Saturday, May 24, 2014

It seems that travel is unanimously understood as the one thing that costs money that can actually make you richer. Hopping a plane across the world or even a weekend escape not only hits the reset button on your daily routine, but can enrich you with new experiences. Seeing a commonly photographed landmark or even trying a new food for the first time is part of what makes adventure so wonderful- it's full of new ways to understand the world around us! We are celebrating the spirit of travel with our latest feature, The Adventurer. We have all the essentials for wandering through the mountains, spending a day at sea, sipping Chardonnay or Merlot in wine country, or even exploring the heart of a foreign city. 

When embarking on a trip to the mountains, packing can be taxing when you're clouded with thoughts of not having all the comforts of home. While the idea of being miles from all-too-familiar streetlights and crowds is always relaxing, deciding what to bring along to a weekend spent in a secluded cabin or tent is always a matter of necessities! Light and comfortable pieces like a cotton dress or light blouse are perfect for all kinds of weather because they can easily be mixed and matched in order to create stylish and comfy layered ensembles. Don't forget sunglasses and a pair of close-toed shoes! 

Days spent among surf and sand are things we daydream about! The key to packing for the perfect beach vacation is making sure to include versatile pieces that can be dressed up for a night drinking cocktails or dressed down for a day spent collecting seashells and exploring tidepools. Pretty strappy sandals, an array of dresses, and a cute cover-up are perfect for creating both dressy and casual outfits. Finally, make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and a hat to protect you from the summer sun!

Even if you aren't a seasoned sommelier, a weekend in wine country spent learning the perfect pairing of red and white wine with main dishes, desserts, and a variety of cheeses can be both educational and relaxing. Cute and comfy maxi dresses, crocheted dresses, and embroidered blouses in a bold color palette are perfect for a vineyard getaway. Whether you're planning on a casual ensemble with cute oxfords for a picnic lunch or a candlelit formal dinner, these pieces are perfect for a weekend spent at a winery!   

Diving into the hustle and bustle of a new city is exciting- there is always so much to see! Towering buildings, winding streets, and bustling streets create a landscape filled with excitement. Comfortable sandals, flattering silhouettes, and simple lines are essentials for a vacation in the city. Keeping your pieces effortlessly polished will allow you to be ready for a quick stop at a cafe or an afternoon at a museum gazing upon priceless works of art. A structured purse is always a necessity for keeping maps, a camera, and sunglasses close by!   

No matter where you're embarking on your getaway, bringing all the right pieces for your vacation is essential for staying comfortable and ready to explore your new environment. Where would you love to go on vacation this year? Let us know!


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