Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Artist: Alfred Edelfelt

Few things are quite as lovely as receiving a handwritten letter in the mail! Here are five suggestions for making your heartfelt letters both ladylike and memorable:

1. Invest in pretty stationery. Having gorgeous stationery on hand makes you more likely to actually sit down and write, and it will help the recipient feel especially cared for. Not sure where to look? We love Rifle Paper Co. and often find adorable cards on Etsy as well!

Artist: Rifle Paper Co.

2. Use a pen that flatters your handwriting and won’t smudge easily. It’s so much more fun to hand-write a letter if you’re not too worried about making a mess of the page or writing illegibly!  Even if you’re using a quality pen, though, make sure to take your time writing out each sentence so that there’s a smaller margin of error. Take a peek at Melissa Esplin's tips for improving your handwriting here!

3. Pick a salutation and complimentary close that fits you (and the situation!) best. Letter writing may seem like a formal practice, but if you’re writing to a good friend, there’s no need to opt for Sincerely over Love as you close out your letter. If you’re writing to a business contact or someone you may not know as well, some Best Wishes or Kindest Regards would be a fitting choice.

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4. If you’re writing a traditional letter instead of a card, make sure to fold the letter carefully in thirds for the best presentation. It’s all about keeping the edges crisp! Then make sure the envelope is completely sealed so that nothing falls out during transit.

5. Add extras! If you’re writing to a loved one, try spritzing your letter with your signature scent for a vintage-inspired finishing touch. Sending the letter to a good friend on her birthday? Slip a bit of confetti into the letter, decorate with a few dainty stickers, or doodle something cute on the envelope. If you’re particularly crafty, you can even try making your own paper, dying your stationery, or experimenting with stencil art! And if letter writing becomes a regular thing, think about investing in a return address stamp so you can easily add a homemade touch to every letter.

We hope you’ll give snail mail a second chance! For further ladylike tips, take a peek here to see what etiquette master Emily Post said about navigating modern-day conundrums with style and grace. 


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