Tuesday, November 6, 2012

 The Life Lessons of Audrey Hepburn
Guest Post by Carly, a Ruche Intern

There are few people who inspire me more than Audrey Hepburn. From her iconic film rolls as Sabrina and Holly Golightly to her outstanding work with UNICEF, she is a figure that shined past the silver screen into her everyday, passionate life. Having grown up a tomboy and stumbling with confusion through mismatched outfits and misinterpreted trends, it wasn't until I started taking cues from Ms. Hepburn that I began to grow into the best version of myself. Below are some simple life lessons I have learned from my role model over the years, reaffirming in me that confidence, elegance and class are the best compliments to any outfit.

All photos found on http://www.audreyhepburn.com

image one: Copyright © Paramount Pictures.
image two: Tommy Weber, Audrey Hepburn Estate Collection. 

Be Yourself. One of the famous actresses of all time, Audrey Hepburn has been immortalized for her personal fashion, iconic roles and advocacy for others. Knowing what works for her slim figure and taking pride in her striking dark hair and pale skin, Hepburn continued to wow throughout her life by dressing with the “less is more” principal. Opting for classy over sexy, Hepburn showed every young girl that the key to one’s confidence is just a fitted black dress and killer pair of heels away.

image one: Photo by Bud Fraker. Copyright © 1978 Bud Fraker/mptv.net.
image two: Audrey Hepburn Estate Collection.

Your best accessory is a smile. From the deserts of Africa to the red carpets of Hollywood, Hepburn’s constant and best accessory is her megawatt smile. Never hiding her passion, excitement or joy, Hepburn teaches us all that the prettiest girls are the one’s filling their life with big causes, and enjoying life's little moments. Looking through photographs, Hepburn’s most striking pictures capture her during her mission trips to Asia, Africa and South America, 1000 miles from the bright lights and makeup of Hollywood and never looking more radiant.

 image one: Photo by LEO FUCHS (www.leofuchs.com)
image two: Bangladesh, 1989. Photo Copyright © Robert Wolders.

Live Passionately. Beginning her work with UNICEF in 1954, Hepburn spent the next 38 years of her life dedicated to bettering the lives of families in developing countries. Right before her death in 1992, Hepburn was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her work as a UN Goodwill Ambassador. Known for traveling all around the world to provide medicine, awareness and support for countries whose poverty had been overlooked, Hepburn was known to do up to 15 interviews a day to discuss ways that the United States could provide aid around the world. By filling her life with causes greater than herself, Audrey Hepburn has taught me that with the courage to follow your passions even the most impossible dreams can come true.


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