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  • Saturday, June 21, 2014

    We love spending time getting in touch with our creativity, so we've crafted some fun writing prompts to spark your imagination while writing in your journal. These travel-themed prompts are a perfect way to spend a couple hours getting in touch with your inner storyteller! 

    1. You’re riding your red moped down the colorful streets of Spain when all of a sudden you’re stopped by a woman in a large yellow sun hat. She gives you a large package with an address stamped on it and asks you to deliver it, what happens as you embark on this random mission when you’re supposed to be on vacation?

    2. This last week you bought a new pair of wonderful mint shoes and you recently discovered that if you take five steps forward while thinking of a particular destination you and whatever you’re holding is transported to that particular region. Write about the various places you visit and perhaps about a moment of panic when you misplace the shoes or if possibly someone discovered the secret of your treasured mint shoes.

    3. If you could eat your way across one country, which country would you choose? Write about the different chefs you meet as you go from restaurant to restaurant. Do you have to scavenge far and wide for a particular dish or do you go wherever your stomach leads you?

    4. Freewrite in the voice of an adrenaline seeker - everything you do you do seeking the rush and excitement of it all. Make sure you focus on keeping this tone throughout your entire writing!

    5. Imagine you and your best friend decide to go on a road trip across America, what crazy situations do you two find yourself in? Try to focus on surprising your audience with each new situation--make them all as different as possible.

    Photography from Brandon Kidd

    We can't wait to grab a pen and get lost while writing about travel and adventure. Which writing prompt did you choose? We would love to hear what you decide to write about; and don't forget to check out our past writing prompts for even more inspiration! 


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  • Friday, June 20, 2014

    Come summertime, one thing we look forward to is spending time seaside. A day on the coast can mean strolling on a boardwalk, a ride on the pier Ferris wheel, or swimming alongside foaming waves in a cute retro-inspired swimsuit. No matter the occasion, a day on the beach can be as exciting or relaxing as you desire! Here are a few of our favorite California beaches to explore.  

    Pismo Beach: This beach located in southern San Luis Obispo county is perfect for the nature-loving beach goer. With a variety of hiking, surfing, and fishing options, Pismo beach offers a variety of activities for all levels of experience. This dog friendly area features a 1200 ft pier that reaches far into the water, and along with an award-winning boardwalk- Pismo Beach is a stunning beach getaway!

    Newport Beach and Balboa Island: If you're on the hunt for sand and sun, Newport offers many beaches perfect for lounging or diving in to the waves. In addition, Newport also contains Balboa Island, which is a short ferry ride across the harbor. Balboa features arcades, a Ferris wheel, a variety of dining options, and is perfect for a charming day date or if you're in the mood for some family fun. Don't forget to try one of their famous frozen bananas!

    Seal Beach: This lazy beach area features a pier dotted with fisherman and beach goers along with a variety of restaurants and shops just a few steps from the shore. This area boasts a very relaxing atmosphere and is often not as crowded as many of the other Southern California beaches. Before you head seaside, be sure to grab an iced coffee from one of the many cafes nearby.

    Pfeiffer Beach- Big Sur: This gem located in Big Sur is not always easy to find, but for those who do, it is a stunning vision. On this dog-friendly remote beach, you can find purple hued sand and a variety of gorgeous rock formations. Located on the beach is Keyhole Rock, which allows light to trickle through it's "keyhole" at sunrise and sunset, is a majestic sight to see.

    Catalina Island: Just a quick ferry ride off many points of California's coast, Catalina Island makes a wonderful day trip or weekend getaway. Here you can find a variety of activities like kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, horseback riding, and many hiking trails. In addition, the island also hosts galleries, restaurants, and a myriad of shops. There is so much to do on this tiny island- we recommend snorkeling to catch a glimpse of the abundance of bright orange Garibaldi fish. 

    Moonstone Beach, Cambria: We can't decide what we love more about Moonstone Beach- the beautiful walkway that parallels the beach or the plethora of pretty moonstones that can be found on the beach! This pebbly shore can be found in the quaint town of Cambira, and is a short way from wine tasting and a visit to the famed Hearst Castle.

    Santa Monica Beach and Harbor: If you're looking for a day of sea, sand, and fun, Santa Monica is the place to be. Sporting a beach filled with white sand and bright blue waters, Santa Monica beach is also known for its boardwalk filled with everything from roller coasters to carnival games and arcade with a perfect view of the ocean. Kids and adults alike will have an amazing time. If you're in the northern part of the state, the Santa Cruz boardwalk is a must-see!

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    These are just a few of our favorite California beaches. From secluded shores to busy boardwalks complete with Ferris wheels, each of these beaches has something for everyone! Do you have a favorite beach that we left out? Let us know! 


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  • Thursday, June 12, 2014

    Nothing quite compares to the sounds of happily chirping birds along with the careful breeze making its way through tall branches. Spending time away from the everyday hustle and bustle can be incredibly refreshing, but packing and planning meals can be a challenge when you're miles from civilization (aka: Whole Foods and Starbucks!). We found a few tricks and recipes to make your wilderness getaway meals taste like they were made right at home!  

    A creative way to pack meals when camping is in mason jars! The versatile and compact jars are amazing for hosting salads. Perfect for when you're prepping ahead, a mason jar salad can host a variety of vegetables and protein essential for a trip in the wilderness. No matter your fixings, make sure you put your dressing of choice in first to ensure your greens stay fresh and crispy! 

    When you're considering your options for a campfire dinner, pizza typically isn't the first thing that comes to mind. The easily customizable and quick cooking time makes this dish perfect for eating under the stars. Made on a pan or stone placed on a camping stove or grill placed above a fire pit, this delightfully flavorful dish is satisfying after a long hike. There are many ways to craft a pizza at your campsite! 

    Smores are a camping staple, but we love getting creative with our ingredients! Marshmallow, chocolate, and graham crackers are always a wilderness essential, but what about placing a peanut butter cup inbetween the toasty marshmallow and crunchy cracker? We also think chocolate chip cookies would be a delicious substitute for the traditional graham cracker.

    Waking up to the rising sun instead of an alarm is one of our favorite things about camping. Morning at your campsite is perfect for a hearty breakfast and cup of fresh brewed coffee. Eggs and potatoes are a breakfast staple and an easy fix at any campsite with a fire pit and grill! The smoke of the fire infuses your ingredients with a flavor perfect for your woodland setting. 

    Image Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

    The sound of a crackling campfire and the satisfaction that comes with not turning your toasty marshmallow into a smoking inferno are just a couple of our favorite things about spending some time outdoors. We love cooking in the great outdoors, but we are always mindful a fire is completely out and there are no stray embers when we are done crafting our campsite recipes! 

    Even if you can't find the time to escape to the forest, you can always bring one of these recipes into your kitchen, listen to a woodsy playlist, and transform your space into a place of tranquility. Do you have a favorite recipe you bring to every campsite? We would love to know! 


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  • Friday, June 6, 2014

    View Keiko Lynn's natural makeup tutorial.

    When it comes to a fresh faced beauty routine, there is no doubt that the hardest part of applying make up is painting it on in such a way that brings out your natural beauty but does not appear overdone. In order to achieve the perfect undone look, we've taken a nod from Parisian style in our Meet Me in Paris feature. There is something undoubtedly romantic about a fresh, effortless face. Here are our favorite ways to attain a flawless face with minimal makeup!   

    Perfect your skin: To ensure you're not over applying any products, start by placing a mirror close to an open window so you're doing your makeup in natural light instead of harsh fluorescent lighting. The most challenging part of fresh faced makeup is that your skin becomes a focal point! Spend some time experimenting with makeup, everything from foundation to powder, and find an exact match to your skin tone. When you begin applying your makeup, start with a moisturizing foundation to smooth out any imperfections. If you have any stubborn spots or under-eye circles, you can use a concealer for added coverage and finish your face with a light powder so your skin avoids looking weighed down. We recommend always using either a foundation or powder containing SPF to protect your skin against the summer sun! 

    Get Emma's everyday look on A Beautiful Mess.

    Add a natural flush: Find a blush in a warm peach or pink hue to bring a natural flush to your face. We love cream-based blushes, but lightly dusting a powder blush on the apples of your cheeks will also give you a warm, healthy glow.

    View this everyday makeup tutorial on Offbeat and Inspired.

    Embrace subtle definition: When it comes to defining your eyes without looking overdone, choose an eyeshadow in a soft hue that is only a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone with a hint of shimmer. Carefully brush it into the creases and across the lid. With an eyeshadow a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone, highlight your brow bone and the inner corners of your eyes. To complete your eyes, brush on a couple coats of mascara to add definition without appearing too heavy.

    See 7 Tips for Going Natural on Miss Maven.

    Finishing touches: To complete your all-natural look, choose a lip hue that is close to your natural lip color. We love moisturizing lip stains and tinted balms (especially when they contain SPF!) to add pop to our pout without weight of lipstick. Instead of applying directly from the container, rub the color on your fingertip for a more natural looking application.

    We love a bold lip or smoky eye, but the heat of the summer sun is perfect for embracing fresh faced makeup. Highlighting your favorite features with a subtle shadow upon the eye or lip hue is an easy way to stay true to your natural beauty while maintaining a perfectly undone and effortless look! 


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  • Wednesday, June 4, 2014

    Image Source: Style Me Pretty

    We've been dreaming of travel lately, and our next wanderlust-filled stop is found in the heart of France. Paris offers many delightful sounds: the rhythm of feet on the pavement, the clinks of coffee cups and glasses on sidewalk cafes, and the colliding songs of street performers, and many more. The romantic city is a place we often draw inspiration from, but until we can embark on a vacation to the City of Light, we will have to settle for listening to some of our favorite Parisian songs. 

    For more collections of our favorite songs, visit our other playlists. And don't forget to find Parisian style inspiration with out latest feature!


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  • Tuesday, June 3, 2014

    No matter where we are traveling, we do our best to be embrace our inner traveler rather than tourist. In order to adapt to the country we are temporarily inhabiting, we immerse ourselves in the culture and explore sights and shops off the beaten path. While we do our best to live like the locals, we do have one very basic necessity: coffee. A day spent out and about calls for a cafe au lait, while an afternoon spent reading in a Parisian park or on a balcony requires a smooth cafe noisette. We've composed a helpful guide for getting your caffeine fix when visiting beautiful Paris!

    French Coffee: The Basics

    Café: While this is plain coffee served in a bigger cup when compared to espresso drinks, in France it is brewed quite strongly and is reminiscent of espresso. 

    Café Noir: When ordering a café noir, you'll receive a small cup of strong espresso with a few cubes of sugar on the side. 

    Café Au Lait: One of the most common ways of ordering coffee in France, this is coffee with steamed milk. Typically, the milk is served on the side in a small pitcher for you to add to your coffee as you please!

    Café Creme: This drink is similar to a plain café, but is prepared with cream. 

    Café Noisette: Named for it's hazelnut coloring, you'll find a cup filled with espresso with a hint of milk or cream when you order a café noisette. 

    Café Filtre: If you're looking for a weaker or brew or something similar to American coffee, this filtered coffee is the drink for you! 

    Café Leger: If you love espresso but feel that it is a bit too strong, you can order this drink which comes with a shot of espresso, but with double the water. 

    Café  Glace: A summer day essential, a cafe glacé is an iced coffee. 

    Cappuccino: For a mid-day treat, try ordering a cappuccino- espresso with steamed foam and sprinkled cinnamon on top. 

    Image Sources: 1, 2

    In Addition: 

    Déca or Décaféiné: Add this phrase to any coffee order and it will be prepared decaffeinated. 

    Sucre: Most cafes serve any coffee-based beverage with a side sugar or sugar cubes, but saying "Plus de sucre s'il vous plait" will get you extra sugar.  

    Chocolat Chaud: This drink literally translates to "hot chocolate." Perfect for those who want to satisfy their hot drink craving without a shot of espresso, this decadent drink is melted chocolate served with steaming hot milk. If you're in the mood for an over the top treat, dare to order "un chocolate chaud!" 

    Whether you're taking in the view atop the Eiffel Tower or discovering art from days past at the revered Louvre, a visit to a French cafe is a travel necessity. Now that you're an expert when it comes to ordering coffee in France, visit our Meet Me in Paris feature to discover Parisian style inspiration! 


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  • Monday, June 2, 2014

    Bonjour, Ruchettes! The summer season has us dreaming of adventure and travel, and our wanderlust-filled minds have been daydreaming of macarons paired with cafe au lait, beautiful antique architecture, and hours spent wandering the streets of Paris. We are embracing all things Parisian with our latest feature, Meet Me In Paris! Our collection features effortless styles, flattering silhouettes, and pieces with pretty details perfect for exploring the City of Light.    

    What we love most about Parisian style is the simple yet detailed styles that are both versatile, but are eye-catching pieces perfect for any wardrobe. When traveling in Paris, you could pair a light blouse and lace shorts for a sunny bike ride around to a flea market; or spend your evenings on the town in a fit and flare frock and bold lip!  

    Discover helpful hints for adding a touch of Parisian style to your everyday ensembles and styles worthy of wandering the Champs-Élysées with Meet Me In Paris


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  • Sunday, May 25, 2014

    It's as easy as one, two, three! Have a wonderful and relaxing extended weekend, Ruchettes!

    Live Beautifully,

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  • Saturday, May 24, 2014

    It seems that travel is unanimously understood as the one thing that costs money that can actually make you richer. Hopping a plane across the world or even a weekend escape not only hits the reset button on your daily routine, but can enrich you with new experiences. Seeing a commonly photographed landmark or even trying a new food for the first time is part of what makes adventure so wonderful- it's full of new ways to understand the world around us! We are celebrating the spirit of travel with our latest feature, The Adventurer. We have all the essentials for wandering through the mountains, spending a day at sea, sipping Chardonnay or Merlot in wine country, or even exploring the heart of a foreign city. 

    When embarking on a trip to the mountains, packing can be taxing when you're clouded with thoughts of not having all the comforts of home. While the idea of being miles from all-too-familiar streetlights and crowds is always relaxing, deciding what to bring along to a weekend spent in a secluded cabin or tent is always a matter of necessities! Light and comfortable pieces like a cotton dress or light blouse are perfect for all kinds of weather because they can easily be mixed and matched in order to create stylish and comfy layered ensembles. Don't forget sunglasses and a pair of close-toed shoes! 

    Days spent among surf and sand are things we daydream about! The key to packing for the perfect beach vacation is making sure to include versatile pieces that can be dressed up for a night drinking cocktails or dressed down for a day spent collecting seashells and exploring tidepools. Pretty strappy sandals, an array of dresses, and a cute cover-up are perfect for creating both dressy and casual outfits. Finally, make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and a hat to protect you from the summer sun!

    Even if you aren't a seasoned sommelier, a weekend in wine country spent learning the perfect pairing of red and white wine with main dishes, desserts, and a variety of cheeses can be both educational and relaxing. Cute and comfy maxi dresses, crocheted dresses, and embroidered blouses in a bold color palette are perfect for a vineyard getaway. Whether you're planning on a casual ensemble with cute oxfords for a picnic lunch or a candlelit formal dinner, these pieces are perfect for a weekend spent at a winery!   

    Diving into the hustle and bustle of a new city is exciting- there is always so much to see! Towering buildings, winding streets, and bustling streets create a landscape filled with excitement. Comfortable sandals, flattering silhouettes, and simple lines are essentials for a vacation in the city. Keeping your pieces effortlessly polished will allow you to be ready for a quick stop at a cafe or an afternoon at a museum gazing upon priceless works of art. A structured purse is always a necessity for keeping maps, a camera, and sunglasses close by!   

    No matter where you're embarking on your getaway, bringing all the right pieces for your vacation is essential for staying comfortable and ready to explore your new environment. Where would you love to go on vacation this year? Let us know!


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  • Tuesday, May 20, 2014

    Although our smart phones have graced us with the ability to open an app and let a tiny blue dot let us know our (almost) exact location, maps are a travel essential. Waning battery power and lack of reception can render phones, and in turn, our GPS functions, useless. We enjoy being absorbed into a new place filled with new possibilities, but we aren't always interested in getting completely lost! Picking up a map in a foreign city is an adventure in itself- tracing new streets and intersections in effort to find your destination can be frustrating, but incredibly satisfying. Maps can function as a souvenir of our travels by memorializing the incongruities of our travels, but also as a work of art. The swirling colors and overlapping lines of streets dotted with the tiny names of boulevards and avenues create a unique pattern that is perfect for memorializing a favorite place. Here are some of our favorite projects that allow the maps we relied on in our travels be a part of our everyday. Each DIY is linked at the bottom of the page, so click through and start crafting! 

    1. Magnetic Board: We love the idea of unfolding a trusty map and transforming it into a magnetic board. Not only is this perfect for organization, especially when hung above a desk or workspace, but it provides a pretty backdrop for all your essentials or other souvenirs like magnets and photos that you've gathered on your travels. 

    2. Shelving: This DIY for adding a map behind a set of shelves is not only adorable, but provides the perfect space for showing off the treasures of your travels! We love the idea of placing our collection of foreign trinkets against a map displaying city names associated with beautiful memories. This piece would make a wonderful addition to any room and is easily coordinated with an array of existing color palettes and styles. 

    3. Coasters: Transforming maps into coasters is not only a DIY we would love to have in our home, but would also make an amazing present for a friend or loved one who has just been or is planning on traveling! With a variety of styles of maps to choose from ranging from intricate subway maps to a lush map of the countryside, these map coasters would be perfect for an afternoon project.

    Image Source: 1, 2 ,3

    Maps provide an endless source of inspiration by whisking us away to the fond memories of the places we have visited. If a vacation isn't in your immediate past or future, flea markets and vintage shops are always brimming with vintage brochures and maps that you can frame, use in a craft, or create a map-covered accent wall! Do you have a favorite way of upcycling maps? Let us know! 


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