Saturday, August 17, 2013

Written by wedding and portrait photographer Elizabeth Messina, The Luminous Portrait is much more than your technical photography manual, going beyond aperture and shutter speed in order to help you truly understand light, and teach you how to apply her philosophy and personal techniques to create the kind of soft, romantic, ethereal images that she is known for. We had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth on our bridal lookbook, Forever and a Day, which perfectly captured our creative vision and romantic bridal collection, so we know firsthand just how talented she is. Thus we were so excited when she released this beautiful and inspiring gem of a photography book!

At the heart of The Luminous Portrait is Elizabeth’s love of natural light. She shares her essential portrait principles (understanding your subjects, location, observing and working with natural light, and exposure) in order to create beautiful, evocative portraits that are “lit from within”. This is the kind of light that illumines the essence of a person, light that both wraps around them and shines out from them. Not only does Messina work with natural light, her images themselves are about natural moments and organic beauty, and her book gives helpful tips on posing and drawing out authentic emotion to achieve a natural style.

With sections on creativity and composition, props and styling, photographing children, wedding portraiture, and discovering light, this book provides endless inspiration. While Messina is an incredible wedding photographer, this book is about creating portraits of all kinds, at birthdays, of children at play, of couples, families and maternity. Complete with pages of her gorgeous, award winning photographs and explanations of the process, circumstances and exposure of each given image, this book is a wonderful addition to your bookshelf, whether you are a beginning photography student, a new mom learning to take pictures of your little ones, or a seasoned wedding photographer.

We love that Messina covers how to create a luminous portrait in any natural light situation, whether it is with sunlight, window light, open shade, or overcast light, showing how to observe light thoughtfully and shape it to your aesthetic. With Messina’s clear explanations and inspiring tips, you will transform your pictures from “nice” portraits to romantic images that evoke feeling and emotion.

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  • Such a wonderful book. Always look forward to hearing Elizabeth speak and conferences and am constantly amazing with her soft, under spoken, genius ways. Love her photography in your cookbooks and love your stuff as well Ruche!

    Posted on August 19, 2013