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  • Wednesday, May 28, 2014

    You've carefully opened the invite you received in the mail to reveal dainty paper covered in swirling calligraphy announcing the joining of two of your nearest and dearest. Weddings are an amazing event- it is the chance to attend or throw a celebration completely unique to the engaged couple. All the details from the stationary of the invitation to the venue and food is chosen based on the couple's interests and taste, so shouldn't the gift you choose for their celebration reflect that as well? We've listed some of our favorite gifts for love birds with unique interests: the cooking couple, the art lovers, and the duo that loves to entertain!  

    For the couple that loves to cook, a book filled with recipes tailored to newlyweds is the perfect way to spark some culinary inspiration right after their nuptials. We also love the idea of storing the recipes the couple has perfected together and will eventually be passed down in a vintage-inspired recipe tin. Even something as simple as a tea towel makes a perfect addition to their kitchen adventures and will be a lovely reminder of the nights spent crafting a new dish each time they enter the kitchen.

    For the art lovers, we love the idea of gifting a book filled with inspiring images for them to bond over. Perfect for photographers, This Modern Romance is filled with enchanting engagement photos that can inspire any couple to capture the moments that matter. Books featuring travel photography or vintage images are also perfect for initiating deep conversations during mornings with coffee in hand. A book with an artistic purpose can evoke creativity and the imaginations of couples with an appreciation for many mediums of artwork. 

    For the duo that loves to entertain, we love the idea of gifting fun accessories for summer barbecues or cold weather wine and cheese parties. Colorful coasters or an adorable scalloped chalkboard banner complement an array of decorating styles, and are essentials for any soiree. A cheese plate and knife set (especially when it's heart shaped!) would be a staple in any couple that loves to entertain's home. From evening cocktail parties to a weekend brunch, we love these ideas for the couple that loves to host parties!

    Choosing a wedding gift can be difficult- you want to present them with a gift that not only will appeal to the couple's hobbies, but will allow them to grow and expand their interests together! By reflecting on their interests, you can easily find a wedding gift they will genuinely love and becomes an integral part of their home. For more inspiration, visit our collection of gifts! 


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