Thursday, September 19, 2013

It’s game day Ruchettes! With the official kick off of the NFL season, we wanted to share some football party ideas because what could be more fun than bringing the tailgate to your living room? Snack on your favorite game day food while your team is giving up too many yards, and cheer and wave that foam finger high when they make a fourth quarter comeback. While you may not be in the stadium, there are plenty of football party ideas to make the afternoon an entertaining victory. And just like any time you’re entertaining, you’ll need a strategic game plan! So here are 4 easy football party ideas to get you started!

Football Macaron Recipe: BellaGrey Designs

1. Football 101: We all need a rules refresher from time to time. Study up on the game before the party so you can talk downs and run defense with the best of them! If you're unfamiliar with the rules, read a quick explanation of the game here or let football cutie (and Detroit Lions running back) Reggie Bush explain it to you.

2. Game day menu: While having one or two main dishes like chili or steak fajitas is a great football party idea, finger foods are essential when it comes to game day entertaining with ease! You want to be able to watch the game, chat during the commercials, and eat food that doesn’t make you miss a single down. Serve classic game day finger foods like hot wings, nachos, quesadillas, veggies, fruit, and chips and dip, but also surprise your guests with less expected dishes like stuffed mushrooms, roasted chickpeas, or bacon wrapped dates. Offering a DIY taco or baked potato bar will also score you extra points!

3. Ready, set, bake-off: Have all of your guests bring a dessert for an old-fashioned bake-off. This conveniently means less cooking for you, and entertainment in the form of a friendly competition where everyone places votes for their favorite dessert. Have a goofy football-related gift ready for the winner.

4. True fan: For the last of our football party ideas, we suggest becoming a true fan with festive décor. It can be as simple or elaborate as you like, as long as the colors of the team make an appearance! Start with plates, napkins, and cups in the colors of your team, and accent the table with some fall elements, like pumpkins and fall leaves. If you really want to show your team spirit, find a few football printables like footballs, pennant flags, and even game plan drawings with x’s and o’s! Incorporate sports-theme memorabilia on your food table: you can scour the flea market for old trophies, cut coasters out of astro-turf, and use potted wheatgrass as a centerpiece with footballs and go team pennants on toothpicks stuck into the plants. Finally, for an extra bit of fun, cover your food table with brown Kraft paper that has been made to look like a football field with white tape and white numbers and hang either a team banner or colorful pennant flags over the table.

With these football party ideas in mind, we hope you’re all set by kick-off to enjoy great food, great drinks, and a fun game day with friends! For fun items and gadgets to help prepare you and your guests for game day, check out our hostess items here!


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