Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays, a day filled with family, friends, and a bountiful feast! Though as much as we love the turkey and the cornbread stuffing, the table filled with homemade pies, and our festive family traditions, what truly makes Thanksgiving special is the time to reflect on all the blessings in our lives. What are you grateful for this year? We put that question to some of the people around the office, and here is what they had to say! 

At our Ruche family Thanksgiving feast, Co-founder and CEO, Josh, carved 2 entire turkeys and served everyone the best part of the meal!

Anna, Marketing Assistant
"I am thankful for the people I meet, the food I eat, and the company I keep."

Athena, Marketing Assistant 
"I am thankful for all of my loved ones near and far. For my family & coworkers that put a smile on my face every day, my close friends scattered across the states, and a boyfriend that lives across the country but still makes my heart grow fonder everyday. They may be far in distance but always close to my heart!"

David, Web Development Manager
"Thankful for my new family (work and home) and that Tiffany hasn't discovered that site crushing bug yet."

Hannah, Social Media Intern
"I am definitely thankful for the Starbucks barista that puts up with my weekly multiple coffee orders!"

Jamie, Order Fulfillment Manager
"This year, I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to volunteer and feed the homeless on Thanksgiving!"

Julia, Fashion Copywriter
"I’m thankful for the opportunity to keep in touch with my friends who’ve moved across the country or abroad after graduation. Now I have friends to visit all over the world (and don’t have to pay for hotels)!"

Everyone was anxious to get to the turkey station! We had the best turnout for dishes this year in the history of our annual Thanksgiving potluck. Some of the delicious dishes included baked macaroni and cheese, savory bean dip, and coconut squash soup. And of course there was pie on hand too!

Josh, Co-founder & CEO
"I'm thankful for so much this year, for the opportunity to work at Ruche and having the best business partners and coworkers I could ever ask for, for having a job that I love to come to everyday, and for my personal miniature cheerleader that wakes up insanely early in the morning and claws and smacks and pinches my face while chanting "da da" until I wake up." (He of course is talking about Amelie!)

Kayla, Customer Service Representative
"I'm thankful for the friends and family that have made Southern California my "home away from home" and filled it with fun, laughter and love and who remind me to be thankful on this day and every day. Also, for my #1 work buddy, foot warmer, and bundle of puppy-joy... Lady (and for my husband for bringing her into our new little family)."

Kira, Order Fulfillment
"This year I'm thankful my sister asked me to be Godmother to my new, perfect nephew. Maybe he'll help me grow up...probably not."

Lance, Controller
"I am thankful for having the best wife in the world who is an amazing mom, who makes everything in my life perfect and for my adorable kids who teach me new things every day. Oh...and of course Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, a great parking spot (which Emma usually takes), COGS report (thank you Elaine)...... and Greek yogurt."

Laura, Product Manager  
"This year I am thankful for my families. The one I was born into, and the ones I've collected along the way! Like my Ruche family!"

Ly, Graphic Designer
“For all the great opportunities that I have been blessed with, all the amazing people I have met along the way, and all the accomplishments that I have gained from it, I am truly thankful.”

Mai, Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer
"My mom always used to tell me: "you will never know how much I love you until you have your own child". Now this year is my first Thanksgiving as a mom, and I know exactly what my mom always meant.  I'm so thankful for a happy and healthy baby who I love more than I ever thought possible."

We're especially thankful when this little cutie shows up to the office! How can you not love a face like that?

Maya, Advertising Coordinator
"I'm thankful to be living with my boyfriend in our first tiny (yet cozy) apartment together. I am loving the process of turning it into our own space and decorating it as we go."

Nikki, Marketing Copywriter
"I am thankful for being able to live a creative life as a copywriter at Ruche and as a wedding photographer, and am so grateful to all the couples who trusted me to photograph their beautiful I Do's this summer! Oh, and for wearing shorts in November thanks to absurdly sunny SoCal weather."

Priscilla, Customer Service Representative
"I am thankful for my two little munchkins at home. Seeing the amazement in their eyes for the "small things" reminds me that life is really full of magic."

Robby, Photo Editor
"I'm thankful to be able to do what I love, that my wife and family support my creative endeavors and that I'm surrounded by so many amazingly talented people."

Sam, Marketing Coordinator
"This year I'm thankful to be living with two of my best friends who are also really good at keeping on top of their dishes!"

Taylor, Customer Service Representative
"I am thankful for my incredible family whose love is felt, even though they live 2,000 miles away and for the friends, including my Ruche lovelies, who accept me for the weirdo I am."

Taylor, PR & Editorial Intern
"I’m thankful for my friends and family behind me, the amazing opportunities that surround me, and the wide-open future in front of me. Because life is what you make it and I fully intend to make it wonderful!"

Teresa, Multimedia Assistant
"I’m thankful for my amazing family and friends, craft beer and cheese, and the Haim sisters."

Most of the entertainment came from this little one! We finally got to hear her rendition of the Old McDonald song and felt privileged to witness a few of her dance moves.

Tiffany, VP of Operations
"I am thankful for Vu (my boyfriend) & Teresa (my sister) for always getting me lunch, without them I will probably never eat ... & for Pebbles (my puppy) for helping me work out by walking her everyday."

Veronica, Order Fulfillment Lead
“On top of my love for family and friends, I'm thankful for holiday feasts and stretchy pants.”

While you carve into the turkey, are you giving thanks for a new job, great friendships, a loving relationship? We would love to know what you are grateful for this year, tell us in the comments below. (And yes, Amelie can rock a cute baby headband like no other. We were thinking that too!)