Monday, July 1, 2013

Retro style is essentially vintage-inspired style with quirky charm! Retro style can be anything from an outfit in a 60’s mod aesthetic, dresses and blouses with fun retro details paired with unexpected prints, or monochromatic ensembles in black and white. Twiggy is a retro style icon with her bold counter-culture look, and retro Ruchettes like our Production Coordinator love to modernize 60’s fashion in their own spunky way. Retro style is best defined by vintage pieces with a bit of sass and playfulness. Think geometric prints, quirky color-blocked blouses and dresses, and lots of polka dots! Statement pieces are a go-to for retro accessorizing, as is adding a pop of color with surprising whimsicality.

Does this style sound like your style? If so, you might be a retro Ruchette! Take a peek at our in-office retro Ruchette’s wardrobe and wish list to see if there’s a retro piece you want to add to your must-have list!

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