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  • Friday, November 1, 2013

    With each passing day, the skies grow deeper shades of grey and the sidewalks are covered with scattered leaves as we move towards the winter season. Our usual sweaters and cardigans begin to shift from lightweight fabrics to heavier knits and our casual sandals and flats start to be traded for lace up oxfords and ankle booties. Along with crafting perfect cups of cocoa, colder temperatures mean more opportunities for layering our favorite cold weather accessories like knit scarves and beanies. Here are a few stunning Ruchettes showing off their fall style essentials!

    Melina of The Caffeinated Closet stuns in our lace beige cardigan! Her ensemble composed of all neutral pieces keeps this fall look both effortless and stylish. We adore her dainty earrings and necklace which compliment the feminine floral knit of her cardigan perfectly! 

    Kelly of Wears Kelly looks ready for a fall soiree in our Modern Darling Printed Dress and cut out pumps. The fit and flare silhouette and geometric print give this charming dress a distinctly mod style that can add vintage flair to any wardrobe. We love that Kelly kept her accessories neutral and added a pop of color with her lipstick!

    Cassidy of Things Like Skeleton Keys shows off her maternity style in this stunning high-low dress. The artistic rendering of leaves along with the jewel-toned hues of the skirt masterfully evoke the spirit of the harvest season. The varying red hues Cassidy's red lips, nails, and hair add to her sophisticated fall style.

    Tieka of Selective Potential displays her charming rustic style in our On the Trail top. She effortlessly mixes two of our favorite fall patters, polka dot and plaid, and adds an unexpected pop of color in her wedge shoes. The barn provides the perfect fall background to this simply stylish outfit!

    Signe of Signeroo shows how easy it is to add autumnal style to any outfit by adding a knit or patterned scarf! Looking casual yet refined, our open grey cardigan adds to her cozy fall ensemble. Now, if only we could master Signe's braided hairstyle!The change in season is in full swing and we are so excited to display our favorite fall essentials. Whether you're spending a rainy afternoon inside or dusting off your creative writing skills with composing an ode (read ours here!), autumn is just as much about reinventing your style as it is about engaging in fun seasonal activities! 


    Are you a fashion blogger interested in Ruche? Send your outfits featuring your favorite Ruche frock to blog@shopruche.com for a chance to become featured. *Please note that all outfits must include at least one Ruche item.

  • Wednesday, January 9, 2013

    Our previous Ruchettes of the Month, Maggie and Cassidy, always impress us. Take a look at a few more of their outfits -- we swoon!

    Maggie, of Lifesize Paperdoll (and our December Ruchette of the Month), looks cute in our mint top and tan bow blouse. Click here for more of her Ruchette outfits.

    Cassidy, our October Ruchette of the Month and blogger of Things Like Skeleton Keys, masters vintage-inspired style in our yellow turtleneck and BB Dakota dress. Love her style too? See more here!


  • Friday, November 30, 2012

    Cassidy, from Things Like Skeleton Keys, was inspired by one of our fall layering outfits and recreated the look from head to toe! Along with a few Ruche pieces, Cassidy thrifted items to complete her chic and cozy outfit.   

    Shop the original look in our Fall Layering feature here! Also, you MUST see Cassidy's previous Ruche Family Blogger posts and her Ruchette of the Month feature! She's truly a style inspiration. ♥




    If you have Ruchette outfits that you would like to share with us too, send your photos to us - we would love to feature you!

  • Wednesday, October 24, 2012

    Cassidy, our October Ruchette of the Month, is the lovely lady of Things Like Skeleton Keys. We simply swoon over her remix-styling with this floral skirt, which is featured in our Summer Lookbook and our Fall Lookbook (an essential piece for both seasons!). She wears our lace top with a cute pink belt for a casually chic outfit and transitions it to a sophisticated evening outfit with classic black heels. Paired with vibrant flats, Cassidy creates another cute outfit with the perfect touch of color.

    Take a look at how Cassidy perfects high-waisted skirts too. Paired with fall staples (colored tights, versatile button-up blouses, and affordable fall boots), she creates a casually fashionable look. Paired with our navy blouse (one of our favorite fall colors), black heels, and an essential handbag, she creates an effortlessly polished day to night outfit.


    Want to see more styling inspiration? Caitlin, of Once Upon A Wife Life, knows exactly how to create stylish Ruchette outfits! She wears our Tuscan Sun outfit and pairs it with our Poetic License flats. Simply by adding tights, she effortlessly transitions the summer outfit to fall. Adore her vintage inspired dress? Find something similar in our cute dresses collection!

    When it comes to wearing bright summer colors during the fall, Caitlin is your go-to inspiration. She wears our teal lace dress with cozy layers and our coral dress with essential layering pieces for the perfect outfit. She definitely knows how to combine fashion and warmth into her outfits!

    Be sure to follow Cassidy and Caitlin on our blog! We're positive that their Ruchette outfits will always be apart of our favorites and we'll be seeing more of them here. If you have Ruchette outfits that you would like to share with us too, send your photos to us! ♥





  • Tuesday, October 2, 2012

    Meet Cassidy, our October Ruchette of the Month! Her unique style and sweet demeanor have us loving every one of her blog posts and adorable outfits! She took the time to answer a few of our questions, so read on to learn more about this darling Ruchette!

    When did you start blogging? What made you want to start a blog? 
    I began blogging in the Fall of 2011, after my son was born.  With a new baby and a new old house, I felt as if I was going through a personal renaissance of motherhood, homemaking, and adapting to my new life in a new town.  I wanted to share those experiences with my loved ones in a blog in hopes they would read to still feel close and up to date with our family when we live far away.  It began with small DIY's and photo-journaling, and then I began exploring fashion blogging and even sharing my work as a photographer.

    We love the way you decorated your niece's nursery. Do you have a background in interior design?
    Thank you!  I wanted to be just that when I was growing up, and have always taken design of my personal space very seriously since I could arrange my toys "just so" on my bed. While pregnant with my son I emerged myself in home magazines and HGTV, it was my pregnancy obsession.  I learned so much from watching my favorite designers, like Genevieve Gorder, and I used their teachings along with my own imagination to make a vision come to life! 

    What are some important tips for thrift store shopping?
    1. Have something specific in mind you are hunting. For example, remember that lovely peter pan collar dress you saw online?  Try to find its closest replica at a thrift store! 

    2.  Look for textures that stand out.  Textured items were probably quite pricey when they first were bought and well made, so they would be good investment pieces to add to your wardrobe for cheap

    3. Don't pass something up that is wrinkled or stained or the wrong color.   You can iron it, ritt dye it, send it to the cleaners, or cover up that little stain with a flower clip. 

    4.  Check our the baby and kids section.  Babies grow so fast that their nice clothes are hardly ever worn and most of the time appear to be brand new!  

    5. Look for vintage styles that are making a comeback and for classic closet staples.  Example: silky blouses, pencil skirts, slips, cap toe heels, and rompers! 

    Has becoming a mom changed you at all? What have you learned from motherood?
    Motherhood changed my life forever.  Pregnancy was difficult, I don't think I glowed once. After he was born the glow came, and will forever be! He brings us so much happiness through his sweet spirit.  He comes first, and it has taught me patience and to be stronger than I ever thought I could be.  I want to be good example to my son, and to our baby on the way, so I'm always striving to be a better person and to learn something new everyday so I can teach them as they grow.  It was motherhood that brought me this level of joy I never knew could exist!  

    Describe your favorite outfit.
    A fit and flair dress, t strap wedges, a vintage inspired sun hat, and an antique locket.  

    Would you rather wear a dress or an outfits with pants?

    A dress!  It is easy to style, more comfy than pants (to me) and I am a girly girl.  I'm envious of the beautiful day dresses and hats the women wore everyday in the past.  

    Who is your style inspiration?
    As a child, every Disney princess.  When I was in the 5th grade it was Cher from Clueless.  In 8th it was Alanis Moorisette.  In high school it was the dark ages.  And in college it was Rachel McAdams in the Notebook.  Now, I think my style is somehow a combination what I loved about each of  those ladies style.  

    What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Any hobbies? 
    In my spare time I love going to antique stores.  It's like treasure hunting.  I slowly walk through every isle, I have to see everything on every shelf! 

    Name three things you never leave the house without.
    Blush, a sun hat, and a pendant necklace.

    Why do you love being a Ruchette?
    I love being a Ruchette because I feel that it's Ruche's pieces that make my outfits feel extra special. When you go to the Ruche site, it welcomes you in with warmth and charm, and as you scroll through the pages of lovely items, update your wishlist, or excitingly await for the next batch of new arrivals or the next swoon worthy lookbook, you are so happy you have this delightful shop at your fingertips.  I love being a Ruchette because it's always there for me, with style advice, blog posts that are always inspiring, and such attention to detail.  Also, the compliments I get on my Ruche purchases will never get old!

    -- Cassidy of Things Like Skeleton Keys

    See all of Cassidy's Blogger Family posts here!


    Have you styled any Ruche pieces lately? If so, we would love to see your outfits! For your chance to be featured on our blog and to become the next Ruchette, all you have to do is email your photos to blog@shopruche.com.


  • Thursday, September 27, 2012

    With the first chill of Fall in the air, it's time we began riffling into the depths of our closets, pulling out the boots we've missed strutting down the street in, the thick sweaters we can't wait to cuddle with and the scarves that dress up any outfit. While excited for the Fall season, with its changing colors, pumpkin patches and holidays, it takes some work transitioning our wardrobe from one season to the next. Taking cues from some of our favorite bloggers, the fashionistas featured below give us a peek into their casual fall styles.

    Cassidy, from Things Like Skeleton Keys, always looks effortlessly fashionable!  In her first look, she paired our lace and tulle dress with merlot colored heels that would be perfect for a date night.  In her more casual looks, she wore our striped pencil skirt, and multi colored chiffon skirt with her best accessory being her adorable son Cohen.

    Melina, from the Caffeinated Closet, pulls off a consistent green and black combination, wearing our striped mint top and button up blouse in her first look. To transition this outfit to cooler weather, she adds black knitted tights and brown boots making this outfit  perfect for running errands or meeting up with friends.

    Tieka, from Selective Potential, paired our brown wedges perfectly with a fall printed dress and simple belt.  Not only is her outfit beautiful, but so is the natural backdrop she is posing in front of.

    Our buyer and stylist, Mara, looks ready for a fun trip in our emerald top and frilly polka dot skirt. With a statement necklace, peep toe heels and vintage-inspired sun glasses, this outfits is a perfect blend of vintage shapes made modern with unique prints.

    Rebekah, from Verdant Bents, added a lacy skirt under our blue and yellow dress to add some length and volume! Love this look? You can create the same look with our slipdress! We also love how she belted the dress and added a cardigan to her outfit.




  • Thursday, September 6, 2012

    I adore the way Ruche's items are packaged and since I couldn't bring myself to throw the pretty paper away, I decided to re purpose it!


    Necessity being the mother of invention I found myself the other day with a gift that needed to be wrapped and I was out of wrapping paper.  I remembered the paper packages from Ruche I had been collecting and decided to decoupage the paper onto the small cardboard box.  The end result was a one of a kind wrapping paper that is all most a shame to tear open!  I'm glad I took pictures so the pretty package can have an immortal digital life long after it gets torn to shreds by the birthday girl. :)


    Need:  After taping the box you want to use close, you'll just need clear glue, scissors, and a paintbrush


    1. Order lots of pretty jewelry from Ruche and collect the paper bags. I used 3 small ones.


    2. Cut off bottom of package where it is folded over.


    3. Gently tear open at the middle seam until its completely separated.


    4. Use paintbrush to spread glue evenly to cover one side of the box.


    5. Quickly smooth the package paper over the package, covering the box and strategically as you can.


    6. Continue until all sides are covered with paper, and let dry overnight.


    7. After its dry, add embellishments and attach your card, and you are ready to deliver it!


    8. So pretty, and a great way to recycle the pretty paper.



     --Cassidy, from Things Like Skeleton Keys

  • Friday, August 3, 2012

    Mint is one of the trendiest colors right now and our customers can't seem to get enough of it.  We are absolutely smitten with this gorgeous pastel color!

    Cassidy, from Things Like Skeleton Keys, dressed almost head to toe in Ruche for a nice relaxing Sunday.  From her dress to her necklace and shoes, her outfit is a delightful combination of sophistication and fun!

    Cassidy said, "Sunday's are my favorite days because mine are spent with relaxing, spending time with family, and enjoying the simple pleasures of life, like sipping chocolate milk in the morning, swooning over style blogs, and plenty of laughter and playing with my husband and our son.  My Sunday's begin with my little family getting dressed in our Sunday best and that sets the tone for the rest of the day.  If it's a really special Sunday, I will get the chance to go on a afternoon stroll with my little boy.  I love the ritual of strolling him around our historical town so he can "ohhh and ahhh" over the birds, clouds, and wave at the cars that drive by.  It makes me reminiscent of a time gone by, where mothers would push their babies in their chic vintage strollers on a walk through town, always dressed in their Sunday's best!"

    Jamie, from Forever81, paired our Pleated Maxi Skirt with pops of bright pink, a lace top and a denim jacket.  This combination of mint and pink makes her summer outfit bright and cheerful!

    Jamie said, "all summer I had been on a quest for the perfect maxi skirt, the qualifications for which were: 1. pleated; 2. pastel; 3. affordable. And well, I think I finally found it.  You'd think because pleated pastel-colored maxi skirts were in style this summer that it wouldn't have been hard to find one, but it was that third qualification that I was hung up on!  That's why I was so happy to find this little number from Ruche.  And not only is it pastel, it's my favorite of all the pastels, mint."

    What Ruche pieces have you been styling lately?  We'd love to see your outfits!  


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