Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It’s no secret that we love rustic style, but our love for all things rustic extends far beyond the tiered dresses and classic button-ups. We’re drawn to the simplicity of the country, the art of nostalgia, and the return to a form of enjoyment that doesn’t require any WiFi. Whether you’re a country-loving lady or more of a city gal, adding a rustic activity to your weekend is sure to make you slow down and appreciate the beauty of old-fashioned fun. Here are ten ideas for weekend activities you can experience with a friend or significant other, or enjoy as a solo adventure!

1. Go for a hike. The rustic lifestyle is all about connecting with nature, so explore the area you live in or take a drive to find a hiking spot you’ve yet to try!

2. Take a guitar lesson. Learn the basic chords to your favorite song to acquire a new party trick -- or just to accompany yourself when you’re home alone, belting out a Taylor Swift tune!

3. Plan an afternoon of guided horseback riding. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of horseback riding! Many parks and equestrian centers offer casual, relaxed guided tours for complete beginners -- no trotting allowed. If you’re already an experienced rider, look for a program that will allow you a little more freedom!

4. Dabble in rustic DIY. Create or refurbish something rustic to add to your environment or give as gifts, like a wooden coffee table, pinecone centerpiece, or antler-inspired wall hook. One of our favorite ideas? Mason jar candles scented with balsam, cedar, thyme or other earthy notes.

5. Plant something. If you have space in your backyard, why not plant your favorite flower or vegetable? And if cooking is your forte, grow fresh herbs on your windowsill to add flavor to your favorite dishes. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, don’t worry -- you can always purchase a plan to keep indoors and brighten up your space.

6. Host a BBQ. Invite your best pals over for a barbecue potluck and try your hand at a homemade barbecue sauce! Pair your feast (don’t forget the cornbread!) with bourbon cocktails served in old-fashioned tin cups for a finishing rustic touch.

7. Bake a pie or cobbler. Nothing says rustic like a homemade apple pie or peach cobbler! Seek out a new recipe and fill your home with the scent of something delicious.

8. Search for a rustic, vintage find at the flea market. Start your Sunday morning early at your local antique market and keep an eye out for a rustic piece you can add to your home! Perhaps a serving tray for that piece or a decorative piece to add to your coffee table? 

9. Collect wildflowers. Find a field to explore and take your discoveries home! You can decorate the house or place your blossoms in a hammered-metal vase to give to a friend as a rustic gift.

10. Visit an apple orchard. You might be surprised at how close you live to such a rustic getaway! There’s nothing like sipping on fresh apple cider or taking a hayride with a loved one. You can even take some apple butter home for tomorrow’s breakfast!

We hope you’ll test out some new activities this upcoming weekend! What rustic activity do you enjoy most?


*All images are from previous Ruche Lookbooks, photographed by Brandon Kidd and Stephanie Williams.

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