Thursday, February 28, 2013

We all know how precious wedding photos are, so what happens when photos don't turn out as planned or when someone doesn't have the opportunity to capture the big day? We recently partnered with Daniel, of Snapmotive, to help launch The Dream Project and fix those photo mishaps. Here's what Daniel has to say:


Naturally, as a photographer, when I hear stories of wedding photography gone wrong, my heart breaks for my married friends. So with this new project, I’m helping a select few relive their “bridehood.” There is no money or contracts involved here. This is simply helping people recoup what little they can from a missed opportunity and making them feel special.


What we have assembled is a “Dream Team” of professionals who have graciously agreed to donate their time and resources to bless couples we love.


To help start his project, we provided the wardrobe for Daniel's first "Dream Project" photo shoot, featuring this too-adorable couple, Ryan and Louise.

pictured above: Adele Coat by Pink Martini and I Love You Card by Rifle Paper Co.


Their story: She's from Sweden. He's from America. In 2009, they met during her three-month internship in the states and fell head over heels. When it was time for her to leave, they agreed to continue dating long-distance. About a year after they met, Louise came back to visit Ryan in California and he proposed. After much back and forth discussion, they agreed to marry in Sweden. In May 2011, Ryan spent three weeks in Sweden, they had a small wedding with her family, and then four days later, they parted ways again.

They spent months apart, waiting for their visa to be approved. As their one year anniversary approached, Louise flew back to California for a month and soon enough, she was packing her bags to permanently stay in the states with Ryan.


Louise reflects:

That was one year of being apart as married, and three years of maintaining a long-distance relationship halfway across the globe. It was a tough season in our lives, but just like Cheryl Cole sings, “If it’s worth having, it’s worth fighting for.”

Ryan and Louise have a remarkable love story, and we're so happy we were able to work with Daniel (Snapmotive) and contribute to a shoot they deserve!


If you are involved in the wedding industry and would like to join Daniel's "Dream Team", contact him at for details.



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  • wow wow wow! you guys are the best! so amazing to get the message out there.

    Posted on February 28, 2013