Wednesday, February 19, 2014

We know that in your whirlwind of wedding plans, even the simplest decisions can become grounds for full-blown arguments and anxiety. Luckily, with a little help from us, choosing a location for you engagement photo session can be something you check of your list with ease.To help you narrow things down, we’ve come up with four factors you can look to in picking your engagement session location. Hone in on which factors matter to you most as a couple and you’ll be ready for the camera before you know it!

1. Visual Style: Seek out places that match your taste in aesthetics and have a variety of backgrounds available for use. If you prefer an urban look, brainstorm local places with cool walls, brick surfaces, or artistic buildings that will lend to the ambience you’re trying to capture. If you prefer a rustic vibe, look to places with trails, trees, or open fields. You may want to find a place that exudes a feeling similar in theme to your wedding (vintage, rustic, urban) or something completely opposite to add variety to your photo album.

2. Significance: Consider taking your engagement photos in a place that has significant meaning to your love story. Outside the cafe where you had your first date perhaps? Near the beach where you shared your first kiss? You can even revisit the place you got engaged to stir up those sentimental feelings. Being in an environment where a romantic milestone occurred will certainly infuse your engagement session with an added dimension of affection and meaning.

3. Comfortability: Especially if you’re camera shy, make sure to find a place where you feel comfortable shooting your engagement photos. How comfortable you are will reflect in your photos, so if you’re in a new environment or someplace with curious onlookers, you might have difficulty flashing the camera your best smile. Opt for one of your favorite hangout spots as a couple, your friend’s gorgeous garden, an open field, or any place that makes you feel like you’re in your element.

4. Personality:  Your choice of engagement session location should reflect your interests as a couple! If you’re an outdoorsy duo, find a natural park where you can take your photos. Love to collect art? Take your photos near your favorite museum. If you’re relaxed, head to the beach. If picnicking has become a regular thing for you, why not have a picnic-themed shoot? There are so many options, so pick the one that suits you as a couple the very best!

We hope this list of engagement session location tips has brought a few ideas to mind! Remember, you don’t have to travel far or spend a lot to find a pretty and meaningful place to capture this stage in your new life together! For more bridal tips and to be the first to see our upcoming bridal collection, sign up for our bridal newsletter here.


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  • Great tips shared here. Thanks for sharing.

    Posted on April 21, 2014