Saturday, September 14, 2013

It’s impossible not to adore this little pink primer on finding and keeping love. We are romantics after all, so The Fortune Telling Book of Love, full of signs, fortunes, and spells for sparking love and keeping a relationship strong, appealed to our girly side. We are also smitten with the gold edged pages and the cute vintage-inspired illustrations which make it that much sweeter. Encountering this book is a little bit like playing Ouija board when you were twelve and away at summer camp: it will make you believe in magic again!

From the Introduction: “There are time tested steps you can take to draw love in, determine if that love is true, and, once you have committed to love, keep the flame of connection and passion alive.” Doesn’t that sound like a book any girl would want to read?! Whether you think a cricket chirping from the east or a 4 leaf clover is a sign of love on its way, we adore the idea that there could be omens in the air. And if reading the symbols in your dreams doesn’t work, then head straight for the love spells. But remember, magic only works if you believe in it! If you are a fan of astrology, you will like the explanations of each sign, the best love matches based on the compatibility of each sign, and the inclusion of the Chinese Zodiac for love and the Native American astrology.

There are so many cute sections, like finding out what the day of your first date foretells about your relationship and how to analyze the penmanship of your beau. Some of what you read will make you giggle, some parts will intrigue you, and the section on foods may have you sprinkling a little cinnamon on your morning cappuccino to attract love (because who knows, maybe it works!) This cute, quirky little volume quite simply belongs on every romantic gal’s bookshelves.

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  • This book is a great gift idea! I was recently acquainted with your store from Stephanie Nielson's blog but I have already fallen in love with several items!

    Posted on September 16, 2013