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  • Friday, August 14, 2015

    We recently celebrated Ruche's 7th birthday with our biggest party yet. It was a memorable night filled with delicious food, tasty popsicles, cute clothes, live music and fun activities at our warehouse. We felt so incredibly overwhelmed by all the love and excitement shown to us that night and we couldn't be happier with the turnout. We brought along a few of our wonderfully talented friends from local businesses to help out and we definitely couldn't have pulled off this party without them. In case you weren't able to make it, here's a recap of the night:

    Photography by: Smetona Photo

    Ruchettes were all over our pop up shop. Utterly Engaged even curated a special collection just for the shop!


    Found Vintage Rentals absolutely blew our minds with the decor! The party was filled with stunning vintage furniture and amazing chambray installations.



    Each floral piece by Inessa Nichols Design was breathtaking. Inessa transformed the event into a captivating piece of art with beautiful arrangements tucked into life-sized water color installations weaved through do-it-yourself vertical wall gardens.

    Our friends  oh, hello friend. hosted a Write A Letter to Someone Special station with their adorable stationary. Owner Danni, came prepared with stamps, decorative embellishments and more! It truly was a special station for everyone. 



    Everywhere you looked you could see Letter Sparrow's beautifully handwritten calligraphy. Her work was featured on our music stage, Live Beautifully wall, and more! Everyone loved getting personal calligraphy to take home.





    Delicious appetizers & drinks were provided by Colette's Catering & Events. They were a big hit! Appetizers and drinks nearly disappeared in the blink of an eye. Colette's team kept everyone happily fed with their tasty creations. Our favorite was the herbed fig crostini with goat cheese mousse. Mmm!


    Our cocktail menu would be nothing without Wodka Vodka and Perrier. The special Ruche Mule and Lavender Lady was one of our favorites!



    Ruchettes lined up for the Braid Bar! TING Makeup & Hair transformed our Ruchette's silky locks into beautifully braided up-dos and elegant styles. 


    Our baby Ruchette Amelie, couldn't resist an adorable up-do! 


     Mom and Pop Shop showed up with delicious all natural popsicles made with only the freshest ingredients. A summer staple is the Cha Cha Cha! Must have. 



    Our neighborly friends Share & Do Good, created a special fair trade gift basket with proceeds going back to each community. We love the African Market fair trade basket, Zen Zen oven mitt, Pepper Project serving set and Sustainable Threads kitchen towel. Share & Do Good is a boutique in Downtown Fullerton aiming to curate great designs made by great causes that tell amazing stores of hope from around the world. 


    Once word spread that The Burnt Truck arrived, eager and hungry guests lined up for some mouth watering sliders. With such a huge cult following, the cheeseburger sliders and pork belly sliders completely lived up to the hype. 



    As the night went on our wall filled up with unforgettable moments captured during our party. Josh & Monica's Studio were ready to capture and print pictures using their handy Insta Party Box. 



    Alyssa Bernal kept the night going on stage with her upbeat tunes. Everyone was dancing and singing along to her single, "Wasted Love" and cover of Lordes, "Royals."

    Of course, this wouldn't have been a show without Sound & Stage by DJZ Productions.


    Ellex Bree graced us with the sweetest melodies. Her harmonious tunes made for a memorable performance.


    Our guests swooned over songstress Hayley Solano. The crowd swayed along to her mesmerizing voice and danced along to her cover of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off."




    Last but certainly not least, none of this would have been possible without our wonderful founders, Josh, Mai and Vu. Over the course of only seven years, Ruche has become every modern girl's destination for everything Fresh, Eclectic and Sophisticated.  

    Our loyal Ruchettes, vendors and community made this day truly special and we couldn't have done it without you. We are looking forward to even more celebrations with everyone soon!



    You can view our recap video here:

    See more of the fun on Instagram using hashtag #RucheTurns7!

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  • Friday, July 25, 2014

    Just in case you missed out on our spectacular birthday celebration at the 31 Bits headquarters in Costa Mesa, you can catch up on all the birthday fun with our recap video! The day was filled with flavorful cotton candy, cupcakes, champagne, cute clothes, and laughter. We couldn't have had more fun at our 6th birthday, and we couldn't have done it without our awesome sponsors and Ruchettes! Plus, how adorable is CEO Josh and CCO Mai's little girl Amelie? 

    See more of the fun on Instagram using hashtag #RucheTurns6 and see more photos here


  • Friday, July 18, 2014

    This past week marked a milestone for us - we turned six! That's six years of encouraging women to #livebeautifully, pretty frocks, cute puppies, and lots and lots of cupcakes. We feel so fortunate to do what we love each and every day here at Ruche, and we know we couldn't do it without you! The gals at 31 Bits were kind enough to allow us to host our event at their amazing headquarters. In addition to all the local Ruchettes that celebrated with us, our friends from Darling Magazine, Bon Puf, Art With Nature, Crown Bloom Co., Honeypie, and the darling Mara of M Loves M joined in on the fun. In case you weren't able to attend, here is a quick recap of the day's festivities: 

    Mara of M Loves M was looking positively glam in a maxi dress from Dear Creatures and holding a pink lemonade cupcake!

    We loved the bold flower centerpieces provided to us from Art With Nature! Not only did they complement the rest of our party decor perfectly, but aren't the hues swoonworthy?

    Our Head Stylist Sarah and Head Buyer Tambra celebrate with darling glasses of pink champagne! We loved celebrating with our Ruche family and our Ruchettes. 

    The cutest guest at our soiree was easily little Amelie. How adorable is she in her flower crown? You can see Amelie's adventures on her Instagram

    Our pop up shop was definitely a success. Our Ruchettes were so excited to purchase our styles in person! We were stocked with pretty detailed dresses, breezy tops, and pretty statement jewelry. 

    Our Creative Coordinator Orchid crafted this amazing tassel wall that functioned as a backdrop for photos! Here our Products Manager Laura, C.C.O. and Founder Mai, Baby Ruchette Amelie, Mara, and V.P. of Operations Tiffany are all smiles! 

    Here she is in action! Amelie vs. a pink lemonade cupcake (spoiler alert: Amelie won!). 

    Our festivities were filled with pretty flower crowns made by the talented Crown Bloom Co.! Her crowns were crafted with real flowers, making them all the more lush. 

    What would a Ruche celebration be without Brandon and Kristin Kidd? Here they are with the lovely Mai! The photographer husband and wife duo can also be seen in our summer lookbook, Let's Get Lost

    Our friends from Darling Magazine stopped by to enjoy the party and share their amazing publication! You can purchase their last two issues here and here

    Marketing Associate Athena, Marketing Coordinator Sam and Advertising Coordinator Maya look darling in denim, florals and 31 Bits necklaces!

    The soundtrack to our birthday was provided by the soothing sounds of Honeypie! They sang a combination of covers of our favorite songs and their original hits. We couldn't get enough! 

    Order Fulfillment Manager Jamie, Customer Service Representative Taylor and Products Assistant Brie toast another birthday for Ruche! 

    Marketing Assistant Hannah and Customer Service Representative Taylor pose for a photo outside of the amazing 31 Bits location, which actually used to be an airline hangar. 

    Cloe of Bon Puf spins her gourmet-flavored confectionery creations. We can't decide if our favorite flavor of her tasty cotton candy was pear or salted caramel... so yummy! 

    31 Bits Brand Director Jessie and Office Manager Courtney look darling in their necklaces. We're so lucky to have teamed up with them for our birthday party event!

    CCO and Founder Mai and Photogapher Stephanie Williams share a moment of birthday excitement! Mai looks stunning in a Crown Bloom Co. flower crown and 31 Bits necklace. 

    We can't thank our loyal Ruchettes and vendors enough for helping us make our birthday party the best it could be! The day was truly amazing and we are looking forward to celebrating with everyone again next year. 


    P.S. See last year's birthday blog post featuring five fun facts about Ruche! And see all our friends pictures from the event here.

  • Monday, June 9, 2014

    We adored Justina Blakeney's visages crafted out of pretty ferns and flowers as part of her #FaceTheFoliage challenge so much that we decided to join in the fun! Thanks to our Creative Coordinator, Orchid, we've been able to participate in Justina's pretty challenge with some foliage faces of our own. We loved choosing from a variety of colorful florals to create faces full of unique personality and expression. For more face the foliage inspiration, visit Justina's blog or Instagram

    We're so excited to participate in Justina's creative challenge! Which one is your favorite? And if you've created your own, we would love to see it! 


  • Saturday, May 31, 2014

    Our friend Justina Blakeney is not only an amazing mother, blogger, and designer, but she has an incredible eye for art. Using only florals and foliage, Justina has crafted beautiful and abstract faces; giving new life and potential to the blossoms we see in our front yards and walkways each day. Her intricately designed faces are stunning, and she has challenged others to create their own works of art using flowers and leaves with hashtag #facethefoliage found on her blog and Instagram where she features her favorite creations. We love this sustainable and (mostly) mess-free way to create unique works of art! 

    What do you think of Justina's floral faces? Will you be participating in the #FaceTheFoliage challenge? We would love to see your creations! 


    To all artists, if you'd like to be featured, please send your artwork to blog@shopruche.com. 

  • Tuesday, November 26, 2013

    Matt Sayles is a man of many talents but namely, a photographic genius! Editorial, celebrities, lifestyle, travel - you name it, he shoots it. Having earned degrees unrelated to photography, this jack-of-all-trades has made a name for himself in the world of photography and he has added Ruche to his repertoire! He has had the privilege to work with some of the entertainment industry's top A-listers' and now we can say that we've had the privilege to collaborate with him! Thanks to his good friend, Meg (a self-declared fashion neuroscientist blogger), of course!

    Wanting to expand his fashion portfolio, Matt turned to his long-time friend for styling advice. Together they took some of our timeless pieces and created an unfading style for his photos. 

    We love how she paired our Never Settle Blouse, with our Golden Hour Pencil Skirt - perfect for a day-to-night outfit (above left)! For a more polished look, with dainty details, try coupling our Chennai Embellished Blouse and Padstow Cropped Pants In Wine (above and below right).

    Accessories are the perfect way to spice up an outfit, like our Chateau Rouge Cloche Hat (above left and below) with a flirty dress!

    For a feminine, classic look - our Lead The Way Colorblocked Blouse and Moment To Shine Metallic Detail Skirt pair beautifully together.

    We are so honored to have been featured in such a beautiful shoot done by these two amazingly talented friends! Thanks again, Matt and Meg! We can't wait to see what you guys collaborate on next!


    Credits: Photography: Matt Sayles, Makeup: Barbara Yniquez, Stylist: Meg, of Across the Pond, Model: Megan Abrigo (LA models)

  • Thursday, November 7, 2013

    Does this gorgeous horse look familiar? We first worked with Avalon, an eight year-old statuesque Shire Mare, last year for our Fall 2012 lookbook Kindred Spirits! Even though it was her first fashion shoot, she was a natural in front of the camera. Apparently, Shires are generally scared to death of cows, but for some reason, Avalon loves them! During last year's photo shoot, the model was sitting on her and sighed, “Not the cowwwwssss!” and tried to pull her head back into the frame over and over again, but Avalon kept fearlessly searching for them. Even Jennifer, her trainer, remarked, “I think she had a great time!” Here are some of our favorite images from last year's lookbook, Kindred Spirits.

    We knew Avalon would be a stunning addition to our Winter lookbook and flawlessly capture the frosty beauty of the winter season. Avalon was adopted by Jennifer Hinojosa when she was 3 years old. Avalon was born on June 23rd and weighs close to 1800 pounds! She became a show horse and took the 2011 Shire National Championship Under Saddle and has been in many parades, including the Rose Parade. Here is a snapshot of Avalon competing (look at the concentration in her eyes!).

    In addition to loving cows, Avalon licks people! She also loves when people smoosh her nose and she’ll randomly hop like a bunny on all fours. Her beautiful white coat and sweet disposition were simply irresistible to everyone involved with the shoot. Avalon was such a pleasure to work with, even our photographer, Brandon Kidd, fell in love with her:

    "Avalon, our horse model was gorgeous and so great to work with. I love horses and wouldn't mind working with them more often then I do. They are such beautiful creatures and are so sweet. Like any animal though they can be difficult to photograph. Especially since they are so large and can be hard to control.  There were a few circumstances when we were trying to get Avalon situated with Zuzanna on her back and Avalon wouldn't stay still. Avalon definitely gave Zuzanna a few more rides through the forest and tree branches then I think she wanted but overall she was really good! Luckily we had Avalon's amazing trainer with us during the shoot to help direct and guide her where we needed which helped out immensely!
    -- Brandon Kidd, Photographer

    Avalon's winter white coat and natural beauty made our Snow White inspired lookbook truly appear like images out of a fairy tale. Even though the sun was peeking through the bare branches of the trees, Avalon helped us evoke the winter setting that we desired for this shoot. We are so lucky to have had her enhance our lookbook for the second year in a row! Jennifer, Avalon's trainer, had this to say about this lovely horse:

    “She is by far one of the calmest young horses I’ve ever had the privilege to raise. She says ‘yes’ to anything and will try anything. She really is an awesome horse.”

    -- Jennifer, Trainer

    Aw! We hope they live happily ever after.


  • Thursday, February 28, 2013

    We all know how precious wedding photos are, so what happens when photos don't turn out as planned or when someone doesn't have the opportunity to capture the big day? We recently partnered with Daniel, of Snapmotive, to help launch The Dream Project and fix those photo mishaps. Here's what Daniel has to say:


    Naturally, as a photographer, when I hear stories of wedding photography gone wrong, my heart breaks for my married friends. So with this new project, I’m helping a select few relive their “bridehood.” There is no money or contracts involved here. This is simply helping people recoup what little they can from a missed opportunity and making them feel special.


    What we have assembled is a “Dream Team” of professionals who have graciously agreed to donate their time and resources to bless couples we love.


    To help start his project, we provided the wardrobe for Daniel's first "Dream Project" photo shoot, featuring this too-adorable couple, Ryan and Louise.

    pictured above: Adele Coat by Pink Martini and I Love You Card by Rifle Paper Co.


    Their story: She's from Sweden. He's from America. In 2009, they met during her three-month internship in the states and fell head over heels. When it was time for her to leave, they agreed to continue dating long-distance. About a year after they met, Louise came back to visit Ryan in California and he proposed. After much back and forth discussion, they agreed to marry in Sweden. In May 2011, Ryan spent three weeks in Sweden, they had a small wedding with her family, and then four days later, they parted ways again.

    They spent months apart, waiting for their visa to be approved. As their one year anniversary approached, Louise flew back to California for a month and soon enough, she was packing her bags to permanently stay in the states with Ryan.


    Louise reflects:

    That was one year of being apart as married, and three years of maintaining a long-distance relationship halfway across the globe. It was a tough season in our lives, but just like Cheryl Cole sings, “If it’s worth having, it’s worth fighting for.”

    Ryan and Louise have a remarkable love story, and we're so happy we were able to work with Daniel (Snapmotive) and contribute to a shoot they deserve!


    If you are involved in the wedding industry and would like to join Daniel's "Dream Team", contact him at dan@snapmotive.com for details.



    Don't forget to browse our bridal Pinterest account too for even more wedding inspiration!

  • Monday, April 23, 2012

    When did your love for photography begin?
    I’ve always been artistic ever since I was a child…always painting, drawing, daydreaming, etc. I fell in love with photography in high school though when I inherited my grandpa’s super old 35mm camera.

    How do you describe your artistic aesthetic?
    My work has been described as hopelessly romantic, timeless, and whimsical…I’m drawn to images where you just want to dive right in and live in that moment…

    What is a typical day like for you?
    My days are never the same and I wouldn’t have it any other way….one day I’ll be in the office editing and answering e-mails, the next on my way to a shoot, in meetings, creating inspiration boards, traveling, or location scouting. Location scouting and shooting are two aspects that I love about this job…there’s this giddy excitement that comes with discovering a new spot that inspires me and then seeing my vision come to life.

    What do you love most about being a husband and wife team?
    I get to be with my best friend and sweetheart all day long…simple as that! We’ve always been rather inseparable since we met in high school, and we both love the creative process. For the past 6 months, Isaac has been unable to work because of a stroke caused by a brain tumor. It was utterly devastating, but he’s fighting his way back through rehabilitation and still goes to every shoot with me. You can read more about his story at: http://www.giveforward.com/helphealisaac

    Do you have a specific work space? What does it look like?
    Well, we work from home; so one room is designated for our office. We have two computers on either side of the office for my husband and myself, a giant window to gaze out into the backyard, and an enormous “to do list” chalkboard. It’s filled with inspiring photographic books, magazines, and drawings from my favorite illustrator as well as all the usual, but necessary boring office stuff. ;)  It alternates from looking like a tornado hit it (my doing) to looking neatly organized (Isaac’s doing)

    Which photos from To Have & To Hold are your favorites?
    Hmm, that’s a tough question…I love so many! The cover shot is one of my favorites along with the ones with live animals, we had ponies, a kitten, and butterfly for this one – live animals always make the shoot more interesting! The butterfly was pure happenstance! I also love several shots from the studio shoot, especially the ones that feature some of the gorgeous hats Ruche found for the bridal line.

    Any behind-the-scenes lookbook moments you'd like to share?
    We had so many scenes planned out on the grounds of the Kimberly Mansion…the weather, however, had made other plans. It rained half the day and was freezing cold! I literally had little icicles forming in my hair by the end of the day. But, like any amazing team, we all adapted to the situation and made the best of it!

    Thank you, Stephanie! Stop by her website for more breathtaking photographs and see her wedding day photography tips too!


  • Monday, October 10, 2011

    Just a little update: Ruche continues to be thankful for our friends and photographers, Stephanie Williams and Isaac Hurtado. As you may recall, Isaac became paralyzed after a critical surgery. We're happy to announce that Isaac's pain is starting to reside and he should be transferred out of ICU soon. He still has a long road to recovery, but there is a lot of hope and love in the air as Isaac remains his cheerful self. Thank you, everyone, for your incredible support! While we continue with Steph and Isaac on the road to recovery, we're happy to introduce our newest photographer and talent behind our fall lookbook, Brandon Kidd.

    Ruche: How did you start out in photography and why did you choose this path?
    BK: I always loved photography and appreciated good photographs at a young age. So much so that my parents actually bought me my first 35mm at the age of 13 for a Christmas present one year. I loved it so much that I brought it with me everywhere I went. Constantly documenting people, places and life as it happens, I suppose some things never change. Its hard to call photography my career because I would realistically do it for free. (shhhh dont tell my clients) But I know that because I love it as much, if not more then the day I started, that it is a path I know I was meant to be on.  It allows me to express a thought or a vision, the opportunity to tell a story and the ability to create art. I dont think you can create a better job if you tried. I thank Jesus everyday for the opportunity to do what I love and giving me the desires of my heart in this capacity.
     Ruche: What do you think is the most important aspect of getting a great picture? Lighting? Composition? Model?
    BK: We offer a wide variety of photography services from portraits to fashion to commercial. There are so many things that go into making up a good picture. But I think in order to capture a truly great image you need to think about the end product first. What story are you trying to tell and focus on the key elements that are going to convey that message. Of course composition and lighting are important elements but they are nothing without feelings or emotions.
    Ruche: What do you love most about wedding photography or photography in general?
    BK: One of the reasons I love photography so much is to have the ability to document and tell stories visually through creating artistic images. I also love seeing new places, meeting new people and capturing all the different stories that are out there in this world! Whether that be of two lives coming together on a wedding day or of a story line for a fashion shoot! It never gets old to me!
    Ruche: Who are your favorite photographers/who's work do you follow? Do you read photography blogs, forums or websites? Which ones?
    BK: When I have time the list of photographers and blogs I read for inspiration goes on and on. Every personal has a unique and special gift about them that I find encouraging, motivating and inspirational. I try not to spend too much time comparing my work to others but rather focusing on what I do and bettering the way I tell each of my clients stories.
    See more of Brandon's work here: Brandon Kidd Photography



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