we love her artwork, she has a larger-than-life personality, that never fails to make us laugh (and that's only been over email!).  Everything is handmade by me in New York. She started Yellow Heart Art back in 2011 as a way for me her have a creative outlet when she still had, what she calls, a terrible corporate 9-5 job. She handmakes everything in New York, and has been seen in Kourtney Kardashian and Mindy Kaling's homes, Lauren Conrad's events, The MTV Movie Award Celeb gift bags and more! Read on to learn more about Leonora, and prepare for a few laughs along the way! Visit our instagram to win a personalized portrait of you by Leonora. Ends 9/28! 

    Tell us a little bit about yourself!
    I'm an over thinker and am always rockin' a scarf. I love statement necklaces and will always be a backstreet boys fan (tell me whyyyyyyy) I park my car better in reverse than forward and I love me a good cucumber and avocado roll. My husband bought me a website as a birthday gift and it was the most romantic gesture in this history of ever (you can go to YellowHeartArt.com to see it, it's a hot mess but he tried!) 


    What does your creative process look like?
    My creative process goes 1 of 2 ways with out fail. I either nail what I am trying to do right away, or I work on something for days and days and day and it's still not where I want it to be. This is usually followed by curse words, tears, trips to starbucks for a cake pop (or 3) to help clear my mind. I first think of a bunch of quotes that I want to use, and then from there figure out which of the words I want to be emphasized in the print. My custom portraits happened totally by accident. I had made a custom portrait of my husband and I for our engagement party invites. Our friends and family complimented me on our little doodle that I thought I would give them a try in my shop. They are a huge hit and so many people love having a custom portrait of them in their home!

    What kind of food helps fuel your creativity?
    A bowl of salted almonds and baking chocolate chips. I convince myself it's healthy because, like, almonds. 

    yellow heart art wall art steps to success print

    How does your personal style influence your artwork?
    I love playing around with different color palettes and patterns with my clothes. I have always been really into "umphing" up an outfit by adding either a really cute hat, a giant     statement necklace or a scarf. I do the same thing with my prints because I don't just want to slap some words on a page and call it a day. I want to take those art quote prints to the next level by making them out of gold foil or adding some fun decorative elements like geometric shapes or water color marks. 

    Where do you look for inspiration during your creative process?
    Actually I go to fashion trends. I see what color palettes are popular and what patterns people are drawn to. I then try to incorporate those pieces into my designs. I'm working on getting some floral patterns into my prints, I'll let you know how that goes!

    How do you come up with the sayings in your artwork?
    From my own head ha! Basically I always try to make a print relatable. If I am selling my items in person somewhere and someone walks by and goes "ha! I've totally felt that!" then I know I succeeded. One of my best selling prints is "Take on today like you just aced your eyeliner" because I know for me the days where I have a perfectly symmetrical cat eye (on the first try) I feel like I can legit stop a moving train with my bare hands (note: don't do that, you'll ruin your eyeliner) so instead of saying something like "take on the day!" I try to amp it up with some humor and quirk.

    yellow heart art wall art run towards your dreams 2 print

    Our motto here at Ruche is #LiveBeautifully. How do you live beautifully?
    I #LiveBeautifully by embracing my flaws. It took me a LONG time to be ok with them (and honestly, some days those insecurities still creep back up) but I've come to realize people are not as critical of me as I am of myself. I hate smiling too wide for photos because I Have 3 fake front teeth (thank you 14 year old me for fainting face first down some stairs) when I tell people this they are shocked to hear I have fake teeth. My thighs rub together when I walk and I am rocking some crazy stretch marks on my upper arms but ya know what? No one cares, and if they do then that's their problem because I am still going to wear tank tops and smile as big as I can because life is too short to constantly worry about how other people view you. 

    Do you have any advice for anyone interested in a similar career path? 
    Yes! It's ok to fail. It's ok to make things that suck. It's ok if people don't like what you do. Not everything you try to put out there is going to be a winner, if it was that easy we would all be gagillionares living in pent house suites while flying around in our private jet that have our faces painted on the outside of them. Don't get discouraged, if you are truly passionate about what you're doing you'll make it work and rally! 

    Yellow Heart Art Ace Eyeliner

    Thanks Leonora! Visit her Etsy to purchase her beautiful artwork and enter our giveaway to win a personalized illustration of you our instagram! 





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  • Tuesday, September 1, 2015


    If you love illustrations as much as we do, you are in for a treat! This month's wallpaper was designed by illustrator Emily Poulin. Emily just graduated from the California Baptist University in May and is now designing at Krochet Kids in Costa Mesa, CA. Not only do we love her illustrations but we love her style! In this post we talk about her artwork and creative process.

    How did you get started in illustration and graphic design?
    I thoroughly enjoy challenges and realized that I wanted a job that was creative problem solving. Graphic design demands that you think on your feet and process quickly! You never know what project you are going to get or what kind of constraints you have to work within. I also am drawn to details and how they can flesh out a message in its entirety. I love the finishing touches that subtly add to an overall design! 

    How does your personal style influence your artwork?
    I'm very detail oriented in my own personal style. I love braids and tiny accents. I am drawn to things that are unique and show someone else's passion and creativity. I try to incorporate that in my own work-- take things from my daily life or things I find amusing and share it! 


    Where do you look for inspiration when channeling your creativity? 
    I don't often look for inspiration out right. I try to take notice of things in my day to day activities and almost catalog them in my brain. If you go on Pinterest or look other places you're letting someone else solve the problem for you! I try to engage with people outside of my creative bubble and immerse myself in their passions and ideas. I am constantly reading something or trying a new technique to keep me learning. 

    Do you have a favorite piece of artwork that you’ve created?
    I don't have a favorite piece of work honestly 

    Our motto here at Ruche is #LiveBeautifully. How do you live beautifully?
    I try to live a life that is encouraging and considerate of others. I find there is such joy in investing in other people and helping them in their journey and growth process. I think life is a lot about growing alongside one another, posing questions, and actively engaging with the world around you that creates meaning. 

    Where can we find you when you aren’t creating swoonworthy art?
    Well when I'm not swooning haha -- You can probably find me baking something or biking around my city! I'm always on the lookout for a good spot to read or undiscovered local gems! 


    Do you have any advice for anyone interested in a similar career path?
    I'd say it's important to be dedicated. Design can be exhausting at times-- it seems there's always anther revision! It's important to be diligent in your work and practice creative endurance.  Keep a notebook around to jot down sketches or ideas at any time. I also find it therapeutic to make checklists to visualize project progress! 

    I had no clue where design was going to take me when I began-- I didn't even know what Adobe programs were. The journey has been a lot of being thrown in the deepend and learning to swim on my own. But through that process I've learned a lot about myself and the importance of community. I've met so many rad people as a result of my career and I can't wait to see what comes next! 



     Thanks Emily!

    We just adore Emily and her works of art. To view more of her work, follow her on instagram @emilieepoulin! Download your Free September Wallpaper



  • Sunday, May 3, 2015

    If delightful outfits, inspiring recipes, and easy hair tutorials are you're thing, you're going to adore Kelsey of The Farmer's Daughter! This Vancouver local looks stylish all year round, and is an expert when it comes to whipping up a recipe on the fly. We adore her sophisticated-rustic style, thirst for adventure, and we were so excited to have her collaborate with us by providing us with her Earl Grey Lavender Ice Cream for our summer lookbook!


    You currently reside in British Columbia's gorgeous Fraser Valley. With summer just around the corner, are there any styles you're looking forward to wearing?
    Dresses! Dresses without tights! I'm really into classic/retro shapes right now, and I recently picked up the sweetest vintage dress at a consignment shop in Vancouver! 

    We can't get enough of your beautiful (and delicious!) recipes. Do you have a favorite dish you've crafted lately?
    Ooohhh...that's a tough one! I think my favorite recipe would have to be my raspberry macarons with coconut butter cream filling. Macarons are so tricky, and I had been wanting to attempt them for quite a while but was too scared to! I finally mustered up enough courage to try them, and I am so proud of how they turned out (although there were a couple of failed attempts along the way).

    We were so excited for you to share your Earl Grey Lavender Ice Cream with us for our summer lookbook. Can you tell us a little about your creative process when whipping up a new recipe for a blog post?
    Most of my recipes on my blog are created with (or by) my younger sister Jordyn. She's always been adventurous in the kitchen, and loves trying new things. Sometimes we'll try something unique at a restaurant or see something on pinterest that looks interesting, and we'll often discuss how we could recreate it and give it our own spin. We also love themes, which will often provide inspiration unexpectedly. We once did a whole series on drink themed cupcakes! They ranged from your classic peppermint mocha, to chai cupcakes with a cardamom icing. Once we have an idea, we'll come up with a recipe, test it, tweak it if we need to, and then blog it once we're happy with the end product!


    Which summer ingredients are you the most excited for? Are there any specific spices, herbs, or produce you're loving right now?
    I am so blessed to live on a berry, rhubarb, apple, pumpkin, potato and more farm! That means that I have so many fresh and delicious things on my doorstep once summer arrives. Lucky me! Right now, I'm all about rhubarb. I just love it's unique tartness, and our rhubarb coffee cake might be my favorite cake in the world (don't tell my chocolate cake recipe that I said that!). I'm also excited for fresh herbs. Basil and mint are my two faves!

    We adore your feminine, yet rustic style. Can you tell us your go-to outfit?
    Hmm...that's a tough one! I'd have to say a chambray shirt, colored pants (likely mustard or maroon), oxfords, and my favorite leather messenger bag!

    Your blog is filled with your gorgeous adventures. While you've traveled across the globe, what are some of your favorite places to visit in your hometown?
    I live in Abbotsford, which is about an hour away from Vancouver (in British Columbia!), and it's known as "The City in the Country". Our farm is one of my favorite spots in the world, and I feel so lucky to get to live here! Other than that, I love supporting local businesses in Abbotsford, and have been so happy to see more and more pop up lately!

    To shop: Spruce Collective is hands down my favorite shop in the city. A group of local girls opened it a few years ago, and focus on vintage treasures, home decor, and dreamy clothes. They love selling locally, hand-made items, and it is the very best place to find something unique and they have an online shop!

    To eat: Bow and Stern. A new seafood restaurant that has the most gorgeous interior....and their fish tacos are the bomb!

    To drink: Oldhand Coffee. A young family just opened this shop, and it is the cutest. Carefully crafted drinks, homemade treats, and a careful attention to details, this cafe is something special.


    Is there anything at the very top of your Ruche wishlist? Can I say everything?
    If I have to choose, I would have to say the Sirmione Dress, and the June Bug Oxfords are at the top of my list! I think they'd look darling together, so I might have to get them both!

    Lastly, our motto is #LiveBeautifully. How do you live beautifully?
    I could definitely write an essay on this, so I'll try and keep it short! There are so many ways to live beautifully, from doing more of what makes you happy, dressing up in something pretty for nobody but yourself, slowing down and remembering to live in the moment... and the list goes on. At the top of my list though, is to live out each day with kindness. Doing things for others just because, and treating everyone you meet with respect are such simple things to do, and brings joy to others as well as yourself. The most beautiful people I know are the ones who are kind and encouraging and selfless!

    Quick Fire!
    Ice Cream or popsicles? Ice cream!
    Summer or winter? Summer.
    Tote or clutch? Tote.
    Sunrise or sunset? Sunset.
    Keys, wallet, phone, and....Camera!

    We hope you're just as in adoration of Kelsey as we are! Don't forget to stop by her blog for oodles of inspiration, and you can view past Ruchettes of the Month here


  • Wednesday, April 1, 2015

    Happy April, Ruchettes! We're certain you'll be smitten with this month's Ruchette of the Month. You've probably seen her around here before, and fallen in love with her charm, brilliance, and keen all for all things lovely. The talented Lauren Kelp continues to stun us with the amazing content on her website, which is brimming with fashion, lifestyle, and beauty inspiration (for a daily look, make sure to follow her on Instagram!). From tutorials to heartfelt messages and advice, this Ruchette is a true example of living beautifully. We were so excited that Lauren agreed to be our Ruchette of the Month, and we're certain you'll adore this gal just as much as we do!ROM

    How would you describe your style in 5 words?
    Ooh gosh, how about – Classic with a southwestern twist!

    With a vast knowledge of table decor and the best cocktail recipes, we're certain you're the hostess with the most-ess. What is your must-have(s) for a successful dinner party with friends?
    The best trick to have up your sleeve is to have confidence. Who cares if the roast gets burnt, order pizza instead! Your guests will pick up on your energy, so make sure it’s a good one. Other than that, a girls best friends when she is entertaining is a stellar playlist (Spotify has a great selection in their “Entertaining” section), a favorite shade of lipstick (that always helps with confidence), a couple of bottles of backup wine (always be prepared), and a recipe you know how to make. It’s tempting to try out something new on friends, but you end up being stuck in the kitchen worried about how it will turn out, rather than catching up with friends.

    We adore your style. Is there anything at the top of your Ruche wishlist?
    What’s not on my wishlist? I am a big fan of the touches of southwest in this season’s collection. That Far Off Printed shift dress is definitely calling my name!BSB0001

    You're quite the girl-on-the-go! How do you decompress from a busy week?
    Our Beauty Editor is going to laugh when she reads this, but I am a huge proponent of Epsom salt baths. There is nothing like slipping into a warm, relaxing bath (probably with a glass of wine or champagne) at the end of a long day or week. Add a few drops of essential oil (I am partial to Lavender or Geranium) and you’re transported into your own little spa.

    What is one thing LaurenKelp.com readers would be surprised to learn about you?
    Ooh, that’s a great question. So many things probably! A fun one is that I have the hardest time cooking when it’s just my husband and me. I love being in the kitchen when we are entertaining, but when it’s just the two of us, he is on deck.KgCb8GiXN9CeeQdOTauxu6n5ZfVeh8oygIojLlEAHqAssZrHb8f4zEAz3qQQjr4S4w6PyUduneBQhz6SeQFMx4

    We love that part of your mission statement of LaurenKelp.com includes that above all, you want to encourage women to be the best versions of their true selves. This aligns with our motto, which is #livebeautifully. How do you live beautifully?
    I love that motto, it is so personal and unique to everyone. I try to live beautifully by staying true to the beat of my little drum. It’s easy to get caught up in the “perfection” of blogging and start to compare your life to someone else’s, but living beautiful to me, means shaking all of that off and letting your own little freak flag fly. No matter what that looks like.

    What are you most excited for this spring?
    Warm weather! Having just moved from Arizona to Chicago in the dead of winter (who thought that was a good idea?!), I am thrilled about warm weather, patios, and outdoor entertaining. Spring is one of my absolute favorite season. I really feel like people are more inspired, more active, and want to get out and do more. I am so looking forward to all of that!KJ0004-1024x750

    You work with an amazing team to create beautiful content on LaurenKelp.com. Can you tell us a little about your creative, collaborative process?
    Thank you so much! I feel immensely lucky that I get to work with such an amazing girl gang. They are insanely creative and totally put up with my crazy, “I have this zany idea…” moments. So our creative process is a little bit unique because none of us live in the same place. We are really diligent about have editor calls (where all of us get together and collaborate) and weekly check-in’s. Truthfully, my editorial staff and I are in almost constant communication.

    What's next for you? Any exciting upcoming projects?
    Oh, yes! We’ve got some really fun things in the pipeline for this spring and summer. We just launched our newsletter and are working on some e-books on entertaining, beauty, cocktails, all things LK. It’s been a super fun project to dream up and I cannot wait to launch it.lauren-kelp

    Lastly, what do you love most about being a #Ruchette?
    I love the amazing community Ruche has built. It’s awesome to see women promoting, challenging, and championing women to be comfortable in their own skin & to live beautifully. I feel very honored to be a part of it!

    We're so excited to have Lauren Kelp join our honorary Ruchettes of the Month! To see past Ruchettes of the Month, click here, and don't forget to visit Lauren on her website here!


  • Wednesday, April 1, 2015

    With the arrival of spring, we are welcoming the month of April with open arms! Celebrate warm weather and blossoming flowers with our latest desktop calendar featuring a blush hued floral anemone design created by the amazingly talented Quinn Luu. Start the month with a fresh wallpaper for your computer! See more sizes (including mobile and tablet-friendly sizes!) and desktop wallpapers here. Read on for an interview with the talented artist and designer herself!


    We adore everything about Quinn Luu's artwork from her beautifully crafted handmade paper goods to her intricate embroidery and floral prints. This beautiful bride-to-be shares all her creations on her website. Every project she works on is meticulously made with a simplistic, feminine touch. We love her soft and simple personal style that reflects the delicacy of her artwork. We were so fortunate to learn more about Quinn, her artwork, and her creative process, and we're so happy that she created such a lovely piece of artwork just for us! 


    You currently reside in Boston, which is home to beautiful historical landmarks and intricate architecture. What are some of your favorite things to do in your lovely city?
    I love taking in all of the shops tucked away on Boston’s small streets. In just a few blocks, you can get fresh flowers from the farmer’s market, support a gamut of small shops, dine at award-winning restaurants, and then pick up a box of cannolis for the walk home. Trust me when I say that you CANNOT leave Boston without trying cannolis from Mike’s Pastry!

    How does your personal style influence your artwork?
    My personal style definitely reflects a neutral palette. I love minimalism and I’m drawn towards simple, clean pieces. I enjoy playing with more colors in my artwork, but that calm, feeling of freshness is still there.

    Do you have a favorite piece of artwork that you’ve created?
    Yes! The paper flower wall I made for my engagement party! That 7x7.5’ wall taught me that sometimes it can take a ton of time and a few (ok, like 935,356) glue burns to create something beautiful and worthwhile.quinn-luu-2

    Where do you look for inspiration when channeling your creativity? 
    Ooh, good question! I keep a list of all the fun things that I want to try to do or create. If I ever feel uninspired I just re-visit my list and get started! Next up: laser-cutting.

    Our motto here at Ruche is #LiveBeautifully. How do you live beautifully?
    #LiveBeautifully by counting my blessings everyday. I think that in the pursuit of our dreams and our happiness, it’s important to take a step back and just enjoy what we already have – just be happy. I may or may not have gotten that advice from a fortune cookie... but it’s true!

    Where can we find you when you aren’t creating swoonworthy art?
    Working at a tech company or spending time at the dog park with my pup, Hampton. 

    As a bride-to-be, how have you been putting your personal touches on your big day?
    I am so excited to be able to personalize everything from our wedding website, to place cards, to even creating our ceremony arch! The best part – it’s very collaborative. For our wedding monogram, I drew the wreath and my fiancé (who is not a designer, by the way) came up with the minimal AQ concept down to the exact placement of the wavy line. It’s a lot of fun being able to design everything, but it’s so much more special and personal when it’s a joint effort.quinn-luu-3

    We're enamored with Quinn and her works of art and her passion for creating charming works of art that are both personal and made with love. We love her ability to live beautifully through her creativity and we can't wait to see more from Quinn Luu! 


  • Saturday, March 21, 2015

    We have got quite a treat for you! Meet Aileeah Colgan. She's a singer, songwriter, producer, and all-around lovely gal. Aileeah is a musical storyteller - her passion for music and the women that inspire her make her a powerful force for good. In Aileeah's latest music video, she launched her #SheIsMyHero campaign, which is dedicated to celebrating the women who have inspired, empowered, and encouraged others. A true example of living beautifully, we were so lucky to have been a part of Aileeah's video (did you spy our Marvelous Night Dress?), and we got to know her a little better. Read on to learn more about this lovely songbird! Aileeah_01

    We love your message behind #SheIsMyHero. What was your main inspiration when writing your single “Be Like You”?
    Our studio worked on a documentary called Mary: The Wisconsin WAC — about a woman named Mary, who in 1943, enlisted in the Women’s Army Corps during WWII— at a time when the roles of women were changing in our country. She was a real trailblazer for proving what women are capable of outside the home. I started thinking about her and the countless other women in history that have paved the way for me. “Be Like You” is about honoring those ladies and inspiring the rest of us to appreciate the rights we have.

    How did you discover your passion for music?
    I don’t exactly remember where my passion for music began. I grew up in a musical family and it was just sort of ingrained from the beginning. I have a lot of memories singing in church, but I also grew up really loving musicals like The Sound of Music and Calamity Jane. I wanted to be just like Doris Day in her performance of “Windy City.” I also have always loved the work of Dolly Parton; her voice, and the fact that she actually wrote many of her hit songs.

    You look so stunning in our Marvelous Night Dress in your video for "Be Like You." How does your personal style influence your music, or the other way around?
    My personal style has a strong vintage vibe. One of my most favorite style icons is Laura Petry (Mary Tyler Moore) in her role on “The Dick Van Dyke Show.” I think I have a special appreciation for fashion from many different eras, which is the same as my inspiration for music, I love all sorts of genres from all different decades. Right now, I’m especially into Patsy Cline’s classic country and singer-songwriter Lesley Gore.

    What is your go-to outfit for a casual day at the studio?
    While in the studio writing and recording my most recent song, “Be Like You” and the rest of my upcoming EP; comfort is key. My go-to is hippie-chic— a long flowy skirt paired with a loose fitting blouse and my hair in a top knot. For me, when I’m in the studio, it’s more important to focus on my music than worry too much about my appearance.Aileeah_03

    What can we find you doing when you aren't busy creating or performing music?
    Working out, backpacking, and rock climbing. I also run and do yoga, which help clear my head and give me energy to work creatively.

    If you could collaborate on a record with any performing artist, who would it be and why?
    I would absolutely love to work with The Avett Brothers! There’s so much honesty in their lyrics, and their melodies are so beautiful —  it’s perfection!

    Where can you always find inspiration; whether it's for fashion, music, or a much-needed burst of creativity?
    I can always find inspiration while taking a hike or just enjoying nature, sunshine is always refreshing for me. I also love spending time with my family, I find a lot of encouragement for my music from my dad. He’s always reminding me to be my own person; to consider other people’s feelings but not to take too much to heart — he’s a huge supporter of my music.

    Our motto at Ruche is #LiveBeautifully. How do you live beautifully?
    I believe that living beautifully is something that starts from within. Making sure that you are caring for the people around you while also taking care of yourself. And knowing clothes shouldn't define you, but they certainly can help reflect who you are.

    Press "play" on the video below to hear "Be Like You" and watch the #SheIsMyHero campaign in action!

    Keep up with Aileeah by following her on Instagram or stopping by her Facebook. We can't wait to see more from this stunning songstress!


  • Sunday, March 1, 2015

    We absolutely love Tiffany Mitchell of Offbeat + Inspired. With every post she has inspired and charmed us by her creativity, unique style, and genuine voice. Our admiration began with her enchanting photography (which you can see almost daily on her captivating Instagram feed) and artwork and continued with the delectable and easy recipes she shares!  Her mission is to live adventurously and creatively doing what she loves and keeping in mind that she is not limited to one thing, that trying new things creates a world of opportunity. We are so excited to have this lovely lady as our Ruchette of the Month! 


    We can't get enough of the delicious (and beautiful) recipes you share on Offbeat + Inspired. What has been your favorite recipe lately?
    Thank you so much! I would have to say my favorite recipe lately is the Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls I posted most recently on the blog. They are out of this world and I’m always really excited when a recipe like that can be pulled off for my GF friends and family!

    You've expressed your love for the vintage-inspired silhouette of high waisted jeans on Offbeat + Inspired. What are some of your favorite ways to style high waisted jeans?
    I love styling high waisted jeans with a tucked, fitted tee or tank top! If it’s a little too chilly for that alone, I love to layer a shawl or open cardigan with the tucked top, just to add some long lines to the overall look. A simple trick I love too for dressing down a bit is to front-tuck the top and let it drape on the sides and in the back. The last thing I do is pair high waisted jeans with heels. If we’re going long and tall, might as well go all the way!

     What do you love most about being a Ruchette?
    I love the sweet family that Ruche has created. I’ve been following this brand for years and every interaction I’ve had with the company and with the gals who have been featured as Ruchettes has just been absolutely lovely. The adorable fashions and home goods are icing on the cake!

    Your illustrations always make us swoon. How does your personal style influence your artwork?
    Thank you so much! My personal style influences my work in every way. The girls I illustrate wear things I would wear, and their poses, expressions and props represent whatever mood I’m in while I’m creating that piece.

    What can we find you doing when you aren't blogging?Adventuring! I love traveling to new places, even if it’s a rural town I happened to pass through on a random day trip. I love exploring the little convenience stores, diners and cafes because they really speak to that community and help me understand the people that live there. A dream of mine is to do that kind of exploring all over the world!

    Spring is in full swing! What trends or styles are you a fan of this season?
    I’m loving relaxed fits and retro silhouettes. I’m all about combining high-waisted shorts/skirts with softer, more flowy tops and maillot-style swimsuits. Cannot wait for beach season!

    Based on your Instagram, we know you love to brunch just as much as we do! Do you have any favorite spots for brunch in your town of Lexington, KY?
    I do!! Table 310 has a wonderful brunch if you’re looking for something on the fancier side, but if you want to go a little more casual, Doodles is amazing and they have the best mimosas!

    Did you have any New Year's resolutions? Have you kept up with them?
    Yes! To live in the moment! That’s been a big one for me. I find so much more freedom to create and connect with people when I’m only concerning myself with what’s right in front of me. It’s been wonderful and I hope to keep it up!

    Our motto here at Ruche is #LiveBeautifully. How do you live beautifully?
    I would say I live beautifully by slowing down and seeing the beauty in the little things and the people around me. There is so much to see if I choose to stop and open my eyes to it.

    Quick Fire!
    Delicate lace or cozy knits? Cozy knits.
    Flowers or succulents? Succulents.
    Sand or snow? Sand.
    Cake or pie? Pie.
    Phone, keys, wallet, and..... Lip gloss!

    We don't know about you, but we're we adore Tiffany and her sense of adventure and love of creativity! Now we want to try some of those gluten-free cinnamon rolls! You can see more of Tiffany here, and see past Ruchettes of the Month here


  • Sunday, February 1, 2015

    Lovely Blonde Closet's Amaris always leaves us brimming with style inspiration. We first fell in love with her style when she was pregnant with her adorable daughter Addilyn. Her maternity outfits were equally chic and comfy, and we loved watching her style transition as she entered motherhood! Whether it's beautiful shots of her home (her nursery looks like something you would only see on Pinterest!) or her relaxed-yet-refined sense of style, we are so excited to have this gorgeous gal as our February Ruchette of the Month!   



    We loved watching your maternity style evolve through your pregnancy. What fashion advice to you have for those expecting?
    I would have to say to my best advice would to be to not give up your style just because you’re pregnant! I dressed how I would dress, pregnant or not - I just styled myself around my growing belly and found pieces that worked for me and made me feel good (this is important)! Often times I would just size up in clothing that was non-maternity, I know a lot of women think they need to only buy maternity, but branch out, you’ll be glad you did! I did however invest in some great maternity jeans, which for me were a lifesaver! 

    Spring is just around the corner! What styles are you looking forward to wearing when the temperatures rise?
    Lots of white! And light colors like yellow. The winter months usually get me wearing a lot of dark, more subtle colors, so I always look forward to spring and the bright colors that come with it! 

    Your little girl Addilyn grows more adorable every day! What is something that you love about being a mom?
    Oh you’re too sweet, thank you!! This is such a hard question for me! I honestly believe being a mom is the best thing I have ever experienced in my life. I just love being so depended on, so needed - for everything! You are their world, and that totally shows in how they look at you. Watching them learn, grow and discover new things is something that makes being a mom the most amazing job in the world. The baby snuggles are definitely my favorite too!

    Where does the name "Lovely Blonde Closet" come from?
    Well, funny enough - my blog name was something I had struggled with for months! I kept brainstorming and changing it and finally this one just stuck. I chose lovely for it’s meaning which is having beauty that appeals to the eye (in many forms)! The blonde is for obvious reasons (my white blonde locks), and I wanted a way of incorporating my world of fashion and love for clothes so you could say a “peek” into my closet is what I was trying to convey. And somehow it just worked. 

    We love seeing Addilyn's precious face on your blog. What are some of your favorite things to do with her?
    Aw thank you! I have been trying to incorporate her more and more! Some of our favorite things to do are going on walks (on warmer days of course). We love playing music - she has a lot of instrument toys and we almost always have music on. I also love reading with Addi, she looooves books, always has, so that is something we do a few times a day! 

    Do you have a favorite "mommy and me" style moment?
    One of my favorites would have to be when Addi and I wore our matching leopard shoes! It is so fun finding pieces that come in baby sizes too. We don’t always match, but when we do I definitely have to document it! 

    Congratulations on your recent one year blogging anniversary! What advice to you have to anyone who is thinking about starting a blog?
    Aw thank you! Some advice I would give to anyone who is thinking about starting a blog is to be just go for it! I considered starting a blog for a whole year before I actually did it, and it was because I was afraid of taking on this huge task, and had fear of failing! But I am so glad I just jumped in and did it. As long as you are being yourself, and doing what you’re passionate about, it always shows through! 

    Our motto is #LiveBeautifully. How do you live beautifully?
    I absolutely love your motto! I live beautifully by finding the good in each and every day. I find simple things and enjoy them - like a much needed cup of coffee in the morning, or Addilyn’s adorable baby toes. 

    Do you have anything that's at the top of your Ruche wishlist right now?
    Oh, another hard one!! A few items I am coveting are the Sweet Ballad Polka Dot Sweater in Beige, the Warm Embrace Fuzzy Cardigan and the Tallulah Lace Demi Wedge Booties. There is way more - but these would definitely be at the top of my wishlist. 

    Quick Fire! 
    Polka dots or plaid? Plaid
    Braids or a topknot? Topknot
    Snow or sunshine? Sunshine
    Peonies or roses? Peonies
    Phone, keys, wallet, and..... Lip gloss 

    We don't know about you, but we're swooning over Amaris' perfect style and sweet disposition! Keep up with her adventures on her blog, Lovely Blonde Closet, now! 


  • Thursday, January 1, 2015

    Happy New Year, Ruchettes! We're starting 2015 with Jordyn of The Pretty Lovely Blog, our January Ruchette of the Month. You may have seen Jordyn featured in Style Files or learned how to make a DIY holiday centerpiece on our blog before, but now is your chance to get to know this darling gal a little better. Currently residing in Washington, Jordyn balances her budding career as a florist with her adventures in her town and in her personal style. This long-locked beauty has captured our hearts with her talent and sweet and genuine voice and thirst for adventure. Follow Jordyn on her blog, and keep reading to learn more! 


    Describe your style in 3 words.
    Feminine, Rustic, Effortless

    We love seeing the gorgeous floral arrangements you create, and have even shared them on our blog before! What are a few of your favorite flowers? 

    Delicate looking flowers are most often my favorite. Peonies are at the top of the list, closely followed by my newest favorite the Café Au Lait Dahlias. They are literally the size of a dinner plate and the most gorgeous pale pink color. I got these tubers for Christmas and I can't wait to grow my own this year!

    What do you love most about being a Ruchette?

    All of the inspiration it brings! The lookbooks are always so gorgeous and they give me endless ideas for my own outfit photos. Oh! And gorgeous clothes.


    You currently reside in Washington. How has your wardrobe changed since moving into winter?

    I find myself gravitating to darker colors and definitely more layers.

    What can we find you doing when you aren't blogging?

    When I'm not blogging, you can find me looking at endless photos of bouquets and arrangements, reading flower blogs like FloretField to Vase and Philosophy Flowers and planning my own adventure in the floral community. Big plans coming for 2015!

    Do you have any New Year's resolutions?

    Arrange flowers for at least 2 more weddings than I did last year and make the huge leap to starting my own business. 2014 was a learning year for me and I feel that 2015 is going to be about putting all of the things I learned into action.

    What items are currently on your Ruche wishlist?

    I love the Fulton Skirt by Kling, paired with the Willow Creek Knit Sweater and the Wine Vineyard Buckled Booties. Such a comfy outfit!

    Does your personal style influence your floral arranging style? 
    Absolutely! I love to wear lots of layers and love textures so my arrangements have lots of different elements in them. Foliage, berries, seedpods, all sorts of different florals and even edibles (green beans and tomatoes on the vine are perfect to add in centerpieces!). It adds interest and every time you look at it you find something new.


    Our motto here at Ruche is #LiveBeautifully. How do you live beautifully?
    I live beautifully by never letting the small stuff get me down. You’ll never know what you might miss when you’re in a funk over the little things.

    Quick Fire!
    Chambray or tulle? Don’t make me choose! Can I say both?
    A glass of wine or bottle of craft beer? A glass of wine
    Beach or mountains? Mountains! No question.
    Hot cocoa or hot coffee? Hot Cocoa!
    Phone, keys, wallet, and..... Chapstick!

    We can't wait to see more from this adventurous lady in 2015. Have a wonderful January, Ruchettes!


    Are you a fashionable blogger too? Join our Blogger Family! Send your Ruche outfits to blog@shopruche.com for a chance to become featured. *Please note that all outfits must include at least one Ruche item.

  • Tuesday, December 30, 2014


    When I look back on the past year, it's hard for me to believe that everything that has happened fits into 365 short days! From watching my little Amelie grow a little more each day to watching Ruche blossom and flourish, 2014 has been a year of inspiration, progress, and joy. This year we launched our #LiveBeautifully campaign where we encourage women to embrace the little things and appreciate the small moments, along with the big ones, that make life beautiful. I can confidently say that all of us at Ruche have lived beautifully this year. We've had big moments like watching a lookbook go from an idea to a stunning reality and seeing our clothing featured in publications like Vogue, Zooey Magazine, Lucky, and more. We've shared little ones like watching Amelie's face light up during Ruche's 6th birthday celebration at the 31 Bits warehouse, and then watch her fall asleep, complete with a half-eaten cupcake in hand. She never fails to put a smile on my face. 

    One of the things that I look back on with beaming pride from the past year is our collection of lookbooks. Our recent winter lookbook, Away We Go, takes the cake as one of my favorite lookbooks. The setting of beautiful and historic San Diego brings this romantic collection to life. We always want to give our lookbooks context with a concept or story behind them, and I adore the stories we told this year. A few favorites from this year include the story of a stylish florist's busy day in spring's Flourish to a weekend getaway featuring real-life couple Kristin and Brandon Kidd in summer's Let's Get Lost. 

    Working with the Kidds was such an amazing experience. If you can believe it, they are just as adorable in person as they are in the photos from our summer lookbook!  I feel so lucky that I have the opportunity to collaborate with such talented and gracious people, and it just makes me even more excited for the new year!

    Along with our lookbooks, I also had the opportunity to create features around real-life style conundrums. Twice this year we showed Ruchettes how to create thirty outfits with just thirteen essential pieces. We also showcased a variety of outfits for a variety of workplaces and how to take your office-appropriate outfits to a night out by adding just a few pieces. Making fashion relatable and attainable is something I love doing. print_option02

    Our bridal collection launched in spring, and in addition to gorgeous vintage-inspired wedding gowns, we also included bridesmaid dresses. accessories, shoes, and even a few genuine, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. We knew that it was a success when the praise from our Ruchettes starting pouring in via email and social media, and we practically bounced off the walls when reading Refinery29's write up swooning over our affordable bridal collection.

    I always wanted Ruche to be more than just a website, so this year we've expanded our website to be even more user-friendly and filled with content. Our search now includes filtering by color, size, and price range to ensure that you find exactly what you need. I personally update our daily features calendar with the exciting new features. While I love working behind-the-scenes on a backdrop for a lookbook or making sure the styling for an upcoming feature is perfect, highlighting the products, brands, or blog posts is my favorite way of sharing the things I am excited about with the Ruche community. Instagram photos, tweets, and emails expressing excitement over their Ruche package are just a couple of ways our customers make me smile and want to work that much harder at making sure they feel at home when landing on Ruche's homepage.


    Josh and I are so proud of the progress Ruche has made and thrilled for what's to come. We hope to continue to cultivate relationships with our customers and always put Ruchettes first, along with always making Ruche a destination for both fashion and beautiful content like yummy recipes, fun DIYs, and styling inspiration. Thank you for all your support and for another amazing year filled with the most amazing moments. Best wishes to all of you in 2015!


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