Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Just as we interact through body language and physical gesture, we can communicate via flowers as well! Victorians used to express their feelings through the language of flowers, a practice inspired by Ottoman traditions and an increased interest in botany. Before filling your home with blossoms or gifting flowers to a friend, take a look at the meaning behind the bloom to make sure your choice carries the deeper meaning you’re after! Here are the unspoken messages behind some of our favorite flowers.

: Like many flowers, camellias have different meanings based on color. In general, camellias can represent admiration or are used to wish the receiver good luck, making them perfect to send to a friend before a big interview. Pink camellias represent longing and red camellias represent passion, making those colors better suited for gifting within a romantic relationship, while white camellias let the receiver know that they’re adorable, which is fitting to many friend and family interactions.

Chrysanthemum: In general, chrysanthemums represent cheerfulness and rest. These are the perfect flowers to surround yourself with at home as they’ll lift your mood and help you relax after a long day at work. They also make a great gift for a friend who’s been feeling a bit blue or could use a vacation.

Hyacinth: The color of hyacinths matter a great deal when it comes to language. Purple hyacinths represent apology and sorrow, making them a lovely gift for a friend you need to make amends with or someone who is in mourning. Blue hyacinths represent constancy and loyalty, while white hyacinths let the receiver know you’re in their thoughts. Be wary of gifting yellow hyacinths, though, as they represent jealousy!

Lavender: Not only does lavender have calming properties used in homeopathic remedies, it represents devotion and grace. Lavender is the perfect flower to slip into your wedding bouquet or decorate a bridal shower with!  

Lily: Lilies represent beauty, elegance, and sweetness, making them a sophisticated choice for a new apartment or office space. They’re also a wonderful flower to present to a hostess at a dinner party or soiree as the message is both complimentary and refined.

Orchid: Orchids are an all-around wonderful flower to decorate your home with or gift to someone you care about, as they represent love, beauty, and refinement. Why not give a female family member an orchid for Mother’s Day?

Poppy: We love poppies so much, we couldn’t resist putting them in our lookbook and on our desktop calendar this month. Poppies generally represent imagination, making them the perfect addition to a creative workspace or the ideal present for an artist in your life. If a friend is having a hard time, send them some white poppies to show your consolation, and if someone you know received a promotion, the message of wealth and success attached to yellow poppies will make the a beautiful congratulatory token.