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  • Thursday, October 16, 2014
    September was an awesome month for the The Vintage Whites Market gals. Not only did they have an amazing market, but the darling duo were our Ruchettes of the Month! This was our first time having two Ruchettes of the Month, and we are so happy it was Vanessa and Jana! These two are taking the world by storm with their incredible market that travels across multiple states and features some amazing vendors. During their event, we co-hosted a soiree to celebrate, and we must say, these pictures are extra Pinterest-worthy! Read on for Jana's details of the event, as well as more information about The Vintage Whites Market!
    Hello Ruchettes! 
    Vanessa and I were so honored to be your Ruchettes of the Month last month!! We had so much going on in September! Right before our September market, we co-hosted a beautiful tailgate soiree with Ruche and Beargrass Gardens! I could go on and on about it, but I'll let the photos do the talking. You might want to get a drool bucket...just in case! The party wouldn't have been as beautiful without the venue. The Conrad Mansion in Kalispell, Montana hosted us...and as you can see, it's STUNNING. We were surrounded by flowers and immaculately maintained trees and lawns. If you're anywhere near the Kalispell area, you NEED to stop in! They offer tours as well as venue rental for events.  You can see more photos on their Facebook!
    Kelli Trontel and Jeremiah + Rachel Spray took the most enchanting photos of our night!! You know how usually photos just don't do it justice? Well, these do!! The only thing missing from the photos are the fun conversations we had that evening. Beargrass Gardens, a floral artist in Whitefish, Montana, hosted a DIY flower crown bar that was just insanely beautiful and inspiring! I wish I could have a new crown every day!  
    What do you think? Should we hold more of these events? Where should we hold them? Would you come? We'd love to meet you! 
    -- Jana, Vintage Whites Market
    Upcoming Events:
    November 8th Christmas Market - Kalispell, Montana fairgrounds
    January 10th - Loveland, CO - 1st National Bank Building at The Ranch Events Complex
    March 14th - Salt Lake City, UT - Grand Building at the Utah State Fairpark
    What a stunning soiree! If you want more information about The Vintage Whites Market, stop by their Facebook page, keep up with the behind-the-scenes on Instagram @vintagewhites, and for a further look at the party (with video!) follow on Steller @vintagewhites! 

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  • Tuesday, September 2, 2014

    With the arrival of the month of September, comes the arrival of a very special edition of our Ruchette of the Month series. This month we have not only one Ruchette of the Month, but two! The lovely ladies of the Vintage Whites Market, Jana and Vanessa, are quite the dynamic duo.  These best friends have spent the last five years creating an amazing community where vendors and vintage lovers alike can spend a weekend finding antique treasures, listening to live music, eating, and more! Learn more about these business-savvy beauties, and if you're a Montana local, don't forget to stop by the market this weekend - all the details are on their event Facebook page. 

    How would you describe your style?
    I've been asking myself the same question lately! I think I would have to say it's comfortable first and foremost. If it's not, I won't wear it -- no matter how cute it is! It's gotta be fun, relaxed, casual, and cute! I love mixing in vintage pieces where I can, and can't pass up a vintage dress with a great shape! I think my ideal outfit is a pair of comfy skinny jeans, a flowy tank or tee, and a cardigan with flats or heels depending on where I'm going. 
    Feminine and casual. As a mom of 3 little ones skirts and heels are not very practical anymore. But give me lace, floral or polka dots any day!

    You can't leave the house without ....
    My phone! I know that sounds like I can't put it down for five seconds, but I use it as my camera! I'm always sending Vanessa pictures of fun treasures I find or clothes that I need her approval on.
    My scarf. I don't wear jewelry or carry a purse so my outfits are pretty boring without at least a scarf. 

    Can you explain what the Vintage Whites Market is for our fans who aren't familiar?
    Imagine all your favorite vintage shops and flea markets and boutiques all in one place for one day! We gather over 80 of the best vendors from all over the US for a REALLY fun one-day market. They sell vintage, antiques, and vintage-inspired repurposed and handmade merchandise. We have food, live music, classes, demonstrations, fresh cut flowers by the stem, activities for kids, a fashion show, and a few other surprises that vary from market to market. We host the markets in Kalispell, Montana (summertime and Christmas), Loveland, Colorado (in the winter), and Salt Lake City, Utah (in the spring)!

    Have you gals always had a love for all things vintage? When did the phase start for you two?
    I was raised on vintage. My mom had me at garage sales and antiques stores when I was just a few weeks old, and the bug just caught on!
    Since I began my teen years I wanted an room completely white. I liked a lot of Victorian style pieces. As the years went on my taste for chippiness and patina grew little by little. 

    What can we find you doing on the weekend?
    Shopping garage sales or antique stores, catching up on my favorite TV shows, playing in the mountains, or taking a long drive to someplace we haven't been!
    What's a weekend??? 

    Quick Fire:
    Spring or fall? Jana: FALL!     Vanessa: Fall
    Flats or heels? Jana: Flats! Even though my 5'2'' frame should wear heels.     Vanessa: Now-a-days...flats!
    Dressed up or laid back? Jana: A mix of both!     Vanessa: Laid back.
    Cats or dogs? Jana: Dogs! A big fluffy black lab, please.     Vanessa: Dogs...if they aren't the little squealy kind.

    And last but not least, what do you love most about being a Ruchette?
    Ruche is SO inspiring! I love getting ideas on how to style my wardrobe from the lookbooks, AND it's affordable!!
    Being apart of a group of lovely people and my most favorite company!

    We're so excited to have two Ruchettes participate in September's Ruchette of the Month, especially the amazing Jana and Vanessa. Don't forget to follow along with these darling gals when they take over our Instagram this weekend at their Vintage Whites Market! 


    *Photography by Jeremy and Alicia Brown Photography and Kelli Trontel Photography

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