Friday, July 6, 2012

To celebrate our summer lookbook, we asked you to describe your dream summer and tell is which outfit you'd wear while on that vacation. ♥ We read over 300 daydreams and narrowed our favorites down to one.

Sara D. said...


It’s my 5th day in beautiful London, England. The smell of fresh baked
blueberry muffins dances its way up through the walk-up I am staying in
for the week. I make my way downstairs to finish preparing my tea and
grab the muffins out of the oven. With muffin and tea in hand, I curl up
with my two puppies, Milo and Meesha, on the window seat in the bedroom
and watch the passersby on the street below. It’s going to be a magical
day! I can feel it in my bones. Today my husband and I are heading to
the park for a picnic and a walk around the city. We are determined to
visit every old bookshop and antique boutique we can find. After that
we’ll end the day by going to a nice dinner and to see “Wicked” on the
West End. I decide that wearing something cute today is a must. Making
my way over to the Victorian styled wardrobe I pull out my “love is in
the air” open slit dress in taupe, “lovers lane” sandals, cherry red
headband, “lemon drops” charm necklace and “vanilla sherbert” bangle
(#10). The perfect outfit! It’s cute and fresh for my roam around the
city, yet fashionable but not too formal for dinner and the play… *sigh
the perfect vacation escape from Buffalo, NY. It may be a dream for now,
but hopefully not forever.



Thank you, everyone, for participating!




  • This is incredible! I can't believe I won! Thanks Ruche... I can finally get the dress I've been pining for!

    Posted on July 9, 2012