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  • Tuesday, January 29, 2013

    Guest post by Cate, of With a Touch of Pretty

    Do you know what I love the very most about pregnancy apnea? Well, nothing.... except for when I would wake up from the dead of sleep with an idea... a spark of inspiration... so when the morning finally showed its beautiful face I could take that idea and make it come to life. I'm not sure where these ideas come from... like a whimsical meadow theme nursery... we do live in the mountains... but mostly I was inspired because I thought it would work with the second-hand-dream-of-a-rocking-chair, the husband bought for me.


    So there you have it! That little yellow rocker is the one and only reason those walls are "robin nest" blue instead of "sunrise" pink.

    Almost everything in Miss Wynn Charlotte's room was either thrifted, gifted or recycled! All those years of thrifting paid off! It has been so very gratifying! The deer mural was painted by my insanely talented older sister and myself (and by "myself" I mean I helped paint the flowers).


    Now onto Jet's big boy room!

    For one whole year Kyler and I have enjoyed tucking Jett in for "night night" and not seeing that shining face of his until the following morning. Each night before bed, Jett would pick a new "treasure" to sleep with... a rock, child size plastic rake, piece of paper, all of his toy cars... really anything that wasn't soft to snuggle with. It was always the highlight of our lives each day to see what he going to bring to bed with him! Then a few weeks ago he got out of his bed (I was so very surprised!!), made his way down our stairs, and climbed into our bed! Suddenly he can't fall asleep unless I am right beside him... Honestly, if I can be truthful...I am kinda loving it! After all, he will only be two and a half for a bit longer.

    So on to the details of the misters room... We purchased his boat bed off ksl classifieds. Its previous owners were two husky teenage boys, who were more than happy to get it off their hands. The map is a wallpaper decal from Pottery Barn and the rugs and bed spread were purchased at Target. That store is just full of fun stuff!
    The color scheme of Jett's big boy room was inspired by the color plate of an oatmeal canister. I only wish I was kidding. :)

    --Guest post by Cate, of With a Touch of Pretty



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