Thursday, August 7, 2014

We have been long time fans of artist Tiffany Mitchell. Her feminine style along with a sharp eye for color adds a unique touch to everything she creates. In addition to her talent, she also authors a blog featuring delicious recipes (like this one for coffee cake donuts!) and she is truly just as sweet as can be. We were lucky enough to have this artistic beauty create a collection of fashion illustrations just for us! You can view our very own Ruchette prints here, and head over to our Instagram for the chance to win one of the darling illustrations! 

As an artist, what has been the biggest compliment you've received?
The biggest compliment I've ever received as an artist (by far) was the first time someone told me that my work inspired them to go to Michael's and buy a set of watercolors. I was elated. My one goal in everything I do is to inspire. I never want my work to intimidate or alienate people -- I dream that it would draw out the artist/photographer/stylist in them. So hearing that was seriously wonderful!

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In what ways is your personal style reflected in your artwork?
I would say in every way! I photograph/style/draw the way I see things -- the way I dress, the way I decorate, the way I set a table. All of it is a reflection of what I love. I'm an open book, so you can definitely get an accurate idea of "me" just by looking at my blog or Instagram. I like it that way because when I get to meet people through blogging and Instagramming, I feel like we've already connected on a real level!

What can we find you doing when you aren't in your studio?
Lots of things! Wandering around Lexington, traveling, taking pictures, experimenting in the kitchen, cafe hopping, etc.! I'm pretty spontaneous, so I'm always up for an adventure! Usually I'll be sharing my whereabouts on Instagram, so even on "non-work" days I get to be productive, which I love! But when I'm truly laying low, it's pajamas all day, a pot of decaf coffee, video games and Friends reruns. That show will never get old.

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We know that one of the hardest parts of creating art is being able to say something is complete. How do you know when something you're working on is finally complete?
That's a good question! It depends on the type of artwork. I typically approach a piece from 1 of 2 directions: detailed or abstract. If it's detailed, I know the exact level that I'll work up to and then comfortably put the brush down. I have a much harder time with abstract. I have to force myself to stop way before I feel ready, or I'll cross over into a detailed piece. It's difficult, but I'm training myself to get comfortable not being so literal. It's tempting to over communicate, but I find that learning to trust yourself with whatever medium you're using and whatever vision you have, will result in a powerful piece that doesn't need all that explanation.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?
I'll be launching my print shop and portfolio soon, which I'm really excited about! That's been a long time coming and I can't wait to share it! Aside from that, you can expect to see more adventure, artwork, recipes, styling -- more of everything! I just love what I do so much, so I'm going to keep heading down this path and see what beautiful, exciting thing comes next!

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Do you have any tips for anyone interested in pursuing art?
Don't try one thing and assume you're not an artist if it doesn't fit. Everyone is an artist. Everyone is creative and can find a way to share their passion. Keep trying things on until something feels like you! Once you find that medium, immerse yourself in it. Don't talk yourself out of the investment because it's "just a hobby" or not your career goal. One of the most valuable things in the world is finding your artistic voice. Whether it changes the course of your future, or just gives you a way to get to know yourself better -- find your artist and let her grow!

What is your favorite part of being a Ruchette?
Being a Ruchette feels like you're part of a big, adorable, happy family. I love how personal and real the company is. I love how Ruche brings girls together by promoting them and sharing their style. Ruche welcomes anyone looking to make new sisters and be inspired. That's my favorite part.

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We try to always encourage women to #LiveBeautifully. How do you live beautifully?
I try to honor every passion I have. I think that's living beautifully because to me, the ugliest thing would be to live afraid, and to hide from all the things I really want to do. So beauty would be the opposite! Chasing dreams, seeing life as a precious adventure and letting it unfold in whatever wild way it wants to. 

-- Tiffany Mitchell, Artist and Offbeat & Inspired

We're so happy this inspired artist has shared her talents with us! Don't forget to shop our collection of Ruchette prints and stop by our Instagram for the chance to win.


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