Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tiffany Mitchell is a creative at heart whose artistic talents span everything from soap-making to culinary inventiveness to illustration! In addition to co-founding the wonderful lifestyle blog offbeat + inspired and serving as creative editor for the magazine CAKE&WHISKEY Magazine, Tiffany creates beautiful fashion prints. We adore her artistic sketches for the way they add a whimsical touch to any gallery wall and spruce up a workspace. You can find her prints available online in her shop!

Do you see anything familiar in the print below? It’s a Ruchette outfit! Tiffany drew her inspiration for this lovely sketch from the vintage-inspired clothing in our shop. Read on for an interview with Tiffany about her love of art, creative inspiration, and her Ruche wishlist!

For this print Tiffany put together a darling outfit, pairing our Morning Blossom Floral Top with our Bristol Printed Circle Skirt. We adore the sweetly retro combination of the black and white geometric design with the deep mustard yellow hue!

When did you discover your love for art?
I've loved art for as long as I can remember. I used to play with paper dolls when I was very small and as soon as I discovered pen and paper, I started sketching little models and dressing them up. I was notorious for not paying attention during class due to my doodling habit. Art class was my favorite -- the only time I wasn't getting in trouble! 

What does your creative space look like? Or do you draw wherever you feel inspired?
My personal creative space is my breakfast room. It's got a little thrifted barn wood table topped with all my favorite pretty dishes and just enough space for my laptop and sketchbook. I love a good cafe setting for creating too. I'll often head to a Starbucks or a local coffee shop and set up camp for hours. I find unique inspiration in spaces where people are coming and going, creating, enjoying coffee, chatting. I soak it right up!

What mediums did you use for the drawing?
I start with pencil, then I use Micron pens or Copic Multiliners, then I color with either watercolor paints or Copic Sketch markers. Finally, depending on the piece, I'll add finishing touches with anything from glitter to metallic paint pens. Always trying something new!

What's on your Ruche wishlist?
My Ruche wish list is a long one! Right now though, I'd have to say that for clothing/shoes, my list would be the Bristol Printed Circle Skirt, theHudson Color Block Bag, the Leila Oxford Flats in Mustard, the Floral Bliss Hooded Coat, and for home, the Stonybrook Large Mixing Bowl in Yellow, the Hanging Garden Recipe Cards, the South Haven Dishtowel Set, the Stirling Bay Small Pitcher, and a set of the Ivy Lane Mini Serving Bowls in Pink. Phew! And that's not even a fraction of the REAL list.

--Tiffany Mitchell

And be sure to take a peek at Tiffany’s other cute illustrations that we previously featured on our blog, inspired by our past summer style feature, the Sunshine List: Art Studio: The Sunshine List Illustrations.


To all artists, if you'd like to be featured, please send your artwork to blog@shopruche.com.

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  • Beautiful! You really make the markers look like water color.

    Posted on August 28, 2013